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We help you design the you and the business you truly want.

At The Passion Centre, we know that investing in yourself and getting clear on what you really want are big decisions. 

So we have compiled some data for you to review to see if these are the results you want to experience for yourself too.

Here are a few of our clients who have allowed us to track their journeys and progress over the years.

Harold (Hal) Eisenberg

Read and discover how Hal went from an unclear path to finishing a book, going after his 2nd Masters and Doctorate, becoming a community leader in our Passion Nights program and redesigning an entirely new education model that launched a Leadership Academy that  is recreating a path for youths to empower and define themselves as leaders of today  – and all in a time span of one year. Read his journey below.

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Client Study 1: Harold (Hal) Eisenberg

Past Story

Hal Eisenberg is the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization called, Window’s Of Opportunity Inc.

Windows Of Opportunity’s (WOO) primary goal is to assist and empower at risk youth by the designing, executing and participating in positive leadership roles through highly innovative programs that addresses all compartments of their life, while focusing on building strong self esteem practices. Through WOO, Hal has established supportive counselling programs for students that aim at preventing alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse and related issues such as anger management and conflict resolution. His superior leadership skills led to the creation of an empowering and holistic approach to optimizing youth education. 



Hal has been in Educational leadership for 22 years, and a Social Worker for 18 years. He is currently working on his second masters and doctorate in Educational Policy. 

Over the years Hal has created several programs including:

·    annual youth leadership conference called Dream Out Loud which is run by youth for youth for an 18 year period 

·     has written over 10 curriculums that are integrated into the education system and is aligned with next generation standards (a US based standard) – that are infused with core subjects  (math, English, social studies, history, science and the arts) that incorporates a project based leadership learning model

·     reached over 250,000 youths with his programs

·     created a supportive leadership and counselling framework that addressed issues that youth are struggling with: drugs and alcohol, bullying, self-injury, gang violence, self-esteem, suicidal ideation, depression.


The major focus for the past 7 years have been on bringing his model into the high school curriculum which has provided an evidence based format that has provided new qualifiable data showing that his system works. Not only does it work, it has raised the standard of the system by having the school that he works at currently experiencing a 91% graduating rate, the New York city average is 74%, and the state average is 80%. The capital average of DC is 67%. Making them 11%, 17% and 24% higher respectively. It has 99% of students accepted into their first college choice. The national average is 67.5%.

Hal was initially hired as a leadership specialist and social worker to work in a brand new New York based high school that works with inner city youths.



When Hal first came to The Passion Centre, he had a few challenges he was trying to solve.

We followed up with Hal 6 months after he took The Passion Master Course, Build Your Dream Program and our Inner Renaissance Leadership Experience in Tuscany, Italy.

Here’s what he has to say!

The problem: 

I had the vision,  but I was stuck with two things:

  1. Bureaucracy – I had felt I hit the glass ceiling and did not know how to take what I was doing to the next level
  2. There was something missing that I couldn’t put my finger on. Had great data, great results, but there was an evolution piece missing that I couldn’t figure out and I knew I needed a co-pilot, but did not know who my co-pilot was.

When you originally came to The Passion Centre what were you hoping for, and what did you doubt?

  1. Thought stuckness was a synonym for failure. Even though had results I didn’t think I could go any further. I was looking for another lens, what was I missing? Had I plateaued and was this going to be it? I wanted to grow exponentially and had done all this work, but couldn’t figure out what was more
  2. I hit limitations based on my limited knowledge and was feeling pretty shitty about myself because even though I had all of this quantifiable data, results and success – I still felt like I was failing.
  3. 6 months before joining TPC I remember getting a fairly big award – I was awarded the New York City Department of Education Social Worker of the year. They chose me from list of about 25,000 social workers in New York in the education and family system. So it was a pretty big deal but at the time I felt like I didn’t even deserve it because I didn’t feel like I was making the impact that was worthy of such an award. I felt like I was only scratching the surface of my potential and I felt like I had failed in making what I considered to be a real difference in the world. So here I am being awarded and I could not even bring myself to enjoy that moment because in my heart I knew i wanted more. That award sits on my desk and I see it everyday and it serves as a reminder to how I felt before and after the experience of TPC.

What were 3 major take a way’s from being a part of the Passion Master Course, Build Your Dream and coming away with us to Vacation with Purpose?

