The Vision

Making The Passion Centre the greatest source of inspiration for growth, personal development, and self-discovery in the world so that we can enable a self-actualized human experience for all.


Meet Our Founder


Thank you for stopping by to learn a bit more about who I am. In a world as busy at this one, trust me, I appreciate it.

Let me get right to it - in the deeply concerning challenges of the 21st Century I aim to do one thing and one thing only: To help YOU find you, and get your passions employed in this world.

Why me, and why this Mission?

To be clear, I am not all that different from the people who come to us for support.

I've been there.

I know what it's like to put your passions on hold.

To chase goals, and work jobs that pay the bills, supports the family and meets our responsibilities, responsibly.

I also know that just because we are pursuing something that is not our dream job, or passion, or what we may feel is our purpose - that it doesn't always mean it sucks.

I mean, it can, but it doesn't always.

You may even have tallied up some MASSIVE accomplishments on your journey. And sometimes those accomplishments keep us in positions for longer than we may like.

Success is good. Success at the wrong things however can feel like a trap.

I know mine did.

I worked for some of the top brands in the world. Global Fortune 15 and the like. I held National responsibilities, working with other global top brands, designing and executing leading and cutting edge solutions in todays marketplace. Some of those led to bringing in high profile accounts. A few that were the largest in the companies history.

Although everything looked extremely good on paper...

There was one problem.

I was not functioning in alignment to what I truly desired.


And although my life did not suck, it also was not up to what I truly wanted for myself.

Many of us know this intrinsically. Many of us feel this at a deep core level. And many of us will not do anything about it.

That could have been me. And quite honestly, there is a high possibility that it would have been me.

My story unfolds a little differently due to a blessing I received.

My body shut down.

It was frankly not impressed with my ambitious plans and my lack of regard for showing it some much overdue care.

So my then Type A personality was forced to stop looking externally and move into what was going on, internally.

It was one of the most scariest things I have ever faced and thankfully I am in a much better place. That being said, I went through years of unravelling what went wrong and how I became so disconnected with me. On many levels.

It was then that truly started my story.

It took me a lifetime of getting it wrong, to eventually get it right.

It was in these few years of deep learning, tracking, measuring, processing and re-connecting that my answers eventually self assimilated. The answers to this deep existential question unfolded as I allowed myself to unfold. This was what become the foundation work for what is now called, The Passion Centre.

And this passion, my passion, is so much a part of me, that it was the very thing that would annoy every family member, close friend and boyfriend I had growing up. True story.


Life is always full of ironies. 

And still, this passion is an extension of who I am and what makes me, me. And now I get to service the world from that place. A place of pure alignment to not only who I am, but also how I see the world.

It is my whole-hearted and whole-minded belief that our gifts are our biggest contributions to the world. To know what they are, and how they can come together to create projects that serves the world – and that’s entirely where my genius, gets to have a playground.

"My passion is to deeply understand what drives your passion and, with that understanding, build sustainable roles, teams, ventures, businesses and people that serve humanity in a way that we individually define as being meaningful."

Kira Day

Meet Our Team

Neha Behl
Passion Advisory Council - Entrepreneur Mentorship
Michael D. Smith
Passion Advisory Council - Disruptive Strategy & Creative Communication
Dr. Scott LePor
Passion Advisory Council - Neuroscience/Medical