We help you discover the hidden intrinsic drivers that motivate your workforce to drive results

Engagement, motivation, drive happen intrinsically.

Do you know what your employees are driven by?

For too long, there’s been a mismatch between what science knows and what business does.

- Daniel Pink, DRIVE


87% of Employees are disengaged at work globally; 70% in the US & 80% in Canada.

Loss in productivity in the US market alone is estimated at $450-605B


Our current cultural value system employs a model where we train for skill, and we match skill to industry. Then pay proportional to skill. Much of our system rely's on extrinsic rewards to induce motivation for people, ie. good grades, which turn into good roles, and then (hopefully) good money, etc.

Studies have proven that extrinsic rewards however, only support motivation up to a point. Moreover it has been shown that extrinsic rewards work best for activities that are mundane and repetitive. For all other types of activities, we require a different set of motivators entirely to produce highly engaged people.

This is the main area of focus here at The Passion Centre. We use evidence-based applications to unlock the true motivators that people have. We evaluate how people operate in optimal environments and define the unique sets of needs and hidden drivers that people have on the individual level. We take what we know and show you how to activate these hidden behaviors to support higher satisfaction, and drive for performance.

Let us help you learn more about your people, so that you know how best to cultivate an environment where they thrive.

Because when THEY thrive, YOU thrive.

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