1.    In the initial stages of my journey with TPC, going through the Find Your GIFT program, it was already an eye opener for me. It provided me with a new language and a new lens that I was able to use that helped me see in every area whether I was in alignment or not. With a meeting, a conversation, a project idea, an event – if it didn’t match my GIFT that was a clear flag for me to look at and an opportunity to say no. And that language even shifted the way I carried myself professionally – because it helped me to properly identify who I was as a professional and in identifying who I was as a professional I was able to elevate my game. 

2.    When I finished that program – I knew I wanted more. So I then enrolled in the Optimize you program and shook me to my core. It legitimately navigated me to look at my internal functions, thought processes, belief systems and showed me how they aligned or did not align to how I was showing up in the world. This was truly a game changer for me. I was inspired daily and continued to count my blessings for this transformative experience. It transformed me at my core. After experiencing that transformation, I realized that what Kira and TPC had built in my opinion is something that every human on the planet should go through and experience. If a quarter of the people on this planet experience TPC, I truly believe that not only would the planet shift, but we would have peace, love and an expansion of society like we never imagined. 

3.    The realization that I had after going through Optimize you was that my business was a reflection of me. And if I could experience that type of personal transformation on such a high level, I was hungry to see how I could transform the business on the same level. It was logical for me to take the next step. So I entered into the Build Your Dream program and put myself on a plane to journey to the Vacation with Purpose event that was held in Tuscany, Italy . When I came back there was the realization that had landed for me. I knew that not only had I not plateaued in my business (which was my original pain point that drove me to take these courses to begin with) – but there was a very clear evolution to the framework that I had not seen. Here are a few points on what was discovered from a business perspective and what I was left with:

a.    Regarding the framework – I realized I was looking through one lens and actually TPC opened up my eyes to realize there were 2 additional pillars I had not considered and it was linked to some research that I had not looked at. Kira actually made me rip apart my entire framework and rebuild it. 7 years of research and she was like,  “okay lets rip that apart.”   To the normal person, this may sound insane, however, after working with Kira’s programs for so long, you quickly realize that this is Kira… “Let’s tear this up and get to the core or the root of this problem!” it is done in a way that is also powerfully compassionate. And in doing that it helped me build out a much stronger product that was not only more attractive from a marketing perspective but would have much greater impact in society. We brought in an entirely new model from the medical world called interpersonal neurobiology that brought a new perspective to the social emotional learning model I was previously working with. 

b.    I noticed that social emotional learning was only one component and really what I was building was a holistic approach to education and working with youth

c.    It made me see that I could be playing a much bigger game and it put me on a greater playing field. I literally felt like I was playing 3rd string on a high-school team before being introduced to The Passion Centre and Kira’s work, to now being the star quarterback in the super bowl. It was like going from the minor league to the Majors overnight. Only, it did not happen overnight.

d.    It opened up looking at the best systems in the world and looking at where there was alignment with what I was working on, where there were gaps and where new opportunities began to form. It showed me that my feelings were right all along, that there was more, and that I had not plateaued like I had initially feared – only that there was an entirely new standard that I could grow to, which was not only motivating but entirely exciting.

 f.  My experience moved me into a new for profit passion venture that brings the holistic framework to new heights and impact. I have since launched the Eisenberg Leadership Academy that will provide and open up my model 2.0 to different education systems globally. And in my existing agency we have mobilized various programs using a student leadership model that will now carry the programs into different at risk communities. 

What are your Core4 and how are they being expressed in your business? Please list your business and provide links so that viewers can take a look at your magic!

My Core4 GIFTs are: 

1. Expansion – the need to ensure that growth is a component of my business and the youths that I serve; 

2. Connection – being grounded in connection to self, source and the people that I serve. Being clear and intentional in the crafting of trust based environments that support connection, and seeing the connection between what I do daily and the greater vision; 

3. Inspiration – building programs, workshops and conferences that inspire todays youth to be today’s leaders and to ensure that those leading todays youths are also coming from a place of inspiration themselves by helping them to clear, source and see the value that they bring to the lives of many daily; and, 

4. Vision – looking at things from the big picture first, and reverse engineering the process needed to get there and accomplish. This is the crafting of a world best suited for our next generation, and building the infrastructure that will best support that. Being able to clearly see all avenues in the small picture that accumulates to get to the big picture sits at the core of who I am and what I know I am here to do with the products and services that we create inside of WOO Inc. 

