Passion At Work

As the world of work changes, studies show that individual Passion will become a strong driver of businesses ability to succeed.

Leading With Passion

Today's challenges are different. What made people and organizations successful yesterday, are no longer enough for today's climate.

Many of the skills we have learned in the past are no longer what is valued today, and today's values need skills that weren't valued in the past. We are all in a time that will put pressure on every one of us to reexamine traditional understandings of (and relationships with) the work we do. And a big part of that is what it means to be "successful" leaders, leading the one thing that's constant - change.

At TPC, we believe that to keep up with these changes we have to find a new anchor. One that doesn't come from learning something else that is outside of us. But rather through thoroughly understanding what is already inside of us. Our Passions. This is a model that starts with individuals first. And from there, growing out and into, the companies we are a part of.

Join us, and together, we can create better teams, cultures, more successful enterprises, and a bigger, brighter future that we can all learn how to thrive in. Because when we each thrive, businesses thrive.

Our 4 Step
Passion-Centred™ Methodology For Today's Workplace

We offer a new way to optimize performance by helping people cognitively and emotionally connect to their work.

Step 1: Assess
Passion Health™ Measurements

Understanding the baseline of where Passion sits in the organization gives us the measurement needed to correctly assess and manage the collective gap

Step 2: Coach
The Passion Discovery Method

A way to evaluate individual and team Passion to support higher levels of motivation, creativity and innovation

Step 3: Consult
Passion Health™ & Role Alignment

Taking from what is learned in measurement and discovery we look at ways to align individual drivers of Passion to roles for increased performance and work satisfaction

Step 4: Train
Results Based Workshops

Each of our phased workshops deepen the relationship between individuals and their work, and leaders to their teams allowing for increased resiliency, stronger engagement and optimized performance

NOTE: Passion can be healthy or unhealthy. In its healthy state it is a driver of positive behavioural and productivity enhancing traits. Studies show higher levels of Passion Health™ is related to increased resilience, creativity, innovative thinking, problem solving, attendance, performance, retention, attention, psychological well-being and reduced negative behavioural patterns like bullying, intimidation and interpersonal conflicts. Unhealthy Passion does the opposite. In our work we optimize performance based on our unique understanding of and focus on, Passion Health™.

The 4 Pillars Of
Passion Health™ at work

Internal Drivers

The conditions that help a person identify and utilize their internal or dormant talents and boost their intrinsic motivation

Psycho-Emotional Drivers

The conditions that help support feelings of self direction and determinism

Social Safety Drivers

The conditions that supports psychological safety and feelings of relational clarity and support


The conditions that create clear structures and enable a healthy way to work and live

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