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Welcome to The Passion Centre

The Passion Centre works on those parts of you that are like no other person. The you, part of you. Your most unique and authentic self.

Once understood, we help you take that authentic genius of yours and locate a way to express it in the work that you choose to do.

The challenge is that for many of us, identifying and validating what makes us unique — and how we want to express that to the world — can feel overwhelming on the best of days. Frequently, the toughest part is knowing where to begin. We help you become crystal clear about who you are, where you want to go and what you want to do, while providing the tools and resources to help you execute.

Here are some resources to help you get started...

Passion Quiz

This 10-Question Passion Quiz gets you to evaluate your how connected you are with the intrinsic drivers that bring passion into your life. Taking the quiz will help you uncover gaps in your self-awareness and give you direction on what to do next.

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The Passion Centre Guide

Understand the science behind passion, what it really means, and learn how The Passion Centre methodologycan help you understand and activate your passions to create higher levels of meaning and purpose in your professional or active lives.

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How The Passion Centre Can Help


If you're ready to discover your passion, uncover your life’s purpose, and improve your quality of life, start with our Passion Mastery 101 program.

In our specially crafted programs, we use proven systems influenced from Psychology, Business and Design principles.

We give you the best infrastructure available to get you from chasing your dreams to building them in just a matter of months!

Passion Centre Programs


Online or offline, The Passion Centre programs will help you reconnect with your passion anywhere in the world.



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Behind The Passion Centre

Our mission is to create a healthier society by creating healthier individuals. We help create healthier individuals by helping them to better align their lifestyles, environments and professional objectives to their most authentic selves.

Discover the people behind The Passion Centre; who we are, our vision for the future, and the burning passion that drives us to do, what we do.

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Real People. Real Stories. Real Passion.

Manpreet Dillon, 22
"I chose to take part in The Passion Centre because I was confused with what I was doing and was looking for clarity. There was so much going on with me, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. My experience was amazing! I loved it; I loved Kira, I loved working with her and the relationship that we built. I have gotten really clear with what I want to do. I know where I'm going now, and have a very clear plan" 

Jayson Cordeiro, 32
"Before I took this course I was at a crossroads. I was at a point in life where I had no idea where to go. If you have glasses, and they get dirty you can't see anything. That's how I saw life. All of that is gone now, the fog has completely disappeared!" 

Aravinda, 38
"I was feeling lost because I did not know what I wanted to do. The process at The Passion Centre was an eye opener for me. Kira has a way of digging deep and pulling out what really is inside of you as a person. Strengths that you may not even have realized for
yourself. The program does take a certain level of commitment, but in the end its all worth it because you are getting a lifestyle. A way of life that is in complete alignment with who you are."


Natasha Corvac, 33
"With the Passion Centre's exercises and structure, you're really able to define what your Passions are, execute and move forward. It has helped me define my goals, what needs to be done and the tactics I need to employ as my next steps. I'm really looking forward to applying it all, and very excited and grateful for what is to come!" 

Tajinder, 21
"I chose to take part in The Passion Centre's Passion Mastery program because I was going through a rough patch in life. Several months into my career my Dr.'s began to tell me that I needed to change jobs as my health was being negatively impacted. So I was stuck. I had already found something I loved which I know is rare for people to say. I knew that if I was going to pick a second career that I needed to find that again. My experience at The Passion Centre was amazing! I honestly think everyone should do it. Especially if you're struggling like I was. It helped me to clarify and get back to what I truly enjoy in life and select something that I know I'm going to love."


Deborah, 54
" I am at the point in my life where I am finishing my first career, and I didn't feel like I was done. I was looking forward to something else that I could do and needed some help in figuring out what that would be.
My experience was freeing, actually. I was able to forget about so many things and just focus on one or two things that I wanted to focus on. I am now extremely excited about starting my new career!" 

At The Passion Centre, we help you answer two of life’s most burning questions:

What should I really be doing?

How can I spend my time to get there?

Chances are, deep down inside, you already know the answers. But sometimes, we simply stay stuck.

Luckily, our Self-Mastery 101 Program can help you get back in the drivers seat and activate your true life's potential.

Are you ready to discover and finally meet the person you were born to be?

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-Peggi Oki