Using the Science of Passion and the study of human optimization, our Lab and team were designed to help professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs:

Welcome To The Passion Lab!

Discover and follow your Passion and work on your brand of #EPIC

Figuring out your passions (those things that deeply matter to you) and then deciding to follow them or turn them into professions or businesses…. or even thinking about taking that path for yourself, is no easy task.

It takes a level of clarity and commitment to yourself that many people won’t understand.

This is why community is crucial. 

I learned this first hand. 

I started my path to passion 6 years ago. 

At the time there was no curriculum, no structure, nothing to tell me YES, I was going the right way, or NO – stay away. Everything was trial through error.

But I was in enough pain that I was willing to go on that lonely and expensive journey of figuring it all out… myself. 

And I’m glad I did.


I decided to create FOR YOU what I didn't have FOR MYSELF

Welcome to The Passion Lab!

The Passion Lab is a professional networking space run by The Passion Centre where I have brought together an intimate group of experts in various business domains spanning technical to functional to motivational to support members on their career and business growth journeys without forgetting about their Passions.

They are here to share knowledge and coach people interested in growing or augmenting their careers based on what drives their unique Passions.

Our community organizes awareness sessions to provide participants the best vehicle to access our incredible panel of experts with demonstrated experience, academic and business knowledge as well as real-lived case studies.



Who are we?

The Passion Centre has no interest in simply growing our volume of members.

We restrict our resources of coaches, counselors and consultants to a minimum of 20 years’ experience and expertise in their domains.

We believe in results over degrees, however many of our resources do also have industry recognized professional certifications and are well trained in The Passion Centre’s Passion-Based research backed methodology.

Top 4 Knowledge Based Areas We Focus On

  1. Passion Based Discovery and Career Alignments
  2. Career Pivot Management with experts in planning, coaching, mentoring, executing and sustaining career changes
  3. Leadership and Professional growth Coaching covered by our executive coaches for VP’s to C-Suite.
  4. New founders and entrepreneurship training and execution with a panel of business start up consultants, strategists and professional experts ranging from legal, finance, operations, sales, product creation, business model design and more

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Join us and enjoy the experience of working on your Passions in a community of people, just like you, working on theirs!

See you in the Lab!

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