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This course kick starts your Passion Journey. 

Here we will take a look at your overall Passion Health score and move you through 5 proprietary assessments that reveals the GIFTS each person has within that work together to uncover what drives your core Passions.  

This process is tried, tested and true and is uniquely crafted to move you into deeper inquiry. 

Inquiry that will lead to a rich investigation of what Passion really is, what it means to you and what needs to happen for you to experience more of it.

This method helps you experience the content using a:

  • Virtual course platform
  • Virtual classroom and workbook
  • Live personal instructor & trainer 

The journey you will be taken through will teach you the theory, practice, experience and deeper guided exploration with our trained coaches. This is done to personalize your experience and ensure that the material and content is structured in a way that fits your needs, requirements and getting to your level of clarity that supports the results you are looking for.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, Trainers and Professional Transitioners. This course is perfect for anyone wanting more joy from work, or looking to help the people they serve accomplish that goal. Healthy Passion is responsible for a host of benefits, namely, increasing retention, attention, attendance, confidence, clarity, motivation and quality of work and life (and so much more). If learning about how to access more Passion at work or in your life in general is something you are craving, this course was made for you.

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Learning Path

Passion as a word is highly overused in our cultural narrative. For that reason we have lost it’s true meaning over time. In this lesson we will ground the conversation using Science and experiential evidences for determining and explaining what Passion really is and what it isn’t. At the end we will explore a simple formula for Passion to set the groundwork for the deeper exploration in later modules.

Video 40 Min  + 35 Min read + 2.5 hours of exercise to complete

Passion Clarity is not something that we need to struggle with any longer. Using the knowledge gained in Passion Fundamentals and understanding the formula for Passion helps us to decode the mystery so we can start the process of getting clear on what Passion is to us and how we personally experience Passion.

Video 60 Min  + 15 minute read +  2 hours of exercises to complete

Understanding the theory laid out in the previous model lays the foundation for the experiential learning of your own unique Passions. In this phase you are being personally guided through 6 types of assessments and experiences to unearth the very essence of what lies within, driving your experience of Passion. Each person has their own unique combination that this methodology is crafted to pull out and unearth. You will be moving your personal journey along with an assigned Passion Clarity Coach and others on a similar mission – discovering their Passion.

Video 75 Min  + 35 Min read + 14 hours of exercise material to complete

Based on the studies of over 2000 respondents we were able to crack the code on the ingredients that makes Passion, Passion – and why that keeps you healthy. In this module we will take you through the 15 factors that determines a person’s ability to experience sustainable Passion over time, and why this is important professionally as well as personally. You will also be taking what you learn in this module and applying it against your own professional and personal experience. From there you will be able to clearly see the exact areas that are getting in the way of helping you to experience passion. This level of clarity will help you to determine your path forward and prioritize the best next steps in overcoming the challenges specific to you.

Video 48 Min  + 25 Min read + 6 hours of exercises to complete

For every light there is a shadow. There is no doubt that Passion is a beautiful experience. However, if not in proper balance, it can equally be a painful one that can take us down challenging paths. In this module we will explore both areas of Passion and how to increase our awareness of why and how Passion can become imbalanced. Building on that newfound knowledge you will learn what to do to keep Passion in shape and to help you experience more of it’s light than its shadow. 

Video 60 Min  + 25 Min read + 3 hours of exercises to complete

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