After hundreds of leadership development programs, workshops, teaching professional development myself, and really investing in my self knowledge, I have never come across a tool or program that was more impacting, and that I could use on a daily basis in every area of my professional and personal life, like the one I experienced in the process of coming to my Core4.

Going through this not only moved me, but reignited my excitement towards the dreams that I carried within. Once I got through the process and wrapped my mind around my Core4, I was able to clearly see in every moment of my professional experience whether I was aligned to my higher purpose and vision, or not. This came with a new level of responsibility for me personally and now guides the decisions I make. This had such a strong impact on me as now I had a way to see things I couldn’t before and make the necessary adjustments and tweaks in my life to raise my game and quickly inch closer to my vision. It’s a tool that follow me around day in day out, and is present in everything I do. It has become an essential part of everyday processing and clearly gives me the edge I need to move my business forward in profound ways.

What are the new plans, motives and arrangements you have made and the results you’ve achieved since taking the course?

1.    The creation of an entirely new vision. 

2.    We are looking at what it would take to further build out The Eisenberg Leadership Academy.

3.    What this entails is taking the updated product that my team and I built from this course, implementing it, and using the results from the Eisenberg Leadership Academy to be a showroom to consult other educators and institutions around the globe 

4.    To do this I am taking two approaches. One is to continue to expand my agency through the new vision, and the second is to continue down the path of completing my 2nd Masters program, Administration and School Leadership Supervision and then my Doctorate in Education Policy.

5.    My end game is to be working in Washington DC influencing education policy and having The Eisenberg Leadership Academy run training around the globe using the new educational holistic model that we built

6.    I want it to be a model that is duplicated by school systems everywhere, as it’s no big surprise but the education model of today needs a shift and I’m prepared to do what it takes to make that happen. Before taking this course I did not see the alignment between my potential to change the world, and after taking the course I realize creating a new education system with this model and my vision is inevitable. This will be a longer road but I have chosen to commit my life to this cause and there is nothing more meaningful to me personally than bringing this vision to life. 

7.    TPC has shown me that, and their commitment to a higher ideal provides the support experience and commitment on my journey ensuring the success of my passion venture.

What would you say to anyone thinking about, or on the fence of taking one of TPC’s courses, programs or workshops?

1.    If you are on the fence about this, I would literally say – close your eyes, take a deep breath, go inside and listen to what that voice is telling you. That pull that you feel is the sign that you owe it to yourself and your future to have this experience. In doing so, you take the first step in celebrating who you are on this planet. 

Steven Gaskin.

Discover Steve’s journey that took him from being an unfulfilled entrepreneur directing a highly successful business, to getting reacquainted with his Passions through a Passion Venture that launched his ability to create nostalgic experiences for the 30+ crowd with a very cool and hyper creative business model.

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Client Study 2: Steve Gaskin

Past Story


Steve Gaskin is the CEO of Ignite Group – an acrobatic retail consulting agency that helps both emerging and established consumer brands excel in the retail game in Canada. 

Steve’s past journey has fulfilled several roles in the Consumer Goods category. He had many successes in the corporate space, one in particular was when he helped grow a Consumer Electronics Distributor top line from $15M to $77M within a 5 year period. This significantly built their vendor and customer funnels and added to the business profile he worked on.  He decided to move into Entrepreneurship in the past 3 years as he received a package he couldn’t refuse and was at a place where he felt tired of the rat race and corporate life. 

From then until now,  he has started a successful Retail Accelerator Agency and his new Passion Venture which we will move further into the latter, below.


When Steve first came to The Passion Centre, he had a few challenges he was trying to solve.

We followed up with Steve a year after he took The Passion Master Course and Build Your Dream Program and here’s what he has to say!

The problem:

I had a successful business but it was not fulfilling. I had lost a fair bit of my passion and was having a very hard time identifying my purpose in life. Growing up I did not really get to explore what was inside of me as a person and I wanted/needed some guidance around that. On my search I saw coaches but I wanted a navigator, not a coach. That’s when I found Kira, and from our first meeting together I knew she had the skillsets to help me with the journey I was ready to move through.


When you originally came to The Passion Centre what were you hoping for, and what did you doubt?

  1. I was hoping to have someone that could help me get back to me and navigate me towards what that could look like.
  2. I had tried different things in the past and was not able to source what I was looking for myself, personally. I naturally had doubts, but any doubts I had were inferior to what I felt I had to do to get the results I was looking for.

