Find & live your PASSION without FEAR

I specialize in helping people figure out what it is that makes them feel passionate and fulfilled, while maintaining steady and predictable success goals.

Often the fear people have when confronted with the question of what they are truly passionate about, has more to do with what happens after they find the clarity they are searching for. Ive had clients ask me, 'what if it's completely different from what I'm already doing?' Or, 'Will I have to change?'

Some stop looking before they even start because they are so terrified of changing what 'isn't broken' in their lives.

The sad truth about that though is that for many, what's 'not broken' is still not driving happiness, fulfillment, passion or purpose in their lives.

Here is what I've learned: some people will be proactive and want to figure it out ahead of time. Some people will stop thinking about it entirely and hope they never have to confront it. Most will stay where they are until the pain of staying exceeds the pain of taking the leap.

I know the latter very well. That was 100% my own journey.

Along the path of achievement in my professional career, I got sick. A few times. And a few autoimmune conditions later and I can honestly say that it was the biggest blessing that could have ever happened in my then: corporate climbing, hyper focused workaholic lifestyle I was entertaining. It was the grace of confronting my limits that helped me see how unaligned I was in my life. Then came the tension, pressure and deeper challenges that were the catalyst that helped me springboard towards my now aligned path.

To that end, I have since built several tools, systems, programs and networks that have been powerful game changers for my clients over the years. It has become my own life mission, my passion and my obsession to see that we correct our assumptions about what we do, and why we do it.

Why? Because I get it. Life changes aren't easy. And going after the things we know deep in our being needs to be done from us specifically - they are 100x more difficult.

And yet, more of us today are being called to be this kind of courageous, and fully step into our power. Our greatness. Our higher selves. Call it whatever word feels right to you - but it's there, that deep core feeling - and it's gnawing at many. And it will continue until we brave up and answer the call!

Finding our passions on our own can be hard, finding someone who can help us - that doesn't have to be.

Let us help you discover your passion, find your dream and move it out into this world as your act of service and purpose!

Until we speak, sending you an abundance of love and light!

Your Passion Coach,

The A-Z guide to Passion and Self Fulfillment

Passion Assessments

In order to understand what drives Passion, we must first know what passion is and where to look. These tools help us gain clarity we could not without it. Armed with clarity we make decisions based on goals and outcomes that are specific to each client.

One on one sessions

Each one on one session is about holding us to account for the goals we have set throughout, and the continuous thread of discovery that will yield more clarity and direction throughout the program phases.

Active Skill Practicing

Nothing sustainably moves forward without the careful balance between discovery and skillful execution. Throughout the program we have carefully designed spots to track movement and ensure the execution is taking place with the learning

Exploration and Measurement Sessions

Results is the measurement we work on. Having a system and a framework to investigate the intangible while at the same time making it tangible is the secret sauce for why this program gets the results

About Kira Day

Whatever your background, age, success record, or belief: if you are looking to find your passion or a deeply meaningful mission that you want to work toward, that is entirely yours and yours alone – you have come to the right place. 

Kira is a Coach and Mentor to many who are looking to
empower themselves through the work they do, and the missions they want to move forward in this world.

She is an expert in helping people identify and advance
their callings and has had the honour of guiding hundreds of people to find what they love and do it. 

Kira lives by the foundational belief that humans by virtue of being human alone, and experiencing this magical thing called life, are more intelligent than what we sell intelligence to be, are more capable, than what we sell capability to be, and are more able than we sell ability to be. These foundations of humanity cannot be found in any degree, pedigree, or University. They cannot be institutionalized, even if our society has tried to do just that. They are rather found in the passionate desire to deeply learn, practice, test, modify and keep learning in a self-directed way.  

What Her Clients Have to Say

You are worth it

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