About Us​

TPC is a coaching, training, and consultancy company dedicated to solving today’s Passion Gap. We support professionals, leaders and early stage founders centred on building careers and businesses aligned to fit individual Passion. We provide the most critical resources needed to understand what drives Passion in people at an individual level, support in a holistic discovery of self while at the same time discovering, developing and/or validating their professional ‘fit’. Our coaching model, training services and consultancy act as a personal cohesive board that harmoniously works towards the success of each professional and their goals and visions.

Our Mission

The Passion Centre’s umbrella mission is to bring people to their Passion and their Passion to the world. 

We believe people’s Passions are humanities greatest hidden economic and social asset.

We have made it our central mission to the be leading institution dedicated to the study, discovery and fulfillment of individual, professional and entrepreneurial Passion. 

Our 4P

The future of businesses and work depends ever more on our capacity and ability to bring more of who we are and our human needs into the equation. Learning about ourselves, becoming more self aware and power climbing up the self-actualization ladder are the steps that are critical in creating better businesses (and people). We can no longer afford to suppress ourselves in the pursuit of progress. It simply isn’t working favourably. So to that end, TPC has both studied and built the steps to help us all get there. To do that we have divided our 4P process into two main tracks: Our Passion and Self-Learning Professional Curriculums and our Business and Entrepreneurship Support Curriculums.

Meet Our Passion Collective

Our team consists of a collective of diverse Passionate individuals with varying expertise who each have their own stories of transformation and Passion-Centred™ leadership and foundership

Kira Day

Founder, CEO, Passion-Centred™ Program Officer

Beth Marhefka

Transformational & Passion-Centred™ Coach

Brian Collins

Advisory, Ex-Disney Imagineer
Innovation & Product Development Consultant

Hillary Sutton

Customer Orientation & Success

Athena D'Amato, Ph.D

Advisory, Education And Production

Lonica Smith

Advisory, General Counsel, Legal and IP Consultant

Dev Mitra

Advisory, Strategic Partnerships

Jackie Johnston

Advisory, Professional Fit Consultant

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