Passion Mastery Webinar

Understand the science behind passion, what it really means, and how to activate your passion centre to create higher levels of meaning and purpose in your life

Date: October 24th 2018

Passion is a word we've all heard of.

We associate it with feelings of motivation, happiness, well-being and high-performance.

And while we can easily identify passion in others,far too many of us are "searching for passion" in all the wrong places, struggling to discover it in ourselves.

In this exclusive webinar, Kira Day and Sina Fak go over what passion really is, how it's generated, and how YOU can begin your journey to activating your passion centre.

Get ready to have your eyes, heart, and mind opened in this thought-provoking learning experience on:

- Finding purpose, passion, and meaning, the right way

- Upgrading your personal intelligence & self-awareness

- The neuroscience behind passion, motivation and the brain

- Creating a passion by updating your mental scripts

And much more...


Presented By

Kira Day, Founder, The Passion Centre

Bridging lessons from several fields of psychology, design thinking, and business, Kira works with people who are at a cross-roads between staying in a profession and making a leap towards their dreams.

"Self knowledge would be easy to attain if our minds were designed solely to create an accurate picture of who we were"

- John D. Mayer, PhD