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Ready to take the first step in discovering your passions? 

Passion can be seen to many as the holy grail of emotional achievement. And yet according to the studies, only 13% are truly Passionate about what they do. This is a telling sign that although Passion is a state many want to experience, it is still far too ambiguous for people to truly connect with and understand their own. This lead to a 3 year study conducted by The Passion Centre to get to the heart of what makes Passion, Passion. In the following training videos we will be exploring what Passion is, how we have learned to define it based on these studies and why knowing what we will be teaching you will make it easier for you to build the foundations required to experience more of it, either personally or professionally. Whatever your goals are, Passion is the substance that makes the journey to achieving those goals more enjoyable, and attainable. This is the first step that will give you the foundations and the context necessary to move through the 7 Days To Passion Clarity Bootcamp.

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Kick Off Mini Course


According to mass studies done by firms like Gallup, Inc. and Deloitte, only 13% of the workforce is Passionate. And a large reason of that is due to many people not really understanding Passion, what they are Passionate about or why.

Get ready to discover:

  • The Passion Problem
  • What We Lack
  • Why It’s Normal
  • What We Must Do To Solve

Watch Lesson 1 & 2

Kick Off Mini Course

Lesson 1

In order to get to where you want to go, we must first guide you to where you are going. In this lesson we will breakdown what Passion is, and the logic behind helping you to clearly identify yours.

Get ready to discover:

  • What Is Passion 
  • Demystifying Passion Using The Simple Passion Formula™
  • Learn The Passion Discovery Process
  • Answering The Golden Question

Lesson 2

Now that you have learned what Passion truly is and the process to discovering it, now it’s time to dive into the tools we use to help you uncover yours. 

In this lesson you will learn the steps we will walk you through each day in the 7 Days To Passion Clarity Bootcamp. 

To help you move through this process with ease, this video will give you the lay of the lands to help build context into how each day will be structured so that you can optimize your experience.

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