Welcome to The Passion Master Class:Passion-Mastery 101

Learn to discover what drives you and your Passions through leading research in neurobiology and psychology & what practices you can adopt TODAY to activate more Passion in every area of your life.

Most of us were never taught to discover how to truly identify what we love and what drives who we are.

And how to take that and build our lives and businesses in alignment to that place for higher performance and well-being.

Many of us were put into boxes, told to memorize textbooks, and follow rules.

So when we became adults, we didn’t have the slightest idea of what really matteredto us. And so, we end up making decisions-without-direction; attaching ourselves to an idea of the person we’ve been told we should be, instead of ever truly knowing who we really are; our inner essence.

The challenge with this, is that without the guidance to understand how our inner essence operates, we default to the cultural ideas we adopt.

Even if, what we adopt, moves us against our own internal mode of authentic operation. And because we have not properly learned how to connect with that inner guide, we lose our ability to follow paths that we would consider, truly consider, deeply meaningful and significant.

And here is where lies the problem, because it's that very deeply felt meaning and significance that allows for us to live fully passionate, on-purpose, meaningful lives.

Both personally and professionally.

This is what our Passion Master Class is all about.

It is about finding and defining what is at the core of what makes you, you.

Your centre-most point. Those intrinsic things that drive, motivate and inspires you to act. It will enable you to re-think what you believe your passions are, and how they influence your decisions and behaviour.

You will learn how to use Passion as a tool in helping you achieve your own identified personal greatness.

The Passion Master Class is more than a training program


Yes. You will learn how to clearly identify your passions, but more importantly, you will gain a meticulous step-by-step understanding of how to continuously assess your alignment to your passionsso that you can take that and grow.

Life is not static.

We change. We grow.We evolve.

Our goal is to empower you with the necessary tools and resources to apply your own passion-assessment throughout your life.  Helping YOU to take yourself deeper, further and faster than you ever imagined.

Here's how The Passion Master Class Program Works

In this LIVE 8-WEEK Program, you will get a renewed awakening about what drives you at the most fundamental level.

We begin by getting a general understanding of who you are through a series of systematically designed engagements. We then introduce you to the Compass4 System™, which provides the tools necessary for internal navigation of your core self - your inner essence. 

Each week you will do a series of unique and structured exercises that are designed to take you several steps deeper into understanding your core drivers and core natures, or as we call it - your passion centre. Each assessment reveals patterns in the modes of your operational behaviour that need to be expressed in order for you to get to the place of alignment in your life. This is what gives you the insights necessary for you have clarity about what drives your passions. This type of clarity is the key ingredient for many of us to move forward and and make better decisions for ourselves. Better decisions in your business, and in your life that will promote higher performance and well-being.

We will work with you to understand what goals align best with your natural states of being, and how to pursue and enable them, so that you can be on your way to living your most optimal life. A life that inspires you because it is designed to align with your most authentic you.

By the end of the discovery phase of The Passion Master Class, you will be rooted in self-awareness that call out your individual Passion Centres.

This intensive 8-week program enables you to get clearer about your journey than ever before. Open your mind, awaken and invigorate your sense of self, and be empowered to reignite to the things that drive Passion in your personal and professional life.

Together we will find your optimal state of being and learn psychological principles that will change the way you view who you are, and the potential for you to achieve the kind of greatness you deeply feel you can get to in your life, today.

You will walk away with the following:

A holistic understanding of Self and your Passions taken from fields such as Psychology, Biology and NeuroScience.

Results from the Compass4 System™ to determine your very clear patterns of motivations - your own individual and unique Passion Centre. The understanding of which will clearly show you what intrinsically drives you using your patterns of behaviour.

  • • Understand your individual sets of 'constructs' or world view and heal and clear biases that have been holding you back
  • • From various layers of insights you will design your own personal Persona Board - a method used to completely understand a holistic account of your own Identity make up and key positioning and alignment principles for optimizing your sense of self and direction
  • • Gain deep insights through the class that will lead you into clearly articulating your personal Value, Mission and Vision for you, your life and your business
  • • Obtain the type of clarity and direction that is missing from you today, that will get you on path to aligning yourself with a mission that will inspire you at your core. Realize this mission and gain community and support that will move you forward with clarity, motivation and full confidence in your next steps. 

