Do you know what activates your PASSION?

  • Did you know Passion is related to your Health and Wellbeing? That it Optimizes Performance? Increases Your Happiness and Resilience?

  • Passion is a highly important feature in our human design.

  • Discover a new approach to solving some of your life's greatest puzzles.  Find out Scientific & Academically backed principles that will change what you THINK you know about you and your Passion.  



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The Passion Centre thinks differently.

We work on those parts of you that are like no other person.

The you, parts of you. Your most unique and authentic self.

Armed with leading insights from fields such as interpersonal neurobiology, psychology, business, design and more, our founder and facilitator, Kira Day, will give you the education, tools and resources needed to turn your clearly defined PASSION into ACTION by aligning to work that expresses all of who you are!

Learn the science of YOU and what makes you Passionate, TODAY!

Are you ready to take the leap, end the confusion and learn what leading experts know about how to take your passion and use it to 10X your wellbeing, performance and achievements today?

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Our 4P process is designed to be entirely self-focused and works on 3 foundations of 'self'.

Self Discovery

Gain clarity and direction through locating your entirely unique internal drivers. Your personal Passion Centre.

Self Alignment

Move your life into alignment by identifying a Passion Venture that matches your unique Passion Centre!

Self Fulfillment

Execute your Passion Venture, uncovering the path to living your BEST life! Made for you, by you - taught by us.

To unleash your Passion, first begins through knowing yourself



Real People. Real Stories. Real Passion.

Hal Eisenberg, Education Leadership, CEO

"There are 1000s of life coaches out there, and at an initial glance it seems that Kira and TPC fall under that category. However, you will quickly realize after meeting Kira that you have stumbled onto something different... something extremely magical. I guarantee that this will be a rare moment in your life (whether you are an accomplished leader looking to figure out your next steps, or you have a dream you are trying to move forward on, or maybe you just know there is more for you out there but don’t know how to work out the confusion in your mind) where you will surely come to the realization that you were guided to Kira and TPC on purpose as an answer to your desires, and for the reason of experiencing the energy of TPC. The greatest part of my perspective is that I am not alone in this opinion, as everyone I reflect with on their “TPC” experience shares the same sentiment. On a programmatic level, the Passion Master Class helped me redefine my goals for myself and my organization, while refocusing my efforts and aligning them with my true passion and ambition. Kira’s humble and intellectual commitment to her clients is “next level” impact and is the driving force in the potential for all of us to live and experience an optimal life. Being one of TPC’s clients means being able to receive countless resources and skill-developing insights into how to connect your internal systems with your external dreams and package it all into action. It’s truly a brilliant approach to shifting individuals and systems in society, from disempowerment to empowerment. Kira has been given the gift and skill to connect to people in a very unique way and has her finger on the pulse of what we all need personally and as a planet. At the core, TPC is expansion, unconditional love, inspiration, connection, passion, impact, vision, and community. Innovative creation and positive action is what Kira is a stand for. My company, vision, and soul is beyond grateful for the intensity and infinite impact that TPC and Kira has had on the thousands of lives and souls we reach weekly. Her energy and guidance is present daily in our programs, strategy, and vision. Kira has brought a rare clarity that I assure you we all need. If you desire “next level” in any area of your life, if you want the next steps, or if you want to simply figure out how to grow, reaching out to Kira at TPC should be your very next step! You will not be disappointed!"


Joni Merkle, MBA, CMO/VP Tech, Blockchain, FinTech Startups

"Should you be looking to gain clarity on your life’s purpose, passion and mission, my advice is simple: contact Kira today. I had the ABSOLUTE privilege of being a client of Kira’s the last two months via her one-of-a-kind Passion Masterclass. I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined, however, I soon discovered it to be an exceptional experience, and one that produced results and mastery for her clients who were seeking to tap into their passions and life purpose and launch their own custom passion ventures based on what they truly love doing. I found her methodology, insights, and strategic guidance to be transformative. I know others in the class would whole-heartedly agree. To go on that soul-searching journey with someone as deeply committed to her clients as Kira made it all the more meaningful. Never before have I met anyone as insightful a leader of others AND who has an extraordinarily sharp business acumen in a wide range of fields and business sectors. The combination of her many talents and deep knowledge in so many diverse areas of both life and venture creation truly makes her your secret weapon! Whether you are already an entrepreneur or looking to become one, and are committed to deepening your understanding of your true purpose and passions in order to create an extraordinarily fulfilling life, contact Kira today. Kira has my highest recommendation and I would happily speak with anyone looking to engage her highly effective coaching services. Or connect with her to arrange a call to learn more. Your future self will thank you for it!"

