• SEPTEMBER 14 - 21 2019 | TUSCANY, ITALY


Experience Tuscany

Tuscany is a wonderful backdrop for people to explore self-transformation. This is a region steeped in history, but it is also the birthplace of a movement that changed the course of Europe and the world’s history. The Renaissance began here – the great rebirth, a reawakening of a civilization.

That’s what we’ll be doing for a week in the 2019 Vacation with Purpose™ Retreat. Our physical journey to Tuscany will mirror our mental voyage, as we reawaken what drives us, motivates us, and stirs passion and meaning within us. Through The Passion Centre’s Program, we will obtain a better understanding of ourselves, so that we can map out and align a future that resonates with our core being, interests, hobbies, and pursuits.


Creating a platform for experiential learning, guided introspection, and connection science, we deliver our program in a manner that creates an intimate, safe and supportive environment that gets results, fast.


Using our Compass4 System™ and True You™ programs you are guaranteed to leave with more clarity, direction and excitement that will transcend this experience and move into all other aspects of your life.

Experience Transformation

Sometimes, the real epiphanies don’t happen in the middle of the program, but while we’re out experiencing something new and reflecting on the beauty that is around us. That’s why we take little breaks to enjoy activities and excursions, exploring the villa’s grounds and swimming in the beautiful pool, journeying to a famous medieval hill town, hiking in nature, tasting a wine at a local winery, and more. Tuscany will reconnect you with nature, yourself and the amazing individuals that you will meet in this 7-day adventure and journey to the centre of yourself.

Experience Passion

A life of purpose, where we live with meaning, makes us feel like we are valued and gives us an outlet to share our value with those around us. In his book The Blue Zones, a study of the lifestyle habits of centenarians, Dan Buettner notes that having a sense of purpose is one of the key contributors to a longer and healthier life.

Vacation with Purpose™ is an experience where we will explore how to create higher levels of purpose out of our passions. We will identify what it is that uniquely makes us feel passion through using assessments and exercises within the Compass4 System™ framework. Using this tool, we will go deep into understanding our key underlying drivers and motivations, source our patterns, and use these insights to align and optimize both our professional and personal lives.

Experience You

Getting connected with ourselves, our passions and purpose, is often more than just delving deep inside. We also need to shed things we (or other people) have been telling ourselves for years. Thus, we use the True You™ Model, which takes an investigative look into our authentic self, identifying and isolating societal residue or expectations that were never ours, but that we may have come to internalize over time.

As we finish our deep inner exploration and realignment, we will reaffirm who we are by writing our new Passion Scripts to study – this script is our vision for what we want to achieve professionally and personally in the near future. It is our guide, our compass, our navigation: it yields higher levels of clarity, direction, motivation and invigoration.

Vacation with Purpose™ is a powerful and unique experience for those of us looking to find more purpose in our life, are in a stage of transition, or simply want to do some deep inward exploration and connect with others on a similar journey in the beauty of Tuscany.


Meet The Program Facilitators

  • Kira Day


    Combining insights from almost two decades in the corporate space, and learnings from the fields of Psychology, Design Thinking, and Business, Kira helps people identify, understand, and activate their passions for work and personal fulfillment.

    Using her Methodology and Programs, Kira supports individuals that want to experience higher levels of alignment between what they do for work and what their true calling is, but are unsure of where to start. Typically, Kira’s clients are in a state of transition, looking for new careers, side hustles, passion ventures, or intense personal development.

    She believes firmly that if any meaningful, significant or sustainable change is to happen in the world around us, it must first begin inside the Self. When we comprehend our own motivation and drivers, we are all-powerful and can influence our lives and the world around us in profound ways.

    Prior to founding The Passion Centre, Kira spent close to 2 decades in the corporate space. She retired her career as National Sales Manager for Samsung Electronics Canada back in 2016 to pursue her dream. The dream, that is now, The Passion Centre.

    She enjoys spending time with her best friend, also her husband, crafting Passion projects and immersing herself in nature and great company. Travel is one of her many personal passions, and she has loved the process of crafting this unique experience, and bringing it to the world! (Alongside her husband Marc LaPierre and the talented Dr. Leslie Hamilton. We encourage you to read on and get to know them better as well!)


  • Marc LaPierre


    Marc has been planning travel excursions for his family and friends since his first backpacking trip in Ireland when he was 18 years old. Though he is slowly trading in the hostel for more refined accommodations and experiences, he hasn’t lost sight of the one thing that hostels will always do better than any 5-star hotel: create a sense of community and friendships with travelers of all backgrounds. With this in mind, Marc scouts out unique accommodations and experiences that blend comfort and elegance while encouraging communication and connection. 

    His favourite trip he has ever planned was his wedding for 40 guests in Venice, Italy, followed by his 3 week honeymoon. His wife thought it was an alright time too. 

    Marc is excited to bring his enthusiasm for travel planning to The Vacation With Purpose™ brand in 2019, and is already scouting out some 2020 and beyond locations!

