Using the Science of Passion and the study of human optimization, our Lab and team were designed to help professionals:

Welcome To The Passion Lab!

Discover and follow your Passion and work on your brand of #EPIC

Figuring out your passions (those things that deeply matter to you) and then deciding to follow them or turn them into professions or businesses…. or even thinking about taking that path for yourself, is no easy task.

It takes a level of clarity and commitment to yourself that many people won’t understand.

This is why community is crucial. 

I learned this first hand. 

I started my passion journey 5 years ago. 

There were several obstacles I had to move through first. None of them were made simple, all of them were costly, and they took years of my personal time. 

But in all of that – I learned a lot.

The first was that I had to break through myself and my mindset barriers. I had to unlearn and disrupt my identity in order to see something new for myself. 

This part incurred high expenses due to the trial and errors of working with coaches and various different types of therapists who offered many brands of therapies. 

Some worked really well, others not so much. 

Next, when my loved one’s who tried their best to support me fell short, I had to figure out how to believe in myself and trust my own path. 

This was a lonely battle, and added to much frustration and loads of tears. 

Lastly, there were no real support infrastructures to help me define (in a clear way) how to understand my Passion, and turn it into what I wanted to do ‘next’. 

Where does one even start with that? 

I tried scouting traditional paths, but none of them fit what I was looking for. 

For example, going back to school was not an option…not only was it pricey, but it was ineffective because it did not solve my lack of clarity on what I wanted to do.  

Recruiters were not an option because I did not want to go in the direction of my resume. 

Coaches were not an option because while some could help with certain parts of the process – they did not know how to support me with the rest of what I required. 

Essentially I would have had to pay for 5 different types of Coaches to get to my one goal. 

That was not an option. 

I didn’t have $45,000 to just invest, with no way of knowing what that would have amounted to. 

There was no curriculum, no structure, nothing to tell me YES, this is something I can trust in.

Simply, at the time there was nothing in the marketplace that could fill the gaps in my process that I desperately needed filling.

So I had to go on that lonely and expensive journey of figuring it out myself. 

And after figuring it all out…. 


I decided to create what I didn't have

Welcome to The Passion Lab!

In my experience it was extremely hard to find a supportive community that just: ‘got’ it. 

Communities where People have studied the nuances involved in going after one’s Passions, have done it themselves, and complete with experts who have helped others do it successfully… are quite rare.

And because of that, I knew I had to do something about it.

The Passion Lab supports the central mission of another company I created, The Passion Centre. The Passion Centre is a company committed to the process of bringing people to their Passion, and their Passion to the world (using tried, tested and true curriculums designed from the studies and research we have done, and the people we have supported – reaching thousands of individuals world wide).

While The Passion Centre prides itself in the curriculums we build for the purpose of helping people successfully identify their Passion, create new paths from their passion, and supports them with the execution of those paths; The Passion Lab is about creating community for people starting out in their own Passion discovery and exploration process.

The Labs offer specialized spaces for people, like you, to come together, and get in the conversation. This is so that you can ‘try on’ different ideas, ways of seeing things, and break through barriers that may be challenging for you to do, alone.

We do this by offering expertise, resources, targeted conversations, and coaching opportunities to a private community of action takers willing to do the work to find and align their lives to what deeply matters to them…. and live passionately.

In this private group you will find like minded and like hearted people to connect with, ask questions to, explore, deep dive your process, get access to live interactive weekly conversations, and much more.

Through enabling a community of passionate peeps from all backgrounds, we encourage contribution and conversation.

I was once told life was just a network of conversations. To experience your best life, upgrade your conversation. 

We are here to be that upgrade. 


Who are we?

The Lab is comprised of professionals who have chosen and are choosing to discover, develop and turn their Passion into aligned visions and missions that are shaping the world…their way.

The Passion Centre’s team of Community Directors, Passion-Based Experts, and Passion Clarity Coaches along with Passionate Partners who have a diverse range of experience comes together to support your journey.

Come to be in the Passion conversation.

Stay for the effortless chats, community support, guidance, and endless resources that we make available to you so that you can have the best foundations of success on your Passion journey.


Have you been feeling the pull towards something that you can truly fall in love with and are  ready to start the path to figuring out what that is?

I’ve been there.

EVERYONE in the Lab has been there.

And let me tell you… Once I realized these TWO things, everything changed. 

You wanna know what they were?

 Okay, here goes…

No one pivots or creates greatness in their life…alone. 

I used to think that I had to do everything myself. 

That I had to just…figure it out. 

That if I couldn’t do it alone – what did that say about me? 

The moment I stopped THAT talk track, everything changed and opened up for me.

The truth is, we don’t all just need community. 


A community of people who have done what we are trying to do. 

A community of people that are taking the journey with us. 

And a community of people who are supportive and don’t tell you what to do, but rather, help you uncover what you might already know deep within…but may have learned to stop listening.

If you’re ready to pursue the things that deeply matter to you, and you know on some level this is the right time – then you may want to meet us in the Lab.

And if you’re ready for us, we are ready for you!

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Join us and enjoy the experience of working on your Passions in a community of people, just like you, working on theirs!

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