Kathleen McDonald, BScN, MN, NP


Kathleen McDonald holds a BScN, MN, NP in Adult Medicine and is the founder of Precision Health Centre (PHC), a company which utilizes the latest technology in diagnostics, paired with highly advanced wellness programs, to optimize and take her clients health, wellness and performance to the next level.

The individual health of each unique client is her passion, and her mission is to empower us all to own our health.

Her work experience includes top academic centres such as University Health Network with the Peter Munk Cardiac Surgery Team, University of Michigan Medical Centre, University of California San Francisco, and Sunnybrook Trauma Centre. 

Optimization of Human Health & Performance requires her to incorporate the tenants of conventional medicine with new leading edge, targeted metrics to effectively promote healthy lifestyles and optimize physical health and performance.

The Passion Centre team is excited to have Kathleen join our Vacation with Purpose 2020 mission as her passion and pioneering approach to optimizing health, longevity, and performance takes our programs to new heights!