Awaken. Connect. Transform.


The Vacation With Purpose Mission

To create unique and enriching travel experiences that invokes the power of the mind, body and spirit and heightens our optimal Human experiences.
Each Experience expands our ideas of limits. Empowering us to live our passions, optimize our human potential, increase our performance and value our health.
Because when we become more whole we become limitless in our performance and impact in the world at large.

Join us and experience the world in a whole new way

The Pillars

Each of our unique experiences are designed around 4 governing principals.

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    Experience the worlds most exotic locations and reawaken your sense for adventure.

    Vacation with Purpose is a new kind of travel experience.

    Within a small and intimate group of like-minded people, we journey to exclusive locations, hotels, and villas around the world. We immerse ourselves in new cultures through excursions that teach us history, and through the taste of cuisine that teaches us tradition and sparks our appreciation for the cultural and natural wonders of the world around us.

    Join us for curated events that balance luxury and exploration.

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    Crafting real authentic connections in a safe intimate group, you will be given a platform for sharing worldly experiences, and inner explorative discussions.

    Borrowing from the knowledge that a key longevity indicator comes from trust based relationships, we explore what creates optimal connection and how to cultivate environments that support it. Community is where the heart is, and we learn best together.

    Share in the experience.  Come as strangers, leave as family, experience a trust based community.

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    Indulge in guided discovery sessions and explore your inner landscape. Vacation with Purpose is a way to escape the everyday and venture into parts of yourself that you have not had the time, knowledge or space to look at before.

    We bring in experts from around the world to carefully curate the right environment to release unwanted patterns, unresolved emotional conflicts, and more to move deeper into health and wellbeing.

    Take breaks from these exercises to rejuvenate the soul through discovering outside landscapes that will re-invigrote, re-inspire, and reconnect you to what matters most in your being. Those things yearning to still awaken and be discovered.

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    Through the guidance of knowledgeable experts, travel, community and discovery, learn how to create your personal and unique states of optimal. Being in a state of optimal has the highest opportunity of transforming the world around you and creating massive impact in all that you do.

    Become a beacon for others to experience their own transformations through the example you will now be well prepared to set.

    Raise your bar. Breakthrough your barriers. Live your impact.

The Path

Every adventure that is crafted is built to mature the mind, body and soul through integrating knowledge and experience. Through an evidence based curriculum we have cultivated a direct path to achieve higher levels of health, performance and vitality. 

  • Discover your personal strengths, ideals, and passions

Through an intensive and guided introspective analysis, we uproot your internal authentic drivers that help us to further investigate what helps you come alive and how to express more of it to experience higher levels of performance, passion and joy in all areas of your life.

  • Shed the barriers that are keeping you from a sense of fulfillment

Take a deeper look at the areas within that may be blocking your own progress and life happiness. Learn how to easily access your key blockers and gaps and gain tools and resources to support your ability to completely clear and make room for higher levels of achievement on your path.

  • Understand the data-driven health sciences of today and leverage cutting edge technology to create your own optimal state

Bringing in key experts in the area of genetics and bio-hacking, we explore a unique and captivating look into your body and assess the areas that need support so that you can reverse signs of aging, disease and reduced energy. Get back in the driver seat of your health through a cutting edge approach to supporting and taking control of your own health

  • Leave with a clear sense of your personal next steps and an action plan on how to execute at your full potential

No matter what brings you to experience Vacation with Purpose, you will 10X the next phase of your life by transcending the knowledge and all experiences gained. Leave with a clearly defined individual action plan. Bring Vacation with Purpose into your day to day as you return from the magical shared experience of deeper exploration and self empowerment into the renewed vitality and energy that will move your greatest nexts forward.

The Purpose


Living optimally is a choice. Having the right clarity, education and tools are an important step to ensuring more empowered choices.
Vacation with Purpose helps you to break up with your day to day distractions and limitations to reboot, recharge and rebuild new optimal ways of living, being and doing.
Optimize your health, passion and performance to create the purpose-driven life you have always dreamed of.

Get Lost With Us