Passion Lab


The Passion

Be with others in a virtual lab experience where you will kickstart your Passion Discovery journey through exploring what Passion is, what it means to you and how to find real world practical ways to access more of it. And all done in a space made to go deeper into the conversation alongside others on similar paths.

Passion Lab Exploration Membership

Kick start your discovery process in a community that is all about Passion clarity.

What You Get

Be in a community with like minded and like hearted people deepening the conversation of Passion through various topics and think tank forums

1. Weekly Live conversations and VIP masterminds focused on looking at Passion from various perspectives

2. VIP membership access to support, challenges, resources, tools, programs and courses from The Passion Centre

3. Be in a like-directional team of supportive, passionate people to share with, learn from, and keep you accountable to YOU… and your Passion!

  3. The Priceless Experience
  4. Come for a structured and clear way to support you towards the exploration of what Passion means for you, personally and develop your relationship with it. Stay for a team of support from people who have already discovered and are exploring alongside you, weekly engaging interactions and events, actionable and tangible takeaways, practical solutions and countless resources that centre around Passion discovery, development and deployment. 

Come Join Us In The Lab!

Passion Lab Exploration Membership

$ 19
  • Community Membership
  • Bonus: Come for the weekly Lives, monthly masterminds, scheduled Passion hours, community accountability and trained support staff. Stay for the heart warming stories, sense of belonging and creativity that is born from sharing space with a wonderful group of Passionate go getters designing their kinds of EPIC in the world!

Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

Don’t spend another day suffering through your hustling. 

This is your chance to explore what truly matters to you and give yourself a chance to integrate what you love into what you do. 

It’s time. You deserve your Passion.

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