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We Are Solving The Passion Gap

Hi, welcome to The Passion Centre. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Let’s start by introducing you to our Passion: The thing that lights us up and jump starts our day. 

For starters, it is seeing others shine, completely in their element and through a healthy and empowered state of being.

Our passion led us to the study of passion. 

After studying all the scientific parameters of what creates, drives and optimizes Passion, we took to the streets. 

We went out to investigate by interviewing thousands of individuals and working with industry experts. What we learned was that the basics of passion is that it is driven by a combination of specific internal insights and external effort.

We created this simple formula: 

Passion = meaning x investment.

And we put this formula to the test. 

We have worked with people, just like you, who felt as if they weren’t living their full, complete life. 

The results were astounding. 

They began to clearly understand and pursue their passions. Some created new career paths, started businesses, traveled the world and started new hobbies that they fell in love with.

We learned something very important. 

Passion could be activated. 

This led to the creation of The Passion Centre. 

An institution dedicated to the discovery and fulfilment of individual passion. 

We created programs that followed a specific and strategic structure to help anyone, anywhere through their Passion discovery process. 

And as counter-intuitive as this may be, it all starts with UnBlocking the things that stop you from living and believing in your passion. From there we created a Discovery process that has been tested, tried and true: Activating, Understanding and Believing in your Passion.

Finally, we move  into the Unleashing of your passion. We believe that people’s Passions are the world’s GREATEST economic and social asset. And so we made it our mission to bring your passion into this world for you and others to see, to enjoy and to experience. 

After 5 years we have had the privilege of witnessing our clients unblock, discover and unleash their passions. We are so grateful for it!

This brings us to you. 

You are here to discover and unleash your Passion. We want to be on that journey with you!

The journey starts with our program, UnBlocked.

A 7 week, all inclusive program that includes small, intimate online classes with our Passion Centre experts.

 You will receive 1-on-1 attention, virtual workbooks that guide you through the process of identifying the barriers that block your passion. 

Also, a community of like minded individuals and experts that provide support, guidance and encouragement on your journey.

You leave our UnBlocked program feeling clear, confident and committed to get to the next level of your passion discovery process.

We are ready and excited to work with you! Take charge of your life. You deserve to live a life filled with joy, love, meaning and passion!

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