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What Is Passion

Learn the science of Passion and how it benefits you

Learn your Passion

Get insights to help you move deeper into understanding your unique Passion(s)

Create a passion mindset

Find out what drives Passion and how you can learn to build a Passion mindset

Turning pain into Passion

What does pain and passion have in common and how to productively turn pain into passion

Passion into professions

Understand why there is a confusion around following your passion and not following your passion and how to decide for yourself what path to take

Passion Health

Gain an understanding of why Passion is critical to health and wellbeing, and learn strategies to help you increase your own Passion health

Never before have I met anyone as insightful a leader to others AND who has an extraordinary sharp business acumen in a wide range of fields and business sectors

Joni Merkle, MBA - Growth Consultant, FinTech CMO/VP

Our Clients and what they are saying

Kira provided me all the necessary tools to discover and master my own true passion and purpose, that has resulted in me founding two businesses and has empowered me to work towards my highest potential.

Aravinda Liyanage - Kitharas Collection

Kira helped me find me; and ultimately turn my Passion into a fulfilling Business Venture.

Steve Gaskin -Retrokid

Should you be looking to gain clarity on your true passion or purpose, my advice is simple, contact Kira, today. The combination of Kira's many talents and deep knowledge in so many diverse areas of both life and venture creation truly makes her your secret weapon!

Joni Merkle -CMO/VP FinTech - Growth Consultant

With Kira's programs at TPC she has brought a rare clarity that I assure you we all need. This clarity has enabled me to bring on a new venture that I am truly passionate about.

Hal Eisenberg -The Eisenberg Leadership Academy

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