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Enrol in our Passion-Based™ Incubator. In this Passion agnostic program we give you the tools, expertise, resources and know how to move to the core of who you are, so that you can access your own Passion. Leveraging our curriculum based, science-backed program, you will for the first time have a structure to do your inner work, and learn how to then take it make it practical and tangible through the creation of a viable and valuable business. Know deep down you are a visionary and a future founder is where you are headed? If so, talk to us to find out how we can help make that more than just a dream.


Transform yourself

switch up what you are doing and try something new

Most of us were not taught to discover how to truly identify what we love and what drives who we are as individuals. And we certainly were not taught how to take what we learn about who we are, and build lives and businesses in alignment to us for higher performance and well-being and sustainable success. Many of us were put into boxes, told to memorize textbooks, and follow rules. So when we became ‘adults’, we didn’t have the slightest idea of what really mattered to us. 

And so, we end up making decisions-without-direction; attaching ourselves to an idea of the person we’ve been told we should be, instead of ever truly knowing who we really are. 

1 %
of people do not love what they do
1 %
Are Unhappy in what they do for a living
1 %
Would trade higher pay for meaning
1 Y
Added years given by feeling purpose

Discover a new Kind of passion

courses and specialized training

Passion-based™ incubator


explore yOUR passion

Through each of the 3 courses covered in this phase we take a current inventory of your drivers through 6 core assessments unique to The Passion Centre. We examine your Passion-Based™ health and the 4 Passion-based™ drivers that we have discovered are linked to the subjective experience of Passion (based on a study of 1100 respondents). From there we are able to assess your  gaps and Passion Opportunity. We will also take a comprehensive look at your subconscious blocks, areas within your mindset or learning history that can get in the way of experiencing healthy levels of Passion. Critical in order to move into the next step.


Develop yOUR passion

This phase takes a look at all of what we have explored and moves participants into the ideation and creation phase. This phase is uniquely crafted to move into deeper inquiry. Inquiry that will surface the right combination of focus and creativity to master the art of matching what uniquely drives our passion with with a topic, project, problem or subject of alignment. This phase involves ideation, design, experimentation and iteration in a structured way in order to support your move from uncertainty to clarity in the fastest amount of time possible.


Define yOUR passion

Once clarity is built and a tangible area has been identified, we look at broader ways that you are uniquely qualified (using your passion drivers) and the larger implications of your forming passion idea. We then move to formalizing ways to move it in the market, or in a persons professional or personal life in order to flush out any assumptions that are unfounded. From the clarity gained in this phase, we start to define and refine the foundations of your potential and viable passion-based™ business opportunity. This is a play and experiment part of the process where you will end with the build out your minimal-viable Passion-Based™ business. 


Execute yOUR passion

This is the phase where your masterpiece comes into full view. Taken from all the insights, lessons, preparations and ideation you have now built within yourself exactly what you need to truly execute your Passion and turn it into action. At this phase we validate your minimal viable passion-based™ business, venture or lifestyle and employ it in the world as your first launch. You will work with advisors from various paths as we match you with ones that have done the closest to what you are intending to do. Providing you with skillsets, coaching, mentorship as well as iteration development support.Your first launch sets you up to test your assumptions and iterate where necessary.   


passion 2 profit

Should a client choose the Business track, they are put into our Founders community where they will have access to various members and advisors that instruct on the foundations of business ownership. This fast track lean process teaches our clients what they need to know to build the best foundations for their success. At the end of this phase our clients are launch ready. When this program is completed participants leave with a Passion-Based™ Founder Certification that provides alumni access into our network and community and continued support. This course is completed when all participants pitch their Passion-Based™ business or minimal-viable Passion-Based™ product to one of our senior investors that provides priceless feedback on ways to improve their product or service in the marketplace.

Passion is our passion

Your Passion Is Our TOP Priority

What Our passionate Clients Say About Us

"This program helped me, find me; and ultimately turn my passions in to a fulfilling business venture. Kira genuinely cares for her clients and makes every effort to uplift, support, and make you a better person, entrepreneur, and human being. 1000% recommend this program if you're stuck in a rut searching for your purpose and alignment like I was. It 100% delivers!"

Steve Gaskin
Passion-Based Business: Retrokid™

"The process at The Passion Centre has a way of going to the core of who you are as a person, and pulling out your most authentic self. With all of the exercises and the structure that this program has to offer, it has helped me in ways I never imagined! I can now clearly see what my passions are and how I can apply them to the evolution of my business and my life as a whole.

Natasha Covic
Passion-Based Venture:
Holistic Coaching in health and lifestyle

"This program gets you results that are not average! I was feeling lost because I did not know what I wanted to do. The process at The Passion Centre was an eye opener for me. [It] has a way of digging deep and pulling out what really is inside of you as a person. Strengths that you may not even have realized for yourself. The program does take a certain level of commitment, but in the end its all worth it because you are getting a lifestyle. A way of life that is in complete alignment with who you are."

Aravinda Liyange
Passion-Based Business:
Kitharas Collection & Araliya Professional Services

Interested in enrolling in our Passion-based™ Incubator?

we are enrolling for our October 21st 2021 class.
act now. spots are limited.

Our programs aren’t for everyone, but we make every attempt to help everyone we can. Jumping on a call with one of our passion-based™ activators will help you to explore your options in a lot more detail with a lot more clarity. This is what we do. If you aren’t a match, not to worry, we still take the time to listen to everyone in our strategy calls. Once we know your unique situation we will help you out with free resources, tools and a community that can help you move down your next steps, whatever that is for you. We know what it’s like to not love what you do. If this is you, lets get on a call. Your future self will thank you!

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