…taking others on a journey of discovering and activating their passions, building dreams and creating optimized humans in the process.The Passion Centre acts like a specialized Passion Incubator. One that has formed a curriculum around how to help people from all walks and stages in life understand their PASSION and turn it into an ACTION that moves the world forward in a positive way. Welcome to the Passion-Based™ Activator Program.


passion is a human optimizer

We know that following your Passions and building your dreams aren't easy

but they are Entirely worth every effort you put into it

Passion, if properly understood is a tool to help us live out our most optimal life. 

We have gathered research from areas in Neuroscience, Psychology, Design Thinking, Orientation and Navigation Training to Business and more to reveal the worlds most comprehensive way of understanding peoples Passions and identifying ways to put it to good use. The Passion Centre is fundamentally guided by the notion that peoples Passions are their most sacred value to the world around them. And when we focus on that, we can build a whole new world that puts humanity back at the centre point.

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Michael Porter, Economist and Harvard Professor has said that Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity. We are here to say that while that may be true, it is inspiration that is the central issue in human prosperity. If people aren't inspired, innovation dies. This is the driving force for why we get out of bed every morning. Our Passion to see a better world drives our inspiration and motivation to provide you with a unique opportunity to get the guidance you are looking for to move into the life you were made for.  






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