This is a group for all of us around the world who refuse to live life in the shadow of who we truly are

We are a movement who wants to push humanity further by helping you unlock, activate, and unleash the person you were born to be.

Our vision is to create a healthier society by empowering people everywhere to align their lifestyles, environments and professional landscapes to their most authentic selves.

We aim to achieve this vision through educational, engaging content and materials, and by embracing the greatness and specialness in each one of you.

We welcome members from all sorts of backgrounds and stages in life.

The one thing all members have in common: a strong desire to discover their true meaning and apply it to their everyday lives.

Because we believe that in order to unleash yourself, you must first begin by knowing yourself

Please note:

This group is for discussions, sharing learnings and experiences and helping each other achieve our greatest selves.

We SHOULD use this group to:

- Share our challenges and learning experiences
- Start thoughtful conversations
- Ask questions
- Inspire debates
- Grow together and build a movement of people who improve this world

We SHOULD NOT use this group to:

- Promote or share our own products, events, links, even though we know you’re all up to some awesome things
- Post articles, photos, videos without a focus on starting a conversation
- Talk about things that aren't relevant to the community industry
- Posts generic or promotional blurbs
- Be rude, hateful, or insulting (zero tolerance)
Please, note that these kind of posts will be deleted.

Let’s support and learn from each other, be kind, and keep The Passion Centre Community awesome! You are our heroes.