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Optimal performance is driven by our fullest brand of engagement. That happens when a high level of COMPETENCY is mixed in with PASSION and PERSEVERANCE for landing a clear and targeted goal.

– Kira Day

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The six roles of passion in performance

Building strength

When we are passionate about what we do, we are driven to do it more. This gives us a competitive advantage if we can foster a positive balanced relationship with the task at hand

Learning on the go

Passion allows us to retain information in greater quantities as our interests are held for longer periods of time. This helps us to learn faster as we move the tasks at hand forward

Growth mindset

Harmonious Passion allows the mind to want to achieve, and so our personal development becomes a priority as it begins to become clear that if we don't grow, our passions can't either


The correlation between passion and perseverance has been articulated as GRIT. GRIT, above talent and experience is the key ingredient to sustainable long term high performance


Driven with passion and perseverance, we become skilled at finding a way and learning that everything can be figured out. This inspires a drive to pursue past what others may define as achievable

Great heart space

When we are lucky enough to do something we deeply care about and are passionate, we strive to do more of it. There is a quality of care in the work that is produced and the people the work is being produced for

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