Aravinda Liyanage, MBA, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Entrepreneur

"I was feeling lost because I did not know what I wanted to do. The process at The Passion Centre was an eye opener for me. [It] has a way of digging deep and pulling out what really is inside of you as a person. Strengths that you may not even have realized foryourself. The program does take a certain level of commitment, but in the end its all worth it because you are getting a lifestyle. A way of life that is in complete alignment with who you are. Additionally,Kira Day has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me at what was a crucial turning point in my life and career. Her ideas and guidance helped me tremendously, to direct me down a path of heightened self-awareness, passion, and purpose. This journey, which I began with Kira's Passion Mastery workshops over a year ago, sent me on a path of self-discovery and professional development, which in my case has lead up to an entrepreneurial career path that gives me a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. As a result, I am now highly motivated and energized in my professional endeavours, knowing that they are truly in alignment with my core strengths, values, and interests. Kira provided me all of the necessary tools to discover and master my own true passion and purpose, and has empowered me to work towards my highest potential. I highly recommend Kira for the amazing work that she does to discover/illuminate her clients' true passion and purpose, thus enabling a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in their work. I wish Kira every success in the crucial and transformative work that she does, and I am forever grateful for her role in my own transformation!"


Steven Gaskin, CEO and Entrepreneur

"Kira helped me, find me; and ultimately turn my passions in to a fulfilling business venture. Her heartwarming approach to understanding you from the inside out and her delicate curiosity to help you uncover your true happiness and fulfillment is exactly what makes her stand out from the crowd. She genuinely cares for her clients and makes every effort to uplift, support, and make you a better person, entrepreneur, and human being. 1000% recommend Kira if you're stuck in a rut searching for your purpose and alignment."

Deborah Medeiros, Education Leadership

"I am at the point in my life where I am finishing my first career, and I didn't feel like I was done. I was looking forward to something else that I could do and needed some help in figuring out what that would be.
My experience was freeing... I am now extremely excited that I found what I was looking for and on my way to starting my new career!"


Tajinder Dhillon, Student

"My experience at The Passion Centre was amazing! I honestly think everyone should do it. Especially if you're struggling like I was. It helped me to clarify my goals, gave me the direction I wanted and got me back to what I truly enjoy in life by selecting something that I know I'm going to love."


Joanne Love, Recruitment Leadership, Senior Consultant

"Being present to ourselves is often illusory and even when it’s your desire, it’s sometimes hard to do without support.
I was introduced to Kira’s work amidst a group that you’d say were established professionals, comfortable in their own skin so to speak.
Even though, her expert leadership took each of us on a journey to discover and develop deeper parts of ourselves, allowing a new level of rich self expression to unfold and come forward.
Kira’s workshops are founded on education, research, experience and a huge amount of passion. She is a savvy professional whose ability to see through to the heart allows her to capture, inspire and encourage the best in her participants.
I am richer for having experienced a 4 day workshop with Kira. In both my professional and private lives I have a far clearer understanding of my goals and a clearer concept of how to harness what lays within me to attain them."


Natasha Corvac, Nutritionist and Parenting Lifestyle Coach

"The process at The Passion Centre has a way of going to the core of who you are as a person, and pulling out your most authentic self.With all of the exercises and the structure that the program has to offer, it has helped me clearly see what my passions are and how I can apply them to the evolution of my business, my life, my relationships AND execute and move forward. As a mother of two, partner in a family business and someone who would like to venture out and redefine my personal brand, it has helped me not only define what sits at the core of my most meaningful goals, but also, the strategy to put it all together and the tactics I need to employ as my next best steps. I am so happy to have found a program like this. My only regret is that I wish I had found this sooner!! It has helped me get back to me and get excited about my business, projects and goals again! I highly recommend this to anyone searching to find meaning, excitement and clarity on their path to success, either in business or life in general!"

Our Flagship Passion Master Class

Learn the Science of what drives your Passion and reconnect with who you are at your core and what you truly want, and get it.


Our Successful 4P Framework

Discover how we can help reconnect you with you, your passion and identified purpose by using a 4P methodology that provides results.


Executive, Leadership And Team Workshops

Discover how we can help you increase the passion score of your team to lead to increased performance and help you grow your business.

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A unique experience to explore exotic locations, re-connect with self, connect with others and source your vitality by realigning to your passion & purpose

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Behind The Passion Centre

Discover the people behind The Passion Centre; who we are, our vision for the future, and the burning passion that drives us to do, what we do.

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“Turning Passion into Action CAN make a difference in the world”

-Peggi Oki - Skateboarder, Surfer, Artist, Environmental Activist

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