Do You Feel Like:

  • You’re unmotivated and you don’t know why
  • You have lost your spark
  • You’re ready to change and take the next steps but not sure how
  • Something seems to be holding you back in your career, business or personal ambitions 
  • You feel you can contribute so much more, but something keeps getting in the way
  • You’re procrastinating on your personal dreams and projects and you feel like you are giving up on yourself
  • You’re starting to lose hope that the life that you want is even realistic or within reach
  • No matter what you do, or changes you make, you always seem to end up in the same place

If so, you are EXACTLY where you need to be.
We are so glad you found us!

Our Programs

Our UnBlocked program is the prerequisite to our many program offerings... and for good reason.

Most of us live with outdated ideas and internal programs that keep us blocked from finding and/or doing the things that are most meaningful to us. Together we find your optimal and unblock your greatness within. 

It all starts here…

Program Details

7 weeks all-inclusive course + dedicated Instructor sessions

  • Virtual course access to help you learn the full UnBlocked structure
  • Weekly group classes to move through the material and all concepts
  • Expert UnBlocked Instructors trained by The Passion Centre institution to be your personal guide
  • One on One Coaching session to personalize content to your unique needs
  • Workbooks, exercises and experiences designed to transform you from the inside, out
  • Community of like-minded individuals and experts to actively learn, discuss and connect with

Complete understanding of your personal Psychology

  • Have clarity around what blocks are, how you’ve been blocked and how to UnBlock yourself
  • Learn skills and mechanisms that help you move forward and allow you to live the kind of life that you desire
  • Increased self awareness and understanding of your personal psychology
  • Increase your self-motivation and focus to get to your next best steps and achieve your greatest goals
  • Have the tools and new found confidence to break through your blockages and barriers and become UnBlocked
  • Put yourself in the drivers seat of your life circumstances, no matter what they might be

2 Convenient Payment Options

  • Empowering you with clarity to live an UnBlocked life with you in the driver’s seat is what we’re most skilled at.
  • We offer two hassle-free payment options.

 Choose between a full upfront payment or a convenient six-month installment to secure your spot in our UnBlocked program.
  • The total program cost is 
$3,500 CAD, plus taxes 
or $583.33 CAD a month, plus taxes.

You're just a few simple clicks away from living a happy, passion-filled, purpose-driven life.

Our Clients Graduate Inspired

"[The Passion Centre] has a unique ability to peel off the layers, identifying the fears and traumas that are blockers and finding a way to re-wire and re-construct these same narratives to empower instead of cripple....the result is clarity. Absolute clarity."
Vik Padymore
"[The Passion Centre] will uplift you, inspire you and challenge you to brand new heights and unimaginable awakenings, whether personally or professionally."
Hetal Naik
"Working with [The Passion Centre] changed everything. Despite all the work I had done in the past (we are talking lots of work and lots of money), my work with The Passion Centre took me to the greatest levels of understanding and clarity."
Beth Marhefka

Next Class Sign Up

March 21st 2022, 7pm-9pm EST

Enrolment ends March 14th at 12pm EST or when class is full.

*Limited spots available. 

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