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What You May Not Know About Your Passion Health


For many of us, loving what we do can seem like a luxury that few attain. But what if it is possible that those that do are onto something that you just haven’t tapped into yet?


There are people that swear that they do not or can not feel Passion. Passion is an emotion – that is all. The way that people experience emotions differ from person to person. However, we are all wired for Passion. Getting clear on what drives Passion for you uniquely, and what Passion feels like to you personally is an important first step for anyone wanting more clarity on their own individual Passion. From there learning what lifestyle habits promote Passion, or kill it should be the very next step for anyone!

Frequently asked questions

Passion is the end result of a very simple equation: Passion = Meaning X Investment. There are many influences that create a meaningful life for us. According to studies we have done at The Passion Centre, there are a total of 15 drivers that influence our Passion. These drivers sit into 4 main buckets. In order to experience high levels of Passion, we must focus on these drivers. Several studies indicate that the way we have relationships with our passion can increase or decrease our wellbeing. Further, higher Passion-Based™ health scores support high performance, resilience and focused attention. Passion is a highly important feature in our human design. The Passion-Based™ health test allows you the opportunity to see exactly what drives your Passion, and what influences are currently working for your benefit, versus what are undermining your ability to experience higher and more optimal levels of Passion-Based™ health.

The Passion-Based™ Health Test examines key drivers that most of us miss when we think about ‘finding’ Passion. This test will help you get to the root of what is either helping you to feel high levels of Passion, or what is undermining your ability to do so.

The Passion-Based™ Health test costs $33 Canadian to take and comes with a comprehensive report that looks at all key drivers that supports your Passion Health and provides practical tips on how to increase your Passion Health score. In fact that report is so comprehensive that we include a 35 minute consultation that will review your report with you. This consultation will help customize your results to your unique situation and give you applications to help you further your Passion Journey. It is our mission to help millions of people to understand and know more about their Passion. We invite you to share this tool with as many people as you can that you think will equally benefit!

The Passion-Based™ Health test can be used at any age or stage of your development. The drivers it moves you through are universal in nature. Meaning everyone, regardless of culture, background, age, gender, etc. share similar needs that are required in order to feel healthy Passion. Passion is one of our optimal states that is activated by focusing on the key drivers found in the test.

Immediately following the test submission, one of our Passion-Based™ Experts will be analyzing your results.  Once processed we will send you an email to book a call with one of our Passion-Based™ Experts to go through your test results. The report will include your Passion Health score and make recommendations for what can do to increase Passion in your life, or job. It will also  validate the things you are presently doing to allow you to feel Passion, so you can maintain your Passion-Based™ Health over time. This test takes the guess work out of Passion so you an stop ‘finding’ it and start ‘activating’ it instead!

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