Here's What You Get In Our Special Hybrid Methodology

Eight Interactive LIVE Classes

Each class is approximately 2 hours long hosted on Zoom Conference. Our classes are very interactive and will require you to have a pencil and paper available for writing and taking notes. During the trainings, we will share our screens so that you have both a visual and audio understanding of what's going on. When needed, you will also be able to share your screen, get feedback, and ask questions during the live sessions.

Nine Weekly Personal 1-On-1 Review

Once you've completed each group class we will team you up with your facilitator in a personalized 1 hour 1:1 review each week. This ensures you are progressing through the content and any personal items can be discussed and moved through. This highly personalized offering is a unique feature of The Passion Master Class which enables a personalized and tailored approach to our delivery ensuring each client gets exactly what they came for.

8 Person Maximum

We limit our program to 8 people per session to ensure that you get the attention necessary to understand, engage, be heard, and experience real results from the program.

Class Recordings

You will get access to the recordings after each session through a dedicated member’s area.

Homework & Exercises

You will have exercises and assignments to complete between each session to make sure you understand and have all the tools and information you need to move you further in your passion-discovery.

Learning Documents

These documents include research, studies, personal analysis templates, handouts, sample slides, and PDF’s that will walk you through all of the teachings and strategies for your personalized passion-discovery to mastery process.

Private Group Access

You will have access to a private group to ask questions, share wins/lessons, get inspired, share your homework, and network with other members of The Passion Master Class.


When you invest in The Passion Master Class (LIVE), you will get the Gallup's Strength Finder Assessment Free with purchase (Valued $20US) and The Passion Centres full Passion Health Workup (Valued at $199US). 

Program Details

Session One - Week 1 and 2: The Foundation of Self and The Foundation of Passion

We will go over the elements that define who we are today and create a common language around how we describe our 'self'. We will discover the foundation of how we shape our identity, personality, and belief systems, breaking down myths and popular beliefs that are limiting to accessing our truest potential.

We will introduce the Compass4 System™, understanding how it's designed to cover the 4 key areas of SELF - Strengths, Values, Interests, & Ideals - and why knowing your core beliefs around these key areas vs your authentic reality of these are important for being about to use them to uncover the patterns that drive your ability to live in alignment with or misalignment to your authentic self.

We will focus our attention on the different types of values that underpin our behaviour. How to identify what parts of our behaviour is formed through our biology or through our environment. The mindsets that are either limiting our growth, and keep us fixed, or are supporting our growth, evolution and development.

Finally we will go over the nature of adaptability and discuss ways where it being used strength and blindspots to how it's been a weakness in your life. How to other identify blindspots or shadows in your life that are holding you back, the parts of yourself that you feel are bad, so you punish them, or put them aside, or self-loath, and how that affects your growth and development.

*Exercises to be completed before next weeks lesson

Session Two - Week 3 and 4: Constructs & Schemas

We will do a deeper dive into the inner constructs that are shaping how you see the world, the different ways your mind is mapping what you believe and your understanding of how the world works, and the different formulas you use to create expectations from your experiences and predict the future of what will/will not happen, who you are and who you will become.

We will then discuss your participation in creating your current reality, the experiences that have contributed to shaping your current view of the world, how raising your awareness about the influence of the subconscious mind can empower you in your everyday conscious experience, and uncover the stories you tell yourself about who you are and how the world works.

Finally we will dive into experiences that have contributed to understanding your yourself, your goals and your motivations, uncovering specific points in time where you have demonstrated your authentic self, motivation, drive, and passion, unpacking the meaning behind these moments and how they relate to your Core4.

*Exercises to be completed before next weeks lesson

Session Three - Week 5 and 6: Environment & Appraisals

We will evaluate how we appraise our environment and get into the psychology of appraisals, what they are, how they are formed, and uncover the science behind how our mind processes information Discuss how our brains have a powerful effect on our behaviour. How from an evolutionary perspective, our brains evolve 1% every 100,000 years but our cultures evolve much more rapidly than that. Understanding what that means and how we can adapt our thinking to overcome our programming is still set to a time that doesn’t reflect our current settings.

We will learn how passion is a biological response that affects the reward circuit of the brains, how it has influenced our survival through the ages, and how we should be leveraging its power today. We will discuss how the mind body is integrated.

