Move from Passion Mystery to Passion Mastery


At The Passion Centre, our mission is to help you answer two of life’s most burning questions:


What should I really be doing?
How can I spend my time to get there?

Chances are, deep down inside, you already know the answers. But sometimes, we simply stay stuck. Life transitions can almost seem insurmountable when you have a career, family, and other lifestyle commitments.

That’s where The Passion Centre comes in.


The Passion Centre's
4P Framework

This framework enables all participants to go from passion mystery to passion mastery. Enabling clarity, while identifying and developing a personalized passion pursuit that is in complete alignment to your unique passions.

Personal Intelligence

Awakening to who you really are and what drives you at your most fundamental level.

Practical Application

Constructing strategies to integrate your new-found clarity into everyday application in your life.

Passion Activation

Diving even further into the mechanics of developing and building out your passion pursuit.

Performance Optimization

Using the latest science and technology, clear your "glitches" from unwanted past experiences, to free space to perform at your highest potential 

P-1 | Clarity through Personal Intelligence

Self-Mastery 101™


Discovering who you really are and where you should be going

In this phase clients experience a renewed awakening to who they really are, and what drives them at their most fundamental level.

We begin by getting a general understanding of who you are through a series of systematically designed engagements. From there, we introduce 4 unique assessments, designed to take you several steps deeper into understanding your core drivers and core natures, or as we call it - your Passion Centre.

We introduce you to The Compass4 System at this stage, which provides the tools necessary for internal navigation of your core self. This reveals patterns in the modes of your behavior that need to be expressed in order to get to a place of alignment in the things you do in life. Perfect for decision making and providing clarity into your next best steps.

By the end of the discovery of self-phase, clients are rooted in self-awareness. This intensive full day program enables you to get clearer about your journey than ever before. Open your mind, awaken and invigorate your sense of self.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is mandatory in order to take any of the other courses offered by The Passion Centre


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P-2 | Direction through Practical Application

Passion-Mastery 101™


Uncover where you are going and what you need to get there

In the second Phase of the program we do a deeper dive into your most optimal states of being. We focus on strategizing ways to integrate your new-found clarity (discovered from the Compass4 System) into your life, whether personally or professionally. We both identify and create strategies to fill gaps in this stage to best prepare you for your personal success.

Phase 2 brings in skillful introspection, brainstorming and exercises designed to take you deeper than ever before. This is a sure fire way of taking your clarity and creating a model for navigation and direction.

By the end of this phase clients are reborn with clarity and vision, direction and momentum to move them into correcting their alignment and owning their authentic natures that drives a passionate, purpose-driven life.

Please Note: It is a requirement of this course to have taken Self-Mastery 101 as a prerequisite.

P-3 | Execute through Passion Activation



When you will get there. How you will get there. How long it will take.

This phase helps clients identify a Passion Pursuit. Passion Pursuits are ventures that are aligned completely with participant’s intrinsic drivers – their Passion Centre’s. These Pursuits are Dreams that we will spend time identifying, developing and building into a practical business model. BuildADream™ are dedicated to those wanting to express themselves in society in a useful purpose-driven way.

This phase brings clients to an impeccable, bullet proof step by step model that reduces the risks involved in pursuing your passion pursuit and building your dream forward.

We incorporate some of the best business principles and have modified them to focus entirely on your individual progression plan.

This program drills even further down to develop and build out your passion pursuit. We help you develop laser focused goals that align with the Core4 discoveries made in the foundation workshop. This phase leaves clients with clarity, vision, direction and momentum to pursue what they aspire to do and to become! This new awakening springs new desires for a defined outcome: Getting to and living their Dreams by aligning to the things that activate their Passions in a useful way to Society!

Please Note: It is a requirement of this course to have taken Self-Mastery 101 and Passion-Mastery 101 as prerequisites.

P-4 | Optimize Your Performance

Performance Mastery

Our traumas may not be our fault, but they are our responsibility.

Unresolved traumas interfere with our abilities to function at our highest level, and decrease our ability to create high levels of passion and purpose in our lives.

Unresolved traumas are ANY event that you experience as disturbing or unsettling. This scale can go of course right through to debilitating from extreme events.

These look like an event that when remembered triggers anger, discomfort, grief or shame. These events create negative emotional residue that can limit our ability to show up in life as our best self. This can be either personally or professionally.

They can not only be destructive to our quality of life, personal and professional growth, but also to our physical health. This is because they limit our ability to create meaningful connections, communicate with clarity, see things clearly, or make healthy decisions that align to our best self.

This emotional residue also becomes accumulative over time, and if left unresolved, creates dysfunction in the central nervous system. A chronically deregulated and imbalanced nervous system, due to these unresolved events, will also naturally result in an imbalanced physiology, leading to increased medical conditions, diseases and chronic illnesses such as auto-immune disorders, obesity, asthma, and cancer.

The Performance-Mastery program is designed to help educate the general population on how their mind works and provide tools to help recalibrate it to optimal functioning so that you can live optimally. One vehicle to do that is through the TIPP program. The Passion Centre is exited to announce that we have partnered with The Inspired Performance Institute to bring to you a process designed from cutting edge research and technology that helps to restore the mind and body for optimal states of wellness, performance and living passionately.

Please see link for more information or to purchase your complete Performance program today!

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Mastermind Community + On-Going Support

The final phase is a support model, where we leverage our network to support your success. Acting as accountability partners and advisors, we are there to assist in your launch, but you own the entire process. It is important for our clients to empower themselves at this stage.

Using all of the insights, tools, and knowledge we’ve learned so far, we finalize your action plan and put it into motion! We’re with you every step of the way with personalized support during this final execution phase. You will leave the last day of this program refreshed, energized and ready to take on your very own Passion pursuit!

By the end of the Implementation and Execution Phase of BuildADream™, clients are mobile and en route to actively pursuing their dreams, living lifestyles that reflect them best as the individuals they are. This is powerful in creating healthy states of being.

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