Your Passion Health


passion is A science

Studies show that People want to feel more fulfilled professionally and personally...but they simply don’t know why or how.

This is where we come in!

Based on 2000+ respondents in our Passion Health™ study we have isolated the ingredients responsible for creating the subjective experience of Passion to an accuracy of 99.6%.
This now makes Passion, science. And we are excited to help you be able to remove the blinders and gain line of sight into what exactly activates Passion within you.


1. Take the test below - it takes about 10 minutes to do. Give yourself time and make sure there are no distractions. When you're finished remember to press submit.

2. By providing your email information, once you press submit one of our Passion-Based™ Experts will get notified and start working on your results.

3. Our experts will personally review your test results and send you your Passion Health score. If you would like to speak in detail about your results or receive a more detailed report on your results please use our calendar link to speak with one of The Passion Centre representatives.

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