What Is Passion, Really?


Considered one of the holy grails of the human experience, Passion sits at the heart of what drives humanity forward. 

A drive within that pulls us back home to ourselves, while at the same time, creating an avenue for complete self expression resulting in our highest contribution in the work we each choose to do.

6 years ago our founder, Kira Day, went on a journey to understand her why and ‘find’ her own Passion. This came on the back of extreme burnout from the corporate hustle and from signs that her body just had enough.

This led her to the study of Passion.

After studying and interviewing thousands of individuals, working alongside industry experts, and asking her own questions, she learned the truth about Passion.

Passion isn’t ‘found’.

It’s ‘activated’.

Through a combination of the ‘right’ insights (coming from an individual’s own core drivers) mixed in with the ‘right’ effort (our work in alignment to those drivers).

Further, Passion has a dark side. A side that if we are not aware, can decrease our mental health, our wellbeing, and negatively impact our social relationships. The very things we need to keep our Passion states healthy and our success’ moving forward.

From those early learnings she created a formula and curriculum and got to work.

She has worked with 100’s of professionals, perhaps just like you, who felt as if they weren’t living their full, complete life or living up to their full potential.

She put them through her system, helping them to identify what drives their Passion within, with absolute clarity, learn how to work on their relationships with their Passions and then showed them how to leverage their Passion as innovation in the world.

The results proved itself.

Individuals from all walks of life began to clearly understand and experience their passions in ways they never thought possible. And with the confidence they generated  from this unique approach, they just started to pursue them.

From this, The Passion Centre was born.

An alternative education institution dedicated to the study, discovery and fulfilment of professional passion.t

How We Define Passion

The Passion Centre's Formula For Passion Is:

Passion = Meaning x Investment

Human Optimization

Passion is an optimal state in its healthiest form. It is a feedback system. An internal experience we get when we engage in things we find most meaningful to us personally. Investing in what we find meaningful is the input, and the experience of Passion is the output. When we do things we find the most meaningful it triggers a cascade of neurochemicals that help us to experience, Passion. The problem is that most people have a hard time identifying what is most meaningful and how to connect that back to the work they do. That's where we come in.

Making Passion Practical

Solving The Passion Gap

Even though the benefits of Passion are well studied, the average worker does not experience Passion for their work.

This is what we call The Passion Gap.

In two studies, one done by Gallup Inc. and another done by Deloitte, it showed that a staggering 87% of people are not Passionate about their work.

Yet work takes up a disproportionate amount of time in the lives of the 21st Century worker.

But this is more than just a Passion problem.

Our economic system was not built on the notions of happiness, passion or psychological well-being.

It was built to generate revenue.

And so the problem is an imbalance in the system – not in Passion itself.

What would it look like if from the very beginning we were able to learn about what deeply mattered to us and were given the tools to explore that?

Work needs to mean something to us for to feel Passionate about it.

The more we continue to ignore the importance of our Passions in our lives, the more our life will feel like there is something missing, or worse, like it is meaningless. And so we are changing that.

Take charge of your life. You deserve to live a life filled with joy, love, meaning and passion! Join us today.

Who We Are?

Making Passion Practical

Passion, if properly understood, can become a tool to help us live out our most optimal lives while experiencing our most optimal contribution.

From this perspective we have gathered research from areas in Neuroscience, Psychology, Design Thinking, Orientation and Navigation Training, right up to the best Business and Entrepreneurship practices to help our clients achieve and access higher levels of Passion in what they currently do, or want to transition into.

This multi-disciplinary approach is the differentiating factor in making our process and programs as successful and effective as they are for our many clients.

The Passion Centre is fundamentally guided by the notion that People’s Passions are their most sacred value to the world around them.

And in turn, is the world’s GREATEST economic and social asset. In that, we have made it our central mission to bring you to your passion and your passion into this world for you and others to see, to enjoy and to experience.

Ready To Work With Us?

Ready To Work With Us?

Our company is a collective of Passionate people who have had to navigate their own Passion journeys as well. We only bring on folks that walk the talk.

With various types of expertise they take people, perhaps just like you, through The Passion Centre’s methodology – helping them to activate their Passions, create ambitious dreams and build them while optimizing their human experience.

This is your chance to stop putting your Passion on the back burner. You deserve your Passion, and the world deserves it too!

Who We Are?

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