Our Mission

We believe people’s Passions are humanities greatest hidden economic and social asset.

We have made it our central mission to the be leading institution dedicated to the study, discovery and fulfillment of individual and professional Passion.


…that are taking others on a journey of discovering and activating their Passions, creating and building their dreams and optimizing their human experience.

The Passion Centre acts like a specialized and personalized Passion incubator. One that has formed a curriculum around how to navigate people down this process from people who have had to navigate it for themselves and have studied and tested the process along the way. 

Welcome to The Passion Centre.

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How We Define Passion

Passion is an optimal state in its healthiest form. It is a feedback system, and output of an internal experience that we feel when we are engaging in things we find most meaningful to us personally.

The Passion Centre’s formula for Passion is simple: Passion = Meaning x Investment.

It is when we do things we find the most meaningful that triggers the cascade of neurochemicals that help us to experience, Passion.

The problem is that most people have a hard time identifying what is most meaningful and how to connect that back to the work they do.

Understanding Passion is one thing, but having clarity around what yours are and how to make it practical is entirely something different

we help make your passion practical so that you can start living your best life and doing your best work

Passion, if properly understood, can become a tool to help us live out our most optimal lives while experiencing our most optimal contribution.

From this perspective we have gathered research from areas in Neuroscience, Psychology, Design Thinking, Orientation and Navigation Training to best Entrepreneurship and Business practices to help our clients achieve and access higher levels of Passion in what they currently do or are transitioning into. 

This multi-disciplinary approach is the differentiating factor in making our process and programs as successful and effective as they are for our many clients. 

The Passion Centre is fundamentally guided by the notion that People’s Passions, are their most sacred value to the world around them. 

And for that reason our central mission is designed entirely around bringing people to their Passion and their Passion to the world.

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