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Individual and Company:
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August 2021

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Self Awareness​

We take a research based approach to understanding your internal architecture and all of your hidden drivers. This is to help you stop finding your Passion, and start activating it!


We help you understand key ways your environment is either supporting your Passion health or KILLING it. Essential for your wellbeing and performance.


We give you support from experts across various fields that are here to help you discover your calling, build it and move it out into the world!

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Facilitators of The Passion Centre


Kira Day

CEO, Passion Development Coach

Marc LaPierre

Experience Director

Dr. Scott LePor

Neuroscience/Medical Track Advisor

Neha Bahl

Entrepreneurship Track Advisor

Each of us has a dream in our heart that the world needs. Gifts that lay dormant. And Passions unexplored. At The Passion Centre, we believe peoples dreams, gifts, and passions – are the world’s greatest hidden economic and social resource. To that end we have made it our mission to help you find your gifts, activate your passion and build that dream that you have inside of you. Because it’s only when we focus on that place, do we truly service the world. 

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