    In addition to working with The Passion Centre, he is a director of Client Services for a FinTech company, overseeing executive relationships and projects in large strategic accounts. He also pursues his other passion for fiction writing on the side, and hopes to have his first published work out in the next 12 months! (Go Marc!!)




  • Dr. Leslie Hamilton


    Dr. Leslie Hamilton, Ph.D. is the Chief Operating Officer at The Inspired Performance Institute.

    She has over 17 years of clinical experience helping people create their best lives

    Dr. Leslie is passionate about helping clients create new narratives in which they turn their challenges into triumphs as they build lives filled with joy, purpose and fulfillment.

    Drawing from her professional experience in the areas of Neuroscience, Attachment Theory, Trauma and Mindfulness, Dr. Leslie believes optimal performance begins with a clear mind and a regulated nervous system. From here we build healthy bodies and meaningful connections, with ourselves, with others and with our sense of joy and purpose in the world.

    Dr. Leslie is a graduate of the University of Florida and University of Miami and is an adjunct professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Orlando, Florida.

    We are so happy to have Dr. Leslie, as she brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experience and dimension that she is much too humble to state for herself. She has a balance of brain and heart and you feel a sense of non-judgement and comfort when she is in the room with you.

    Dr. Leslie is an amazing contribution to the experience we have designed and crafted, and it is an absolute honour to have her on our team.

    In her current role at The Inspired Performance Institute she works with an innovative methodology/technology that clears subconscious 'glitches' in order to achieve your peak performance, and get to personal greatness.


    We certainly are!




Here’s what we’re planning for your Vacation with Purpose™


"Wherever you are
on your journey,
we welcome you
and are committed to
giving you a one of a kind experience."



- Begin the day with sunrise Yoga/Meditation overlooking Tuscan forests and hills

- Hike on trails around the Villa and the forested Tuscan parks

- Swim in natural hot springs

- Indulge in wine tasting and sample some of the regions best

- Star gaze in a private observatory under the Tuscan stars

- Connect with your Creative Expression as we indulge in a guided water-color class

- Learn the art of a local Tuscan dish in a private cooking class, while sharing in wonderful conversations as we connect, dine, and drink wine

- Join informative talks/discussions on the Psychology of Passion and Purpose and have a personal discovery session with one of our facilitators

- Craft your own unique alignment mapping sessions to help you express more of your most authentic and beautiful self

- Be a part of unique experiential activities that model Blue Zone cultures, and feel the state of being in an optimal human experience

- Learn the biology of connection and the importance of trust-based relationships

- Clear old scripts from your mind, and replace them with ones that are liberating and empowering

- Open your heart and mind to new possibilities

- Move through guided introspection exercises to bridge your present state to your highest self

- Tour the ancient hillside towns of Sienna and Monticianot, connect, and explore with others on a journey that will forever change the way you look at the one life you have

  • What's Included + Costs

    Vacation With Purpose™ has two cost structures for individuals, and for couples:
    • Single Cost: $6,800 USD (1 Room, 1 double bed, and en-suite bathroom)
    • Couple Cost: $11,200 USD (1 Room, 1 double bed or 2 single beds and en-suite bathroom) 
    • Note that “couples” can be friends, it is more a matter that a room is being shared by two people.


    Cost includes the following:

    • The Passion Centre Program and Inspired Performance Institute: over 30 hours of content, activities, personal development and insights.
    • Accommodation for 7 nights
    • Morning Yoga or Meditation
    • Continental breakfast every morning
    • 4 Lunches each with glass of chianti wine (days excluded are when we are on excursions)
    • 5 Dinners each with glass of chianti wine (days excluded are when we are on excursions)
    • Exclusive use of villa grounds, including pools
    • Excursions including wine tasting, trip to hill towns, hikes, tour guides and transport to and from villa for excursions
    • Personalized guidance for your trip planning, including vacation itinerary recommendations before and after the retreat
  • Deposit Structure

    For individual participants:  50% of cost ($3,400 USD) by March 31, 2019. Remaining 50% of cost by May 10, 2019.

    For couple participants:  50% of cost ($5,600 USD) by March 31, 2019. Remaining 50% of cost by May 10, 2019.

  • What's Not Included

    • Flights and Transportation costs to and from the villa on day of arrival and day of departure for the retreat
    • Meals on days where there are excursions (estimated at: 2 lunches, and 2 dinners)
    • Food beyond the primary breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals outlined
    • Alcohol outside of the glass of wine provided with lunch and dinner

Interested in the retreat?
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Vacation with Purpose™ offered by The Passion Centre is open to everyone. However, The Passion Centre wants to ensure that our program aligns with participants and vice versa. An interview helps us understand participant goals and expectations for Vacation with Purpose™, and it helps participants learn more about the program and content so that both parties can be sure the Retreat is a “fit.”

Please provide your contact information so that we can schedule an appointment with you. You do not want to miss this opportunity!

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