Lisa Chang's Story

There comes a time in a person’s life when they are ready for more. But they are caught between the desire for better and the fear of the changes that will have to transpire.

This is Lisa’s Story.

There is simply nothing that I’ve done in my career or self evolution process that’s been as rewarding as the work I did with The Passion Centre. Deciding and committing to yourself, your goals and your passions is no easy task,  but with Kira and The Passion Centre team walking you through the discovery and strategy building methods, it’s ALL POSSIBLE (and goes even beyond what you can imagine for yourself). I would highly recommend these REAL RESULTS TO ANYONE SEARCHING for ultimate freedom in any or every area of their life. I know firsthand!

Lisa Chang


LIsa's story - Part I

Lost, Confused And Successful?

Lisa was at a cross-roads when she decided to dive into the work we do here at The Passion Centre.

Lisa met Kira at a Women’s IT Conference back in 2020. Just a few year prior to this fateful meeting she had left her successful Corporate Tech position to pursue a career in television. Through working very long hours she learnt an entirely new industry from scratch. And it all paid off. On the outside Lisa looked like she had it all. She was building a winning career in Television. Functioning at the top of her game.  Had an amazing marriage. And was head over heals about her beautiful son. 

But silently, beneath it all, Lisa was struggling. 

She found herself the most stuck she had ever been in her entire life. And she was confused about how this could be. How can everything look so great, and yet feel so broken? Her motivation started to dwindle. She started to feel blinded to her own light. She felt blocked, and more importantly, she felt boxed. Caged inside of her own expectations of herself.

What she hadn’t considered was how common this reality can be for those who are moving forward and upward in their careers and professions. 

Her deep feelings of being blocked became so painful that this sprung up a deeper need inside of her to explore herself fully, and examine everything. She knew there had to be something more to her life. There had to be something more than the cage she felt locked into.

LIsa's story - Part II

The Process

Fast forward to Lisa meeting Kira. 

In that meeting Kira uncovered all of Lisa’s deeper desires. The gaps she was feeling and the anticipation of where she wanted to go next.

They got to work. 

Lisa started by taking the first step into our UnBlocked program. There, she was taken through a series of exercises, guided internal introspection, a series of assessments and a deeper education into herself than she had ever previously done.

The education, insights, revelations and guidance opened a new paradigm. One where Lisa started to gain clarity around how her past was directly influencing her current confusion and keeping her blocked from accessing her future.

Once she started to understand her unique psychology, built upon the layers of her experience, things started to connect within her. She started to see how it wasn’t her externals, but it was her internals that created her perceived limitations. She, like many of us, was locked in an echo-chamber she had created in her own mind. Not on purpose, but as a by-product of living a life of achievement.

LIsa's story - Part III

The Path Forward

The next place for her was to find the tools that would help her to see what she was missing along the way. 

By making that visible, Lisa started to get re-inspired. 

Her feelings of motivation came back. She started to see herself for who she truly was, as opposed to what others wanted for her, and even what she thought she wanted for herself. The glitches in her own system that blinded her to understanding herself and her situation accurately were removed and updated. Replaced by a brand new unfolding narrative. One that showed her a truth that was forming with the guiding light of clarity. 

Lisa was now ready to transform into her greatest self and to accomplish her greatest dreams. 

She got her confidence back and was ready to take herself to the next level. 

Shortly after she completed the UnBlocked program she signed up for our Discover Your Passion program and ended off moving through UnLeashed where she UnLeashed where she fully accessed her potential.

A by-product of this work helped Lisa make the bold decision to leave the television station that she worked for and launch her own company. Her own brand. By making that move, all other moves started to fall in place. She signed on major brands that she is now sponsored by. Created new revenue streams that put her into a higher financial bracket. And she up-levelled her career in Television in ways she did not think possible and even knew could happen as quickly as it had. 

She graduated our program completely in her Power and ready to take on her new path.

You can now find Lisa on major Canadian networks like Breakfast Television and CityLine as their frequent Tech Expert as well as being named the new ‘IT’ girl from IT Cosmetics Canada. Lisa has turned what drives her Passion into a successful quantum leap in her career and aims to further her mission of empowering people to find their own voice and confidence and by navigating the new media world.

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