What were 3 major take a way’s from being a part of the Passion Master Course?

  1. I was able to identify my core gifts. I started to see myself in the light of what helped me feel fulfilled, alive and optimal
  2. I was able to see that creativity was a major part of that and looking at some deeper and older ideas and how to take them seriously. As a result I was able to take radical action and design a Passion Venture of my own that has brought my Passion to a whole new level and has made me feel the sense of fulfillment and purpose that I was looking for.
  3. I was given permission to have the space to really explore my options and do market research and go deeper than I have ever gone. 

What are the new plans, motives and arrangements you have made and the results you’ve achieved since taking the course?

Immediately after finishing the course, I was filled with purpose and a clear sense of direction to finally lean in and begin building a 2nd company that spoke to my creative passions.  It’s been over 1 year and www.retrokid.ca has released 4 licensed collections with partnerships with TVOntario, CBC, Inspector Gadget, and The Hilarious House of Frightenstein (for all you old school 80’s peeps).  Learning the ropes of garment manufacturing, licensing and royalty deals, and social marketing have kept me gasping for air at times but have become the most rewarding learning experiences that keep my flame lit


What are your Core4 and how are they being expressed in your business? Please list your business and provide links so that viewers can take a look at your magic!

My Core4 GIFTs are: Relationships, Authenticity, Playfulness and Creativity. Here is how they each play out in Retrokid https://retrokid.ca :

  1. Relationships–  fostering partnerships with brands that helps us tell our story about nostalgia and honoring our Canadian childhood has been the most fun about building Retrokid
  2. Authenticity– all of our designs and licenses are a celebration of our own childhood growing up as kids in Scarborough.  We’re making garments that rep our inner kid!
  3. Playfulness– we heart everything 80’s & 90’s … take a quick look at our IG page and you’ll see instantly get the warm and fuzzies of better times, back in the day
  4. Creativity– the ability to design and print memories on our collections fills my soul and has given me an outlet to let my creative spirit flow freely



What would you say to anyone thinking about, or on the fence of taking one of TPC’s courses, programs or workshops?

    1. Take the leap – your future self will thank you!


Candice Rosenberg

Read and discover how Candice went from being a real estate investor working inside of her business to moving over an entire continent, designing and producing online programs that sell, being on international stages speaking in front of hundreds,  finishing a book, and starting up a new media business venture, and all in the time span of one year. Read her success journey below.

Client Study 3: Candice Rosenberg

Past Story

Owned a real estate investment firm for 11 years

Finished at flipping over $2million dollar homes

Brought on a team to buy, design and flip

Managed a team of 10, and bought and sold X properties in an 11 year period

When Candice first came to The Passion Centre, she had a few challenges she was trying to solve.

We followed up with Candice 6 months after she took The Build Your Dream Program.

Here’s what she has to say!


 The problem:

I was feeling like although I was very successful in my business – I was done. This was very unsettling for me because of how much work, sweat and tears I had put into building my business from the ground up. The challenge for me was that I started to lose my passion for it. I wanted something more. I wanted to speak, I wanted to help people in a much greater way, I wanted to write and I saw myself somehow living somewhere entirely different. The problem was that I thought that those were just pipe dreams, something you think about but never get to do. I was so stuck being in my business, that I saw no way of ever breaking it down and going after something different. I was stuck in endless stories and other people’s judgements of what that would look like. That was, until I met Kira.


How Did We Meet?


I first met Kira at Chateau de Challian in Challian La Pothere, France at The Retreat . She was the keynote Speaker, lead Coach and Program designer for a docu-series I was a part of called, The Retreat. From the moment I met Kira I could sense there was something very different about her. I remember telling her that I did not want to be a real estate investor anymore, and that I wanted to speak and move to Spain and write. I told her I had a story to tell. And without judgement, or caution or anything else you would typically expect, Kira said, “Then why don’t you do it?”. I was taken a back. I will be honest, I never expected her to say that. But that sent my mind in a million different directions. Then she asked me the fundamental question that began my quest to learn more, “Would you be happy in 5 years if you were where you are today?” She continued, “You have to know that the time’s going to pass regardless – and you can either use that time to build something great and different that’s completely aligned to the evolving you, or spend that same energy on the thing you’ve been spending the last 11 years doing – the choice is completely yours for the making”. When The Retreat ended, Kira was the first person I reached out to and invested in. And I haven’t looked back – not once.

