Our Team

Kira Day,
President & Passion Development Coach

Kira is the founder and president of The Passion Centre, the Co-founder of Vacation with Purpose, and the host and creator of Passion Nights. Kira is also a Coach and Mentor to many who are looking to empower themselves through the work they do. She is an expert in helping people identify and advance their callings and has had the honour of guiding her clients to find what they love and (actually) do it.

Kira’s background is diverse and includes working for Start Ups to Clinics to Top Global Organizations in National Leadership roles. Kira is also a Certified Coach Practitioner. She is multi-passionate with many subjects that drive her Passion – some of them range from Business, Design Thinking, Evolutionary Biology, Systems Design, Human Behaviour, Optimal Human Experiences, and many more! She is absolutely in love with the study of Passion itself and is a thought leader on the subject of Passion. And how it can be activated and subscribed to enhance our quality of life experience. She is also a speaker who speaks on how to hack the flow model using Passion, and Passion’s role in sustainable Performance and Wellbeing.

For her work, Kira has been selected for a docu-series called, ‘The Retreat’ that will be airing on Amazon Prime in 2021.

 Kira is a visionary and uses her own unique combination of Passions in the creation and delivery of The Passion Centre’s core framework. And the  many cross-disciplinary programs, experiences, courses and workshops that she designs and personally facilitates around the world. 

Marc LaPierre
Co-Founder VwP, Client Experience

Marc has spent over 20 years in Sales development and client director roles working for companies ranging from Global organizations like Microsoft to dominating agencies like Klick to start up organizations like Navantis and K2XO. 

He brings his wide range of knowledge from various sectors to help our clients bridge their gaps in business strategy and sales development design. 

Along with Marc’s strategic talents and uncanny ability for planning and details, his passions are writing and travel. He has committed to them both relentlessly throughout his professional career. 

As a result he is a soon to be published author of a non-fiction book (that we are all excited to read when it’s done!) and is the Co-founder of Vacation with Purpose, one of The Passion Centre’s brands that takes leaders around the world to discover, explore and transform using a blend of The Passion Centres programs, blending it with uniquely crafted, worldly and inspirational excursion experiences.

Dr. Scott LePor
Neuroscience/Medical Track Advisor

Dr. Scott LePor is a board certified physician. In his medial practice he noticed that healing could not be accomplished in traditional therapies with individuals who had complex subconscious barriers resulting from past experiences. 

Finding much success in optimizing health by clearing brains from these barriers, he has integrated several modalities that has revolutionized the approach to sustainable individual health and results. 

Scott now works for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department as their Medical Director using his foundational work to rehabilitate youths and form the platform to integrate healthier minds back into society. 

Using his unique background and expertise, Scott acts as the Neuroscience advisor to The Passion Centre. 

His work is instrumental in our methodology towards helping our clients reach the highest level of optimization, performance and achievement on their individual and professional journeys towards.

Neha Bahl, P.Eng, MBA
Track Advisor

Neha is currently the CEO of the Toronto Business Development Centre, the longest running incubator and accelerator program in Toronto. 

She started her career as an Engineer who took an interest in business, moving on to get her MBA and hasn’t looked back. 

Her desire for results and seeing projects move from imagination to a viable business is what keeps her serving the space of the start up community. 

Neha takes her skills, talents and passions and bridges the gap for our clients who are looking to start new Passion Venture’s with a focus on business or startup model in our Build Your Dream program. 

Neha’s passion is photography and design and loves taking moments to appreciate the natural world by creating new ways of seeing it. 



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