Passion-based™ activator program

There is no other program on the market that equips you with all the know how of investigating your Passion and then working with you to put them to work! 


The Passion Problem

There is one question that most people can not answer: 

“If you had all of the money and resources in the world, what would you be doing with your time that would give you the greatest amount of meaning?”

The Passion Centre’s programs have been designed to help you answer two of life’s most BURNING questions:

What do I REALLY desire?


Where should I be spending my time to get there?

Somewhere deep down inside you know the answer. We all do. But sometimes we simply stay stuck. 

And in the paralyzing state of feeling stuck we can’t seem to access where we must look in order to really know. 

And this starts our true challenge.

A challenge that compounds when we try to understand how all the many steps come together to get us from where we are now, to this place we know deep down we need to be. 

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we then start to question ourselves.

“How can we be sure we would be successful at what we are Passionate about anyway?” 

There are, after all, countless examples of people who are passionate about things they are just simply not good at.

“And if we were to make the leap, what if we end up worse off than where we are currently?”

“What if we fail?” 

“What would the people around us think of us?”

“What would we think of ourselves?”

And yet, what if there was a way to be certain and confident in your next steps?

Would you take it?

What if there was a way you could test your next move in a controlled and expertly guided environment?

Would you test it?

What if you could manufacture Passion? 

Would you do it?

Welcome to a program like no other. 

Let us guide you into a whole new way of thinking about Passion and your options.

The passion-based™ program plan

You have Made It! And We are so grateful you're here!

What you get

At The Passion Centre, we welcome you to think about Passion with a lot less pressure. There is a formula to understanding this internal piece of ourselves, and it is more than likely not what you have been taught. What any of us have been. 

Passion, meaning, purpose, fulfillment – they are all part of the same equation. Solve for the equation, and you solve for them all. 

The Passion Centre has built the world’s most comprehensive system that will teach you everything you need to know in order to find your passion and make decisions around stepping into your dream and bringing it to the world. 

You will learn from leading experts who have done exactly what you are thinking of doing, or thinking of thinking of doing, so that you can be given the best formula for success possible.

Our proprietary methodology allows all participants to go from absolute confusion, to clarity in just a matter of weeks. And from that point of clarity we take them further into a structured system that step by step allows them to unveil the direction that is sure to create excitement!

Our method has won the hearts of our clients who have taken our system and have created entirely new Passion-Based™ Businesses, Ventures and Lifestyles. Passion-Based Businesses, Ventures and Lifestyles are projects that align to their unique Passions and set’s of GIFTs. 

We have helped people start net new businesses, ventures, foundations, non for profits, move into entirely new careers, launch post-retirement passion projects, and a LOT more.

No matter your goal, objective or style of learning, we cater to you in this highly individualized program. As long as you have a deep desire to find that dream that you know is in your heart somewhere, we can take it from there!

Are you interested in learning more? 


Passion Intelligence
Passion Application
Passion Optimization
Passion Activation
  • Learn the top 5 things that hold people back from ever finding or pursuing their Passion
  • Laser in on what your unique passions are
  • Understand your key gaps and blindspots and gain tools to overcome them
  • Using the latest in scientific research clear the obstacles in your mind, so that you can clear the obstacles in your path
  • Undergo an intensive research project that will best prepare you for making the right decision for you
  • Gain access to the best research based self assessment tools that will help increase your self and passion awareness and guide you to living more optimally
  • Find out what activities, relationships and projects align best to who you are, and your Passions
  • Identify your personal Passion-Based™ Business, Venture of Lifestyle
  • Learn from experts who have taken the leap towards their Passions and never looked back
  • Get the tools, resources and education to help validate your next best steps
  • Be around a community of people who are driven to live their lives to the fullest, and experience higher levels of passion, purpose, fulfillment and meaning in all that they do
  • Hold the confidence that you will have all of the answers and the understandings to 10X your life, in virtually every area
  • Become Passion-Based™ Business, Venture or Lifestyle Certified at the end of this one of a kind program
  • By the end of this program you can expect to be launch ready, no matter the direction you decide to take

“I truly believe in The Passion Centre's programs. It has helped me get everything I was looking for, for years, in a period of half a year. Yes it took some hard work, dedication, and discipline - these programs are NOT for the weak! But it was hands down the best investment of my life.”

-Candice Rosenberg, Real Estate Investor turned Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur and soon to be Author

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