When you originally came to The Passion Centre what were you hoping for, and what did you doubt?

  1. I was hoping to find a way to break free from the barriers I knew I was placing on myself and move in the direction of my deeper ambitions and dreams
  2. I was hoping to get help and direction from someone who had done what I was trying to do – successfully
  3. I had doubts on how it would have all come together, but I decided to trust, because what I was doing, wasn’t working and I was open to trying something different

What were 3 major take a way’s from being a part of the Build Your Dream program?

  1. It moved me in major ways, life, as a person, my business
  2. Kira helped me identify, plan and execute all of the moving parts that one could possibly go through in a self-disruptive process. She helped me with the tangible aspects as well as the emotional and mindset aspects that influence action
  3. She was with me when I had to go through the legal portion of being able to bring my child with me, she was with me when I had to sell all of my properties and rent all of the others, she was with me when I moved from Atlanta to Spain and was with me when I started my speeches and got contracted for my first talk and the many 101 different examples of what has happened in a very short period of time. Working with Kira through the Build Your Dream program was hands down the best investment of my life.


What are the new plans, motives and arrangements you have made and the results you’ve achieved since taking the course?

  1. I have moved from being in my business to having my business work for me – from the other side of the world!
  2. I have rebranded myself and created a new media company
  3. I have started an online program to help people master the real-estate world from start to finish, and have clients coming in!
  4. I have moved with my daughter from Atlanta to Barcelona Spain!
  5. I have started and almost finished my book – due to be published at the end of the year
  6. I have started to talk more about my story and am moving to do motivational speaking
  7. I have gotten 3 speaking gigs, 1 for a major platform in real-estate and have been a guest speaker on 3 media outlets
  8. It has set me on a course that has increased my network which spirals a consistent base of new and relevant opportunities 

What are your Core4 and how are they being expressed in your business? Please list your business and provide links so that viewers can take a look at your magic!

  1. Business Link 1
  2. Business Link 2
  3. Core4: My core4 is expressed in my business in the following ways

What would you say to anyone thinking about, or on the fence of taking one of TPC’s courses, programs or workshops?

  1. Take the leap – your future self will thank you!



Learn Aravinda’s story, his high academic accomplishments, moving from a corporate job that fulfilled everything on paper, but not his internal fulfillment. Gain insights into how he transitioned from his corporate 9-5 to now being a serial entrepreneur activating not one, but 2 Passion Ventures and feeling a renewed sense of fulfillment, passion and purpose in The Passion Centre’s approach of activating his core GIFTs. 

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Client Study 4: Aravinda L.

Past Story


Aravinda came into the program with an already bachelor of science degree in computer science and an MBA from Schulich School of Business, and two additional certifications in management of enterprise data analytics and Agile project management.


At that point he already accumulated 20 years of experience in both technical/technology oriented and business roles and progressed into more business focus roles. From systems architect and IT consulting to business analyst and consulting.


His key areas of focus have always been in technology and business (as it relates to people and value creation), and the intersection between these two areas. He had an interest in looking for ways to use technology to augment and enhance business performance as a means of maximizing efficiency and value creation and worked hard to accomplish this balance for the organizations he worked for.

When Aravinda first came to The Passion Centre, he had a few challenges he was trying to solve.

We followed up with Aravinda 1 year after he took The Passion Master Course and Build Your Dream Program.

Here’s what he has to say!

The problem:

I came to the passion centre as I was feeling lost, namely because I did not know what I wanted to do. I knew that I was missing something, but was not quite sure what it was and was looking to identify what could fill the deeper gap I was feeling at the time.

When you originally came to The Passion Centre what were you hoping for, and what did you doubts.

When I originally came to The Passion Centre back in April 2018, I was blissfully unaware of the sheer depth of the issues that plagued my life and career. To some extent, I was totally unaware that my entire life and outlook could be so much more fulfilling than it was at the time. All I knew at the time was that I was missing something in my life and career, despite working in a relatively well-paid position as a Business Reporting Analyst at ADP Canada. Although I was not by any means disillusioned with my job, I knew that I wanted/needed to do more with my life than simply exist within the confines of my day-to-day routine and my very limited scope of influence within a corporate environment.

