Bringing You To Your Passion...
And Your Passion To The World

Bringing You To Your Passion... And Your Passion To The World

Using an evidence-based approach to discover individual Passion, develop it and deploy it either as work, or at work.

About Us

A new BIG approach to discovering what drives individual Passion, and sharing it with the organizations we work for, the communities we are apart of, and the greater world around us as a force for good

Our Courses

We offer 4 distinct course paths to support you on your unique Passion Journey

Discover & Develop

Using a science based, research backed curriculum we demystify the concept of Passion. We provide the latest teachings in the neuroscience of Passion and move through proprietary assessments created to uncover your unique drivers of Passion.  You leave clear, motivated and ready for action.


All people live with outdated ideas stored in their subconscious, created from their unique learning history. As adults these block our ability of activating our true Passion, living our best lives and doing our best work. This program teaches you the exact areas within you need to breakthrough so that you can get clear, centred and ready to start the process of UnLeashing your Passion.


Taking from the 360 degree insights into the deepest parts of yourself, this course shows you how to decipher the link between your Passion and what  you are uniquely qualified to build or to do in the form of work. This is the program that has developed future founders, and has built unique career paths that are most aligned to our clients.

Passion Incubator

For our UnLeashed graduates who know they want to start a business leveraging their Passion. This is the phase where your masterpiece starts coming into full view. In our graduate training and execution program our alumni is provided access to our community of experts and start up consultants. Start your Passion-Based™ business with the right amount of support to set you and your business up for the greatest foundations for success.

Our Resources

We offer 4 distinct services to support you down your unique Passion Journey


We have several different types of coaching packages based on where you are on your own unique Passion journey to accommodate the different needs at the various stages


In each of our in class programs you will have our trained instructors moving you through the various content, providing live experiential learning, and supporting you to dive deeper than you could go alone


When there are blocks in your emotional or psychological systems it can often require a deeper layer than coaching. So we have teamed up with counselors that have been trained in our methodology to take you deeper and clear those blocks so you can powerfully move forward.


In the execution stages of our Passion-Based incubator programming we team up with various diverse types of consultants trained in our methodology to support the building of the best foundations for your passion-based business or venture.

Our Retreats

Our Retreats

Vacation with Purpose offers leaders an exciting way to travel the world, get re-inspired, and re-invigorated.

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Why Choose Us

Personalized Approach

We use a holistic 'You' formula. Your uniqueness matters in the success of our methods

Passion-Based Learning

A methodology that creates a personalized alignment strategy using what drives your Passion

Structured Format

We blend personalization with a structured approach to ensure your ultimate success

Driven For Results

Your passion and success matters. All of our curriculums have been thoroughly tested in the marketplace

What Clients Are Saying...

I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined, however, I soon discovered [the Passion-Based™ Incubator] to be an exceptional experience, and one that produced results and mastery for clients who were seeking to tap into their passions and life purpose and launch their own custom passion ventures based on what they truly love doing.
Joni Merkel, MBA
Marketing and Growth Consultant
This program helped me, find me; and ultimately turn my passions in to a fulfilling business venture. [The Passion Centre] genuinely cares for [their] clients and makes every effort to uplift, support, and make you a better person, entrepreneur, and human being. 1000% recommend [this program] if you’re stuck in a rut searching for your purpose and alignment like I was.
Steve Gaskin
Founder, Retrokid
[The Passion Centre] has a unique ability to peel off the layers, identifying the fears and traumas that are blockers and finding a way to re-wire and re-construct these same narratives to empower instead of cripple. By merging these new narratives with our inherent strengths as individuals as well as our unique drivers and motivators, a whole new paradigm is created for us to work in... [The programs] helps in setting realistic and practical goals and objectives to move [your] dream out into the world that is unique to you, and one that can be monetized as well.
Vik Padymore
Podcast Creator, Host

Ready to activate your Passion?

You are steps away from building and living a passion filled, purpose driven life. Don’t back down now. 


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