What does stress look like and why our body is designed to adapt. How humans adapt to stess; why we continuously repeat stressful experiences in our mind causing our bodies recreate the stress; the negative effects of stress on our bodies and how look at cortizol and why it is a natural response that is created in our body to protect us – shutting down digestive system, need for sleep, appetite - and why we should be very conscious of it's effects on our health.

  • Finally we will go over how to create an environment with less stress. Apply a reframing as a tool to rewire your brain to improve psychological wellbeing. We teach how to use your natural design and teach ways to override and improve your natural tendencies. Walking you through your current environments to identify the people and environments you function optimally. Gain a better understanding of the people you hang out with for work or pleasure. Communication needs when you’re stressed vs. when optimal states. And identify the cultures we’re you operate best in.

*Exercises to be completed before next weeks lesson

Session Four - Week 7 and 8: Models for Psychological Wellbeing

  • We will discuss the foundation of what drives motivation and drive; human determination theory and do a deep dive into the RAMP principal; and do an in-depth evaluation of our current environments against what drives us naturally and intrinsically.
  • We will go over how to understand emotions and how to live consciously. That’s where everything starts. We will use the information from previous sessions where unpacked the mind to understand how the constructs and schemas have been impacting your view of the world. Now we are taking all of that information and disseminating it to understand how to align your RAMP to your environment, body, and mind,
  • We will create very clear mapping of where you experience optimal psychological wellbeing. We will discuss emotionalities, how you assess yourself and the people around you better. Understanding the battle between our need to separate logic and emotions; how they’re the same and entangled, and what you should to evaluate logic/emotions. Review how your body, mind is built until now and use that information to reconstruct the way you operate to fit it in your current reality.
  • Finally we will go through accomplishments exercises and do goals setting to get a comprehensive overview of how your goals align to your Core4. We will build personas and visions of your aligned self – taking into account all of the things you learned. We will create future personas which will give you a linguistical and visual representation which is design rewire your brain. We will then your mission on the planet, how you want to impact and take the Core4 values you will use as the bedrock in all of your decisions moving forward. 

*At the end of the course, each student will also get a 1hour 1-on-1 session to make sure you have a clear understanding of how to apply everything you learned in the course and move forward from where you are today

Is this program right for you?

While you're thinking about whether to join The Passion Master Program, we wanted to be upfront and make a few things very clear. First, the objective of the program is to give you a foundational understanding of your inner architecture - what makes you, you. The skills you will learn, the tools you will be privy to, and the resources you will gain in this program will show you step-by-step how to dig deeper into your understanding of SELF and raise your awareness of what will drive your Passion for what you do. But like anything, these insights will only come from you putting in the hard work and applying those skills in your daily life.

If you are willing to do the work and put in the time, then you will find incredible value in this program. You will find your new found understanding of your Passion and your experience will not only be transformational, but ENTIRELY life changing.

If that sounds like you are ready to put in the work, then we look forward to sharing this experience with you. It's what gets us up out of bed each and every morning. 


Hal E. - SEL System Designer, Education Leadership, K-U

I genuinely cannot say enough enlightening & uplifting words when it comes to Kira Day and The Passion Centre (TPC). I have been blessed to participate in many of the programs created by this innovative and visionary company that is making an extraordinary impact on society one soul at a time. If I had to create a list of top 20 companies to look out for true real global impact in the next 5 years, Kira & TPC would be on the top of that list. Here is why: There are 1000s of life coaches out there, and at an initial glance it seems that Kira & TPC fall under that category. However, you will quickly realize after meeting Kira that you have stumbled onto something different... something extremely magical. I guarantee that this will be a rare moment in your life (whether you are an accomplished leader looking to figure out your next steps, or you have a dream you are trying to move forward on, or maybe you just know there is more for you out there but don’t know how to work out the confusion in your mind) and you will surely come to the realization that you were guided to Kira and TPC on purpose as an answer to your desires, and for the reason of experiencing the energy of TPC. The greatest part of my perspective is that I am not alone in this opinion, as everyone I reflect with on their “TPC” experience shares the same sentiment. On a programmatic level, the Passion Master Class helped me redefine my goals for myself and my organization, while refocusing my efforts and aligning them with my true passion and ambition. Kira’s humble & intellectual commitment to her clients is “next level” impact & is the driving force in the potential for all of us to live and experience an optimal life. Being one of TPC’s clients means being able to receive countless resources and skill-developing insights into how to connect your internal systems with your external dreams and package it all into action. It’s truly a brilliant approach to shifting individuals and systems in society, from disempowerment to empowerment. Kira has been given the gift & skill to connect to people in a very unique way and has her finger on the pulse of what we all need personally and globally. At the core, TPC is expansion, unconditional love, inspiration, connection, passion, impact, vision, and community. Innovative creation and positive action is what Kira is a stand for. My company, vision, and soul is beyond grateful for the intensity and infinite impact that TPC and Kira has had on the thousands of lives and souls we reach weekly. Her energy and guidance is present daily in our programs, strategy, and vision. Kira has brought a rare clarity that I assure you we all need. If you desire “next level” in any area of your life, if you want the next steps, or if you want to simply figure out how to grow, reaching out to Kira at TPC should be your very next step! You will not be disappointed!