One day, completely serendipitously, I came upon a presentation by Kira Day on The Passion Centre and her Passion Master Course, which just happened to be in my neighbourhood at the time, and decided to attend mainly just to see what it was all about.  Little did I know that this fateful decision would be the catalyst for kickstarting a life altering journey of self-discovery and development, which has led me to where I am today!

What were 3 major take a way’s from being a part of the Passion Master Course

  1. The process at The Passion Centre was a real eye opener for me. Kira has a way of digging deep and pulling out what really is inside of you as a person. Strengths that you may not even have realized for yourself.
  2. The program does take a certain level of commitment, but in the end its all worth it because you are getting a lifestyle. A way of life that is in complete alignment with who you are.
  3. Additionally, Kira Day has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me at what was a crucial turning point in my life and career. Her ideas and guidance helped me tremendously, to direct me down a path of heightened self-awareness, passion, and purpose.


What are the new plans, motives and arrangements you have made and the results you’ve achieved since taking the course?


Since the course finished, I explored a few alternatives, which I had narrowed down based on my Core4 GIFTs, a series of personally identifiable pillars within my nature that was discovered in the course itself. I took the time to deep dive to resolve issues of internal resistance, break free from limiting beliefs, and develop a mindset of gratitude and abundance. The past year and a half has been a journey of dramatic internal shifts and transformations for me, which was ultimately guided by the principles and self-knowledge, which I learned through Kira’s program.

Because I addressed the root it enabled me to action on two main areas of business that I pursued as my ‘Passion Ventures’ that were identified in the Passion Master Course: 1) To launch a business working as a business and technology consultant to small businesses, and 2) To establish a distribution business for clothing and accessories.


What are your Core4 and how are they being expressed in your business? Please list your business and provide links so that viewers can take a look at your magic!

During the Passion Master course my Core4 GIFTs were identified as:





I am happy to say that all of these are being expressed in the two businesses (Passion Ventures) I have actioned on:

In the business/technology consulting area, I operate a business named Araliya Professional Services (araliyaproservices.ca), and consult for an immigration lawyer, helping self-employed individuals and families to immigrate to Canada and establish businesses in Canada. I write business plans and offer my expertise in business and technology to assist in the development of new ventures in Canada: Looking at clients’ ‘origins’, finding ‘synergies’ to start business in Canada, creating ‘impact’ by helping to elevate the lives of new Canadians, and helping to strengthen the Canadian economy through supporting new small businesses and job creation. I find ‘balance’ by delivering exceptional value to both myself and my clients.

In my second business and on the distribution side, I am lending my vision and working to establish a family business for my parents, who are investing in the start-up of a clothing and accessories retail store called, Kithara’s Collection (kitharas.ca) located at 2-15160 Yonge Street, in Aurora, Ontario. I’m expressing my Core 4 in this area by finding ‘Synergies with my parents experience and my own expertise, looking at the ‘origins’ of customers to anticipate and cater to their needs, creating ‘impact’ and ‘balance’ by helping my own family to generate additional income while delivering exceptional value to customers.

What would you say to anyone thinking about, or on the fence of taking one of TPC’s courses, programs or workshops?

Personally, I have had an incredibly powerful, inspiring and truly life-altering transformational experience after attending the four Passion Master Classes that comprise the Passion Master Course led by Kira. The journey itself ultimately belongs to you and is yours alone, but the initiation and direction provided by The Passion Centre provides an invaluable ‘Compass’ to help guide you through the journey. You owe it to yourself to invest in the amazing courses and programs offered by The Passion Centre and Kira Day – it is truly a wonderful opportunity for incredible personal growth and empowerment!


Natasha Covic

Discover Natasha’s journey of being a mother of 2 beautiful children who lost her identity, to growing her business to 6 figures and opening a new Passion Venture that helped her get clear on her vision, purpose and passion and that set her up for a life of alignment and being focused on her mission.

Client Study 5: Natasha Covic



Past Story


Natasha started her career in the corporate space working in IT. She spent 5 years with a fabulous company, where she enjoyed working in IT support and management because it would allow her an opportunity of connecting with others.  She knew 99.9% of the people she worked with and as she describes it – was a floater of hugs and love. When she grew into management and her duties went from being able to support the staff to being tied at a desk, she quickly realized that it was NOT for her. 




When Natasha first came to The Passion Centre, she had a few challenges she was trying to solve.

We followed up with Natasha 1 year after she took The Passion Master Course and Build Your Dream Program.

