Your Passion Health


passion is a science?

You might be thinking…
”Why exactly is Passion so important?”
Passion is an innate driver built right into our human operating system.
We feel passion when we do the things that are most meaningful to us and when we share that passion with others, it becomes our purpose.
Right now, there is a HUGE passion gap within our workforce with 83% of people feeling disengaged from their work, and millions of people leaving their jobs in search for “more”.
The studies show that People want to feel more fulfilled professionally but they simply don’t know why or how.
This is where we come in!
Passion is your guide to creating your most optimal life and The Passion Health Test is the world's FIRST & ONLY method of measuring this.
Based on 1100 and counting respondents in our Passion Health study we have isolated the ingredients responsible for creating the subjective experience of Passion to an accuracy of 99.5%. This makes Passion, science. And to celebrate this major win we have decided to help you go deeper and provide this tool for you to measure your own Passion and get custom tailored advise specific to your individual needs...and all at no cost to you!
If you’re trying to build a business that you love or a new professional role where you’re less likely to burn out, you need to know how much passion you are currently experiencing and which of the 15 indicators are your areas of opportunity. If you’re feeling stuck, trying to find your path forward, The Passion Health Test is your very first step.

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