A new BIG approach in identifying your Passion and using it as a source of good in the world.

Kira Day, The Passion Centre

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Hi and welcome to a new way of seeing, experiencing and evaluating your passions and your professional options or next steps!

My name is Kira Day and I founded The Passion Centre due to the lack of resources available for those who want better alignment between their Passions and their Professions. Or for those looking to find the fire back for what they presently do!

So I built a system that is based on my over 2 decades of business and leadership experience, passion for personal and professional development as well as over 15,000 hours studying the science of Passion, business, leadership and human optimization.

Many of my clients have moved on to start up their own Passion-Based™ ventures, projects, businesses, new careers, leadership opportunities and more.

Why Choose Us


We have a personalized passion-based™ approach to self and professional discovery

Team Based

Collaborate with the various experts within the Passion Collective in a community environment


Our programs and courses offer a research based structure to learn the theory and application


Over half a decade of results driven by the course curriculum and studies involving thousands of participants

"This program helped me, find me; and ultimately turn my passions in to a fulfilling business venture. Kira genuinely cares for her clients and makes every effort to uplift, support, and make you a better person, entrepreneur, and human being. 1000% recommend this program if you’re stuck in a rut searching for your purpose and alignment like I was." 

Steve Gaskin - Founder, Retrokid™

Turn Your Passion Into A Fulfilling Profession

This is your chance to work with a team that is focused on you. Learn how you can figure out what drives your Passion and let it take the lead for higher levels of professional fulfillment.

This Course Bundle Gets You To Clarity.

The Discover, Develop, UnBlocked and UnLeashed program bundle helps you move from mystery to mastery in a five short months.

Option A:
The Passion Centre Course Bundle - DIY

Passion Discovery & Development

$ 499
  • Virtual Course + Workbook]
  • Virtual Classroom

UnBlock Your
Mind & Your Passions

$ 699
  • Virtual Course + Workbook
  • Virtual Classroom
  • BONUS: 120 Day Practice with additional Workbook

UnLeash Your
Professional Passion

$ 699
  • Virtual Course + Workbook value
  • Virtual Classroom

Option B:
The Passion Centre Course Bundle - Course Plus Coaching

Passion Discovery & Development

$ 0
  • Virtual Course + Workbook
  • Virtual Classroom
  • 5 Weekly LIVE Facilitation Sessions
  • 1x LIVE 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • 5 weeks, 10 hours of facilitation + 2 hours of coaching

UnBlock Your
Mind & Your Passions

$ 5500
  • Virtual Course + Workbook
  • Virtual Classroom
  • 7 Weekly LIVE Facilitation
  • 2 x 1:1 Coaching
  • BONUS: 120 Day Practice with additional Workbook
  • 7 weeks, 14 hours of facilitation + 4 hours of coaching
  • 12 month Passion Lab membership

UnLeash Your
Professional Passion

$ 3500
  • Virtual Course + Workbook
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Design Panel
  • 8 Weekly LIVE Facilitation
  • x1 1:1 Coaching
  • Bridge Program for Professional Pivots
  • Personalized Passion To Action Consultation
  • 8 weeks, 16 hours of facilitated coaching + 2 hours of personalized coaching

Client Testimonials

“When I first met Kira I knew I didn’t want to be a real estate investor anymore. Although I had worked hard and was closing my largest deal that was two years in the making I knew deep down that it wasn’t where I wanted to be. Most people would have questioned my questioning, but not Kira. Kira supported me from the first day. Kira became part of everything I did inside of my transition. She helped me deal with the things that I didn’t realize I was holding on to from my past. Some of it was the reason I still was a real estate investor. She moved me through to keep going forward, and not to stop because of the fear. And before I knew it, I was travelling across the world with my daughter to Spain, speaking on stages and writing books. So, I can’t say enough good things about Kira. She changed my life, and I will be forever grateful."
Candi Rose, Author, Speaker, Coach
"There is simply nothing that I’ve done in my career or self evolution process that’s been as rewarding as the work I did with The Passion Centre. Deciding and committing to yourself, your goals and your passions is no easy task, but with Kira and The Passion Centre team walking you through the discovery and strategy building methods, it’s ALL POSSIBLE (and goes even beyond what you can imagine for yourself). I would highly recommend these REAL RESULTS TO ANYONE SEARCHING for ultimate freedom in any or every area of their life. I know firsthand!"
Lisa Chang, Media Personality

Turning Your Passion Into Action Can Change The World

Our clients have been the catalyst for good in the world by using our system to identify their Passion and turn it into a contribution that makes the world a better place. Let us show you how you can too!

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