Passion Break events are organized by community leaders who seek to activate passion, spark dreams and bring people together to deepen the passion conversation and to get inspired.

These events include live experts who deliver knowledge and create engaging exercises and shared experiences that cultivate an environment for growth, inclusion, diversity, deeper conversations and personal discovery as well as professional development. 

Community, connection, support, and conversation about the right things can move anyone into inspired action. Passion Break is a curated safe supportive environment where we get to explore Passion from a range of perspectives. While at the same time bringing experts in the room to facilitate the conversation and to spread words of advice, wisdom and knowledge into the atmosphere contained in each one of the Passion Breaks.

All events are recorded and made available to support and foster our growing virtual community.

Our events are organized under The Passion Centre’s Community inside The Passion Lab.

For more information join our community and speak to one of our Passion-Based Experts. 




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What Is
the passion lab?

A Passion centred Community

To create a community of people exploring, experimenting, building and doing their 'brand' of 'cool things'. Cool things are all in the eyes of the beholder. This is a non judgemental space for the ideas and creations our community wants to move forward in the world.
We celebrate, support and enjoy in each others accomplishments.

Leading passion based ConversationS

Life is a network of conversations. The higher the quality the conversation, the higher the quality of life.
We facilitate deeper quality conversations to help spark new ideas, thoughts and actions to get you to where you want to go, faster, better, healthier and happier.

To Inspire Passion activated Creation

Speaker topics are of value to us all going after our dreams, thinking of going after our dreams, or thinking of thinking of going after our dreams. Everything starts with a spark. We develop an atmosphere of support if you want to turn that spark into something more. From a flicker to a blaze, we are here to support it all.

This Months Topics

Join the lab to access any of these conversations
November 16th

Passion & Clear Decision Making

Deciding on which way to go can be an overwhelming task for may. What is a hard no compared to a hard yes is not at all an easy thing to do when we are missing a certain set of information. And yet, for those that are clear on what drives them and their businesses don’t seem to have this problem. Join us as we share what is missing that makes decision making a confusing task. And what Passion has to do with that.

November 23rd

Passion & Gratitude

It is a long established fact based on countless studies that gratitude correlates to the happiness factor. The more grateful we are, the better we feel. How does Passion play into gratitude, and how does gratitude play into Passion? Join us in this conversation to explore ways that you can start employing gratitude practices to help increase your access to Passion. Share your lived experiences and get into the conversation to learn, explore and gain deeper insights to help you navigate your own Passion or gratitude journeys in this intimate and timely conversation.

November 30th

Passion & Meaningful Contributions

The world turned to meaning during Covid. But did you know that we have been headed there long before? Study’s have shown that people will give up a fair portion of future income for work that was more meaningful. The Passion Centre’s study’s on Passion has shown that meaning is one of the strong component of feeling Passion. To that end, we will be sharing and processing the path to personal and professional meaning and…Passion, in this highly engaging and interactive live episode of Passion Break.

December 7th

Passion & Clarity of Purpose

Passion and Purpose can be seen as highly ambiguous words for the masses to truly sink our teeth into. That is why The Passion Centre has been studying ways to make them both practical over the past 5 years. In this conversation we will be exploring ways to re-think Passion and Purpose that are more helpful in applying them to our everyday lives. We know they are an access point to human thriving and optimal states of being, so we are bringing in some science and a whole lot of practicality to help make Passion and Purpose practicality so that you can gain some clarity on your own and start the process of discovery. 

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