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Who we are

At the heart of it all, we are change makers. We believe in opportunity and the greatest potentials in humanity. 

That’s why we are driven to be the launchpad for the success of future founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and people who simply know there is more to life than what we are sold. 

We are experts in various fields who had to figure out our own passions and who weren’t afraid to go after them!

Founder & CEO

Kira is the founder of The Passion Centre, Inc. and the creator of the Passion-Based™ Method. After 18 years working for some of the largest global brands in Executive Sales and Sales Management roles she decided to do a complete pivot to follow her Passion for Passion. Kira has blended her business background with principles in psychology, design and human behaviour to build out the world’s first and ONLY Passion-Based™ Method. A methodology that includes several programs, courses and tools designed to put humans back at the centre of building tomorrow’s leaders and businesses from the inside, out. She believes that our Passions are the world’s most underutilized economic and social resource and aims to change the narrative from economy over everything, to a more balanced system that incorporates pro human, pro social and pro planet welfare.

Beth Marhefka,
Creative Designer, Product

Beth holds a Masters in Marketing and International Business from Penn State. For close to 2 decades Beth worked in the business world working for big Pharma when she realized that she wanted something more. From that fateful moment in time Beth went on a soul journey to figure out her own path to Passion. That path led her to us! Beth uses her skills and Passions to create synchronicity between our brand, our clients, our products and our messaging. When Beth is not spending time helping us build amazing product she consults for the EMPowerplay Project as well as leads a Ball Hockey League at Pacific Coast Hockey. Beth is an accomplished athlete who has played for Team USA Ball Hockey, World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships, the 2016 Masters Tournament in Banff, the 2018 Masters Tournament in Bermuda and is scheduled to play the 2022 tournament in Czech Republic. 

Hal Eisenberg,
Passion-Based™ Instructor

Hal holds a Masters in Social Work and Education Policy. Hal works with The Passion Centre to deliver our Passion-Based™ programs and is a master at cultivating supportive, inclusive environments. When not being an ear and a heart for our amazing team and clients, he spends his time revolutionizing the Education system. For over 2 decades Hal has been a champion for youth in lower socio-economic climates helping to drive higher levels of empowerment. Hal has built over 30 curriculums that help youth develop healthy social emotional dynamics and is revolutionizing the way the education systems address optimal environments that support thriving individuals.  Hal is also the author of Beautiful Souls, a book that documents the hardships he has faced and why his mission is set up to change the world. 

Katie Wallace,
Passion-Based™ Instructor

Katie holds a bachelors in the Biological Sciences. Katie was in the corporate space for a decade when she decided to pivot into what deeply cultivated meaning inside of her. Katie’s heart is in the promotion of creating a more sustainable world. The more she started to work on that mission the more she saw that the first step to creating a more sustainable external world, is to start creating a more sustainable internal world. This led her to the work at The Passion Centre. Katie works with our clients through their blocks and using our framework helps them gain unprecedented levels of clarity and momentum. When Katie is not being a support system for our team and clients, she is out in the world creating high levels of impact through her partnerships with impact driven brands and helping them to elevate as well as to amplify their messages. Katie is also a writer who can be found travelling out in nature, exploring the world with her beautiful daughter Lily. 

Tracy Borreson,
Community Manager

Tracy’s background is in Marketing where she scaled the corporate ladder over 15 years ending her climb in senior level VP roles. Like many of our team she realized that where she was going, wasn’t where she wanted to end up. So she made the move towards the journey of finding herself and that she did! Tracy discovered on her path that her passion drivers attribute to creating inclusive communal spaces where people feel seen, heard and understood. She is a big believer in authenticity and creating amazing human experiences for everyone! When not spending her time with her Passion Centre tribe she is out in the world building community spaces, teaching cardio dance and spending play time with her son Nicholas!

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