Using the SCIENCE of Passion and the study of human optimization, our Lab and team help professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs:

Welcome To The Passion Lab!

1 %
Do not love what they do as work - Gallup, Deloitte
1 %
Are not happy in their current Professions - Indeed
1 %
would trade higher pay for meaning - Better up
Number of years purpose adds to life - Blue Zones

What have we given up in the name of success?

The world renowned American writer, Joseph Campbell, asked one of the most important questions of our time: “How do you find the divine power within yourself?”

He followed that up with: “The word Enthusiasm means, ‘filled with God’.

So the real question became: “…What makes you Enthusiastic”

He continued: “Follow that.”

Activate Your Passion In The Passion Lab

What makes you Enthusiastic for life or for your life’s work has been called by many names.

Joseph Campbell uses the word bliss. Many use the word Passion. Others use the word fulfillment. 

Whatever the word is for you, Campbell says it is the…”the message of God to yourself. And that is where your life is.”

Here’s the challenge:

Figuring out your Passions (those things that deeply matter to you – and that activates your Enthusiasm) is no easy task.

Making the decision to follow it…and the task becomes that much harder.

It takes a level of clarity and commitment to yourself that many people won’t understand.

This is why having a community that has walked that path around you, is crucial. 

I learned this first hand. 

I started my path to Passion over 6 years ago. 

I tried scouting traditional paths, but none of them fit what I was looking for. 

There were no real support systems to help me define (in a clear way) how to understand my Passion, and turn it into what I wanted to do ‘next’.

Nothing to tell me, YES, this is something I can trust in. 

Nothing that could fill the gaps in my process that I desperately needed filling.

So I went on the lonely and expensive journey of ‘figuring it out’ myself. 

The good news is… 

I ended up figuring it out.

And then…

I decided to create what I didn't have

Welcome to The Passion Lab!

The Passion Lab supports the central mission of it’s parent company, The Passion Centre. A company committed to bringing people to their Passion and their Passion to the world (using tried, tested and true methods).

The Passion Lab is about creating community for people on any part of their Passion journeys.

From discovery to implementation, there is a path for you.

The Labs offer specialized spaces where you can ‘try on’ different ideas, ways of seeing things, and that support you through breaking through the mental, emotional and logistical barriers that become blockers on the path to Passion.

We do this by offering expertise, resources, targeted conversations, and coaching opportunities to a private community of folks putting their Passion into action.

If you are willing to do the work to find and align your life to what deeply matters to you…. and live passionately…this might just be the place for you!

In this private group you will find like minded and like hearted professionals to connect with. Those who have chosen and are choosing to discover, develop and turn their Passion into viable and aligned missions that are shaping the world…their way. 

Who are we?

The Passion Centre has no interest in simply growing our volume of members inside The Passion Lab.

We restrict our members through taking each member into a vetted process of qualifying their experience, expertise and where they are on their own unique Passion Journey.

This is to ensure a personalized process that is sure to create the best foundation for our members success. No matter where they are on their own journeys.



Have you been feeling the pull towards a profession, business or creative venture that you can truly fall in love with?

Or are you looking to connect with others who are activating their own Passions and moving it out into the world?

I’ve been there.

EVERYONE in the Lab has been there.

The truth is, we don’t all just need community. 


A community of people who have done what we are trying to do. 

A community of people that are taking the journey with us. 

And a community of people who are supportive. Who won’t tell you what to do, but rather, help you uncover what you might already know deep within…but may have learned to stop listening to.

If you’re ready to pursue the things that deeply matter to you, and you know on some level that this is the right time – then you may want to meet us in the Lab.

Because if you’re ready for us, we are ready for you!

Experience The Science of Passion

Welcome To The Passion Lab!

Whats In The Lab

Gain access to the tools that will help you identify your Passion with absolute clarity


Passion Resources

Get resources to help you unblock the things that are stopping you from action…and Passion


Safe Space

Have a space to experiment with ideas and brainstorm with others.


Team Spirit

Be in a like-directional team of supportive, passionate people to share with, learn from, and keep you accountable to YOU…and your Passion!


Passion Activation

Gain access to The Passion Centre programs and support infrastructures that will help you use your Passion to create innovation. Build out a new Profession, Business or Creative venture that you will love, alongside a team of experts who have done exactly that!


Our Monthly Events

The Passion Lab hosts monthly events that are sure to inspire confidence, direction and a whole lot of Passion!


Passion & Professional Accountability

Passion & Businesses Masterclasses

Passion & Professional Masterminds

Panel Speakers
Monthly Topics

Meet Our Founder

Hello!! I’m Kira Day, I have founded The Passion Centre and created The Passion Lab to help companies and individuals demystify Passion and show us how to use it as innovation in the marketplace.

I’m also the creator of multiple courses, assessments and products that are based on over 6 years of study on what drives Passion and the Science behind human optimization, personally and professionally.

I spent most of my career working for and with Global Fortune 100 and under companies, helping brands like Samsung, McDonalds, Loblaws, Canon, Kaiser Permenante and more.


Past Experience

My experience is in both designing, creating and selling custom innovative solutions in the marketplace and growing partnership and distribution channels that generated millions in revenues. 

As a leader in tech, I grew my career working for the ‘dream’ organizations, and consulted and strategized for some of the largest Global brands.

I have learned along the way that there is enough innovation laying in the hearts of each person to truly disrupt the world. The challenge is, few of us honour it or know how to package it in order to see the value of it.

I’m here to support you in discovering, articulating, and Packaging your Passion so that you can start sharing your creation with the world.

The results you will be proud of

What Our students and members Are Saying...

Join us and enjoy the experience of working on your Passions in a community of people, just like you, working on theirs!

See you in the Lab!

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