Joni M. - CMO | VP | Blockchain, Fintech, Emerging Technology

Should you be looking to gain clarity on your life’s purpose, passion and mission, my advice is simple: contact Kira today.  I had the ABSOLUTE privilege of being a client of Kira’s the last two months via her one-of-a-kind Passion Masterclass. I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined, however, I soon discovered it to be an exceptional experience, and one that produced results and mastery for her clients who were seeking to tap into their passions and life purpose and launch their own custom passion ventures based on what they truly love doing. I found her methodology, insights, and strategic guidance to be transformative. I know others in the class would whole-heartedly agree.  To go on that soul-searching journey with someone as deeply committed to her clients as Kira made it all the more meaningful. Never before have I met anyone as insightful a leader of others AND who has an extraordinarily sharp business acumen in a wide range of fields and business sectors. The combination of her many talents and deep knowledge in so many diverse areas of both life and venture creation truly makes her your secret weapon! Whether you are already an entrepreneur or looking to become one, and are committed to deepening your understanding of your true purpose and passions in order to create an extraordinarily fulfilling life, contact Kira today.  Kira has my highest recommendation and I would happily speak with anyone looking to engage her highly effective coaching services. Connect with her to arrange a call to learn more. Your future self will thank you for it!

Aravinda L. - M.B.A. Business Analyst, Predictive Analytics & Big Data

"The process at The Passion Centre was an eye opener for me. Kira has a way of digging deep and pulling out what really is inside of you as a person. Strengths that you may not even have realized for
yourself. The program does take a certain level of commitment, but in the end its all worth it because you are getting a lifestyle. A way of life that is in complete alignment with who you are."

Natasha C. - Entrepreneur Health & Wellness

"With the Passion Centre's exercises and structure, you're really able to define what your Passions are, execute and move forward. It has helped me define my goals, what needs to be done and the tactics I need to employ as my next steps. I'm really looking forward to applying it all, and very excited and grateful for what is to come!"

Steven G. - Entrepreneur Tech & Merchandise

"Kira helped me, find me; and ultimately turn my passions in to a fulfilling business venture. Her heartwarming approach to understanding you from the inside out and her delicate curiosity to help you uncover your true happiness and fulfillment is exactly what makes her stand out from the crowd. She genuinely cares for her clients and makes every effort to uplift, support, and make you a better person, entrepreneur, and human being. 1000% recommend Kira if you're stuck in a rut searching for your purpose and alignment


How to apply to The Passion Master Class



In order to apply, we request a 50% deposit to book and reserve a spot in our upcoming program date.

If for whatever reason we decide that you are not the right fit for the program, this deposit will be fully-refunded back to you.

Schedule Your Call Today!

Step 1| Book An Interview

Before entering The Passion Master Class program you will need to complete a live interview to ensure you are a good fit for the program. Our objective is to understand why you're joining and evaluate if you are ready for the intensive 8-week program.

Step 2 | Reserve Your Spot

Because we only allow 8 people per session, we require that you reserve your spot by making a deposit in the amount of $1,750 USD. This is non-refundable once the sessions begin.

Step 3 | Begin Preparing

Prior to the beginning of the program, you will get access to your online portal where there will be certain lessons and exercises we will ask you to review and complete before the live sessions begin.The 2nd payment of $1,750 USD will be due 1 week pre program start date.