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of people do not love what they do
1 %
Are Unhappy in what they do for a living
1 %
Would trade higher pay for meaning
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Added years given by feeling purpose

The Passion Problem

Most of us were never taught to discover how to truly identify what we love and what drives who we are as individuals. And then how to take what we learn about ourselves and build lives and businesses in alignment to the real ‘ us’. 

Instead we were put into boxes, told to memorize textbooks, and follow rules. So that when we became ‘adults’, we didn’t have the slightest idea of what really mattered to us. 

And so, we ended up making decisions-without-direction; attaching ourselves to an idea of the person we’ve been told we should be. Instead of ever truly knowing who we really were. 

 The Passion Centre is all about creating tools, processes and products that change that up. 

Read below to get a glimpse at what we offer.

About Us

The Passion Centre offers a unique perspective on how to apply the fundamentals of what drives individual passion, meaning, and purpose and leverage it to create professional and business success. One that is beneficial to not only the individual, but also to society. Our courses leverage lessons in Positive, Motivational & Appraisal Psychology, Design & Systems Thinking, Business, Passion Research, Orientation & Navigation Training with a blend of Eastern and Western Philosophies in its multi-course curriculum. This combination of education delivers a baseline and foundational understanding of the total ‘self’ to build the necessary language that optimizes our individual Passions and Professions. 

Our Courses

An overview of the services we offer and how they will benefit you on your unique Professional and Leadership journey.

The 3 Phases

Every professional finds themselves in one of 3 phases at some point in their career life-cycle. 

Re-Evaluation, Re-Invigoration and Re-Invention. 

At each phase they are faced with the challenge of either no longer feeling aligned to what they do, burned out, or ready for (or pushed into) a burn down and rebuild. 

A person’s Passion Health plays a strong role in these phases and their ability to handle what we have come to know as the ‘messy middle’ that comes in between each phase. In our studies and years of working with our clients through their ‘messy middles’ we have built out a curriculum and support model for professionals to now be able to confront, discover, build and execute their ‘nexts’ in their careers or businesses in the most efficient way possible.

Our tri-bred approach to learning provides you with the frameworks, systems and expert support resources to facilitate a personalized process for you to work through in each phase.

Phase 1
Course 1: Discover & Develop Your Passion

What drives your Passion and how Passion healthy are you? 

Do you know? 

The fact is, most of us don’t and it’s no one’s fault. This hasn’t been part of our collective education.

This phase kick starts your Passion Journey. 

Here we will take a look at your overall Passion Health score and move you through 5 proprietary assessments that answers the question, ‘what drives your core Passions?’

This process is tried, tested and true and is uniquely crafted to move you into deeper inquiry. Inquiry that will lead to a deeper investigation of what Passion really is, what it means to you and what needs to happen for you to experience more of it.

Phase 1
Course 2: UnBlocked

Once you are clear with what drives your Passion, you will be able to assess and see the elements that have come from pain. This presents many blocks in our internal system that can stop us from achieving the goals or dreams in our hearts in a manner that will be healthy for us longterm.

The reason for this is that we all have, somewhere buried deep within, outdated ideas that actively sabotage reaching our full potentials. This course leverages principles in neuroscience, psychology and ancient wisdom to unearth the data within so that you can return back to who you are at your core, finding your truest inner authority. And from that inner place of peace, building your Passion outwards in a way that supports your ability to thrive and perform at your highest.

Phase 2
Course 3: UnLeash Your Passion

Once you are clear on what drives Passion for you personally, and how to Unblock the areas that are stopping you from experiencing more of it, now it’s time to put your Passion into action. 

This phase is uniquely crafted to merge several disciplines that will start to match what uniquely drives your passion with a topic, project, problem or subject that you are uniquely qualified to move forward with.

This phase involves guided introspection, processed ideation, design-thinking, project learning, experimentation and iteration in a highly structured way.

This supports your move from uncertainty to absolute clarity on your next best steps towards Passion and Professional alignment.

This is done in the fastest amount of time possible based on the expert orchestration and training involved in this highly personalized and nuanced process.

Phase 3
Course 4: The Passion Based Incubator - Define and Build Your Passion Based Business

Should a graduate from our UnLeash Your Passion course choose the Business track, they are put into our Future Founders community where they will have access to various members and advisors that instruct on the foundations of business ownership.

This is the phase where your masterpiece comes into full view. 

This fast track lean process teaches our clients what they need to know to build the best foundations for their success.

At the end of this phase our clients are launch ready to build out their minimal-viable Passion-Based™ business, product or venture.

When this program is completed participants leave with a Passion-Based™ Founder Certification that provides alumni access into our network and community and continued support.

This course is completed when all participants pitch their Passion-Based™ business or minimal-viable Passion-Based™ product to one of our senior investors that provides priceless feedback on ways to improve their product or service in the marketplace.  

Our Resources

All of The Passion Centre's courses are facilitated by trained coaches, counselors and consultants leveraging our one of a kind Passion-Based™ methodology


We have several different types of coaching packages based on where you are on your own unique Passion journey to accommodate the different needs at the various stages


In each of our in class programs you will have our trained instructors moving you through the various content, providing live experiential learning, and supporting you to dive deeper than you could go alone


When there are blocks in your emotional or psychological systems it can often require a deeper layer than coaching. So we have teamed up with counselors that have been trained in our methodology to take you deeper and clear those blocks so you can powerfully move forward.


In the execution stages of our Passion-Based incubator programming we team up with various diverse types of consultants trained in our methodology to support the building of the best foundations for your passion-based business or venture.

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