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Build Your Dream: Your Passion-Based™ Business

How do we re-invigorate the spirit?

We believe that real change, true transformation can not be sparked from a video, a talk, a lecture, or even a simple conversation. Those have the power to light a spark within, but in order for that spark to turn into a flame you must then have the right resources, tools and the right combination of behaviour, mindset and action.

The challenge of why so few take that spark and turn it into a fire is one of the areas we study.

What we have learned is what separates those who let the spark die, from those who make the fire burn is that the one has a commitment to the belief that change is impossible,  and the other, a commitment to the belief that change is possible. 

One has a commitment to the comfort that apathy brings, and the other, a commitment to the path of choosing discomfort because of the belief that although the change will challenge them, it will also cause them a massive amount of growth and a journey of happiness.

We grow through what we go through. 

And the two options above are a primary function of how our minds work.

In our Optimize YOU course we break these concepts down in full detail, and give you a thorough understanding of where you land. In the Build Your Dream course we take it a step further and teach you how this will work for you in the process of both identifying and of building your dream.

If you are here and considering this course, we know that it is because you own the belief that change is possible. That, or the pain you are feeling currently by not building your dream is now higher than the risk you would like to take in the experimentation of a new path.

We want to see a world where all humans can have a fair chance of being fully expressed. And one where all dreams, in a healthy and optimal capacity, is serving the world. To do this, we need a careful blend of knowing how we humans operate optimally, and also knowing how business works. 

Together this is how we are changing the game and building dreams that work.


The Passion Centre’s proprietary model for engineering purpose, activating passion and producing innovative social solutions in the world.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

A One-Stop Shop To Build Your Dream Agency

This is more than just a course. This is a framework. One that supplies you with a team of experts, education, resources, community and tools to make any ‘dream’ a reality. To be qualified to take this course it is a prerequisite to take our Find Your GIFT, and Align to Your GIFT courses. They provide the foundation needed to enter into this phase of development. Our agency is built on the principles that operate The Passion Centre. 

Self Mastery

Self intelligence and awareness are the instruments that guide great decision making


Looking at alignment models that serve personal and professional goals while honouring passions and talents


Understanding the right questions to arrive at the best answers for forward movement and focused progression


Play a little. In this phase we honour the space to narrow in on what we are truly after and remove pressure of knowing everything now


Taking all knowledge and insights gained to get clear on the direction and begin the process of moving it forward


Based on the unique requirements of the founded venture we find you the best model of support possible


We design sprint strategy sessions to move the dial on the build and refocus where necessary


Move into action using our sprint strategy and launch model


Taking in lessons from the execution stage you will have the support needed to refine and modify as you go

Meet Your Facilitator and Lead Coach

Kira Day, PDC

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen. And I help you with that! To find out if this is the course for you, sign up for our free interpretation session below!

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