Here’s what she has to say!

The problem:

When I became aware that the position I was growing into wasn’t for me, I decided to leave and take some time to regroup. I soon after ended up moving away, getting married and having some beautiful babies. That was when I quickly started to feel lost. To mitigate the feeling, I ended up launching a clinic with my partner, however I still did not manage to ‘find myself’ in the space of what we were growing together. I became stuck, and started feeling guilty for wanting to break free on my own. The truth in all of it is that I was feeling like I had lost my identity.  This was eating away at me and was costing me my confidence and showing up in a way that made me feel proud of who I was.


How did you find out about The Passion Centre?

I met beautiful Kira Day at a talk that she was hosing in my local BIA. We instantly clicked. Not only because I knew she would help guide me onto my path after I heard her speak, but it was a deeper connection. Kira has a soul like no other. She’s pure, she’s kind and she sees in people what they may not see in themselves…She has a heart of gold and a smile that lights up a room.

When you originally came to The Passion Centre what were you hoping for, and what did you doubts.

1.     I was hoping to zero in on my vision

2.     I was hoping to get connected to, what I knew I was supposed to be doing deep inside but did not have the tools to uncover on my own

3.    I was looking for tools to uncover whatever ‘that’ was


What were 3 major take a way’s from being a part of the Passion Master Course 

1.    I discovered an entirely new way of knowing myself and what I was truly aligned to

2.    I found direction. I found how I could practically combine my core desires and the things that mattered most to me into a practice that I was excited about and that highlighted my skillsets and my own personal value. I found confidence, motivation, direction, excitement and drive

3. I left feeling like I should have done this back in high school. If I learned what I learned in this course years ago, I could have probably saved myself time, money and having unfulfilling job experiences throughout my own journey,


What are the new plans, motives and arrangements you have made and the results you’ve achieved since taking the course?

Since taking the course a year ago to now it took me on a path of re-alignment and finding myself and my truest passion. I was able to see where my fit was inside of the clinic I was growing and just by that alone it got me to growing the business to 6 figures since taking the course. It also gave me the confidence to see the power I hold and it changed the way that I was showing up and carrying my business forward. Not only that, but now I’ve also started my own business!!! My vision is 100% clear and I used so many tools from this course to get me up and keep me on track. This has lead to the following:

1.     I have a clear brand identity and a very clear understanding of my vision and purpose to fulfill

2.    I have produced a platform to help mothers who have lost their identity AND have skimped on their health to get back on the right track

3.    I have created several signature programs and systems to validate and reach my market

4.    This is a program that sets my soul on fire and I’m experiencing much success with the new clients that are flowing in!

5.    I feel like I work in a state of flow, and I feel connected and confident in my space. 100% completely aligned.

What are your Core4 and how are they being expressed in your business? Please list your business and provide links so that viewers can take a look at your magic!

Core4: My core4 is expressed in my business in the following ways


  1. Activist – Which I now see more as “Activator” – activating people to take control back, to awaken from their thoughts and controls of their minds, to guide them to creating their deepest dreams and desires. To activate the light from within and to guide them into how they can properly fuel their bodies through nutrition and creating healthy lifestyles, in and out of their homes
  2. Universalist – To me this embodies the true spirit of the sacred work that I do, being universal with my modalities, thus ringing balance and harmony to others as I am agnostic to one approach or the other – it truly is about the best for my clients and what works for them
  3. Openness – This is the energy that I embody and so too the energy for what I intentionally attract – the openness of the people I am meant to work with. Only with their openness can we uncover the magical essence of their true authentic self and their life’s purpose, which in turn gives them their full control back. This also blends into the Activator mission.
  4. Empowerment – This is what I stand for – full body empowerment. Knowing. Trust. Truth. Faith. Very simple concepts which require a spark to ignite and to maintain the flow. Empowerment in every sense, mind, body and soul. While integrating modalities that best site the client so that they themselves can experience full and powerful, empowerment.

What would you say to anyone thinking about, or on the fence of taking one of TPC’s courses, programs or workshops?

1.    If you’re stuck, raving more, wanting clarity on knowing exactly what you can bring to the table, what your true passion is and how you can bring this to surface and of course, earn MONEY! You’ll get all of that and more from this course and coaching with Kira! And remember, money is energy and removing blocks is essential to your own growth. One of the hundred lessons found in this course that truly helped me to release my own fears and move myself into power.


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