To unleash yourself, first begins through knowing yourself

What is The Passion Centre?

The Passion Centre offers an analytical framework, and a scientifically-based methodology to help you learn and then prioritize what makes you Passionate. Once validated a platform is created to help you express that into society.

Our flagship programs are the first ever attempt at streamlining such a process.

The Passion Centre team thinks differently; we tailor the progression through our program to the individual, because we recognize that each one of us is unique. We have different needs, talents, expressions and drivers.

Our structure supports the needs of the individual by allowing each person to flow in and out of community class-like settings (both online and live) to individual one-on-one sessions. This hybrid structure provides a formula for progression that focuses on creating sustainable impact for each individual participant.





Whether your main interest is to learn how to better yourself, lead a more passionate, purpose-driven lifestyle, or pursue a more meaningful career, profession or venture, we can help.

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Our Mission

To create a healthier society by enabling healthier individuals. Enabling healthier individuals by helping them to better align their lifestyles, environments and professional landscapes to their most authentic selves.

The 4 Intrinsic Concepts of The Passion Centre

Our workshops and programs help you unlock, activate, and pursue your true calling through a framework that moves a person from inward reflection to outward expression.



Learn, (re)discover and empower your most authentic self



Discover the core things you find meaningful by hacking into your key constructs



Activate passion through aligning to core things you find meaningful



Activate purpose by genuine and individual expressions of your passion

The 5 Pillars of The Passion Centre

Accessible Education:
To build a common understanding of the 4 main concepts using academic research reframed into useful language for us all.

Self Mastery:
Most of us know more about our things than we do about ourselves. We aim to offer one way to change that.

Passion Accountability:
Learn how to be accountable to those things that intrinsically reward you. They are there for a reason. We teach what those reasons are.

To build a community of people going after their dreams together, integrating support networks and resource extensions.

Developing growth mindsets. Our focus is on continuous self-development of our clients, and also to be available to wider audiences over time.

Why come to The Passion Centre?

Because we can help you get back on track to your true life’s purpose.

Our programs help individuals gain deep insights that guide them to their own personal Passion Venture. A Passion Venture is as individual as the individuals that we work with.

We have helped launch net new business ventures, kickstart people into 2nd careers, steer students to selecting paths confidently, to being the support for people trying new projects, such as side hustles or learning new languages. Every step has been carefully crafted to create an avenue to launch each person in the direction of their dreams, dreams that are in complete alignment to who they are and how they want to express themselves in society.

The research is clear: The more self-directed and aligned we are in the things we do, the healthier and happier we are.

Not only Psychologically, but biologically also.

This is why we rely entirely on your own unique Passion Centre to light the way. We only provide a compass that helps you locate your Centre. Followed by a flashlight and a mirror to help you see things correctly and without self-imposed biases, fears and conditions. But you own the process fully.

In this light, your Passion Centre becomes your unique centre point of gravity.

To unleash yourself, first begins through knowing yourself.

If you are...

  • Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or no longer excited about your career, profession or venture

Needing more control over your professional trajectory

  • Curious about exploring new ways of appreciating and enjoying life to the fullest

Considering entrepreneurship but second-guessing the value you can offer

Afraid you’ve lost your passion - or even yourself – and looking to regain that spark

Needing validation that you’re on the right path

After taking our programs, you will feel rejuvenated, energized and focused on goals that will bring you closer to your true calling.

You will have a renewed sense of self and a very clear understanding of your personal value, combined with an action plan and roadmap that puts your passion into action and transitions you into a more rewarding personal or professional path.

passion centre programs


The Passion Centre provides a launching pad for discovery to action.

By taking our program, your core talent will be activated, expressed, and shared to get you on a path to true meaning, passion, and purpose.