To unleash your PASSION, first starts at knowing yourself

Who We Are. What We Do.

The Passion Centre acts like a Passion Incubator, helping people from all walks and stages in life understand their PASSION and turn it into ACTION to move the world forward using The Passion Centre Way.

What is The Passion Centre Way?

This is a philosophy.

A way of being and a way of doing, leveraging self-intelligence as the tool to create optimal states for us all to experience.

The Vision

To see a world where people are connected to their Passions and are mobilizing them out and into society, their way.

We believe people's passions are the worlds greatest hidden resource and economic opportunity. Allsolutions to local and global problems starts with the individual. Wcan harness healthier individual states by leveraging our Passions to solve local or global problems.

Economist and Harvard Professor Michael Porter has been quoted as saying that INNOVATION is the central issue in economic prosperity. And we believe that INSPIRATION is the central issue in human prosperity. If people aren't inspired, innovation declines.

Our method providethe opportunity to create new levels of social innovations, mobilize new businesses, increase engagement in our working populations and create new lines of employment - all while inspiring people. 


The word, 'Passion', can evoke different emotions in different people. For some, it can be frustration, others excitement, and still others a fluffy word that means very little.

The challenge is that the word itself has become overused to the point where we have lost or diluted its meaning over time.

The Passion Centre is here to offer a way to change that. To reconnect us with the true essence of what Passion is, and why it is important for all of us to be focusing on.


Passion is a Science.


It has much to do with what makes you who you are, and by applying it, it helps us bring meaning to why we are here.

The Passion Centre is fundamentally guided by the notion that peoples Passions are their most sacred value to the world around them.

We focus less on 'what' you are Passionate about, and more on why you are Passionate about it.

It is through our workings, experience and research where we have gained considerable insights that will help you unlearn what you think you know about Passion, and relearn a new approach that will significantly improve the quality of your life, both personally and professionally. 


The Passion Centre takes Passion seriously.


What we have learned is that Passion is NOT an elusive abstract concept that is hard to understand, or one that is based on pie in the sky emotional luxury thinking.

It is a very real component of who we are, how we operate as humans, and is a tool that can help us live our most optimal life.

We have gathered research from areas of Neuroscience, Psychology, Design Thinking, Orientation and Navigation Training to Business best practices and more. Using this multi-complimentary and disciplinary approach, we have put together one of the worlds most comprehensive and practical ways to understand why your Passions are what they are, and help you find ways to focus on them, more.


We teach the Science of Passion.


Once you understand the importance of why this is important, it becomes your duty, and ours, to ensure that it is expressed in society.

This is The Passion Centre Way.

The Passion Centre Way

Building dreams aren't easy. Knowing what your dreams are can be harder. Our programs are designed to give you the knowledge, clarity and direction on what you want based on who you are so that you can move what you need to move in this world leveraging the best foundation possible. 

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Why come to The Passion Centre?

We have been the catalyst that has helped people:

◊ Launch net new business ventures

◊ Kickstart 2nd careers

◊ Launch new projects, such as side hustles

◊ Learn new languages or new skills

◊ Relocate and/or move their Travel plans forward

◊ Confidently reset what they want from life

Every step has been carefully crafted to create an avenue to launch each person in the direction of their Passion Centre. Every venture that is taken on by our clients are ventures that are in complete alignment to who they are, and how they want to express themselves in society.


The research is clear: The more self-directed and aligned we are in the things we do, and who we become, the healthier and happier we are.

Not only Psychologically, but biologically also.


We help you see yourself correctly, without self-imposed biases, fears and conditions.

In this light, your Passion Centre is your unique centre point of gravity.

And all decisions made are a reflection of putting you in the front seat of your life, armed with new tools, resources and infrastructure to help you self-direct by finding your own sense of  alignment.


This, is The Passion Centre Way.



To unleash your PASSION, first begins through knowing yourself.


If you are...

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or no longer excited about your career, profession or venture

Needing more control over your professional trajectory

  • Curious about exploring new ways of appreciating and enjoying life to the fullest

Considering entrepreneurship but second-guessing the value you can offer

Afraid you’ve lost your passion - or even yourself – and looking to regain that spark

Needing validation that you’re on the right path

Our Mission

To create a healthier society by enabling healthier individuals. Enabling healthier individuals by helping them to get a rare type of clarity that better aligns their lifestyles, environments and professional landscapes to their most authentic selves, their own Passion Centres.

The 4 Intrinsic Concepts of The Passion Centre

Our workshops and programs help you unlock, activate, and pursue your true calling through a framework that moves a person from inward reflection to outward expression of their Passion.  These programs are designed using the 4P's model. The contents within this model redefines how we think about our 4 Intrinsic concepts, and how we apply it to the work that we choose to do. They are:




Learn, (re)discover and empower your most authentic self



Discover the core things you find meaningful by hacking into your key constructs



Activate passion through aligning to core things you find meaningful



Activate purpose by genuine and individual expressions of your passion

The 5 Pillars of The Passion Centre

Accessible Education:
To build a common understanding of the 4 main concepts using academic research reframed into useful language for us all.

Self Mastery:
Most of us know more about our things than we do about ourselves. We aim to offer one way to change that.

Passion Accountability:
Learn how to be accountable to those things that intrinsically reward you. They are there for a reason. We teach what those reasons are.

To build a community of people going after their dreams together, integrating support networks and resource extensions.

Developing growth mindsets. Our focus is on continuous self-development of our clients, and also to be available to wider audiences over time.

Hear What Our Community Has To Say

After taking our programs, you will feel rejuvenated, energized and focused on goals that will bring you closer to your true calling.

You will have a renewed sense of self and a very clear understanding of your personal value, combined with an action plan and roadmap that puts your passion into action and transitions you into a more rewarding personal or professional path.

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