Test Your Passion Health™ Today!

Discover the questions that will uncover your Passion Health™ for any job, profession, business, or venture that you are presently in, or thinking about.

We often decide our professions based on what we think:

...we're good at....will make us lots of money....will give us prestige or status...will make the people around us happy...or that will fit our 'personalities'

But these factors are not the only factors to look at in order to ensure long term life and professional fulfillment. You need another consideration, one that honours what truly motivates, inspires or ignites passion inside of you.

By considering your Passion Health™, it helps you to ensure higher levels of your Sociological, Psychological and Biological health over time.

This Test is the FIRST step you can take to evaluate whether your ambitions have a high or low likelihood of sustaining your Passion Health™. Because remember, our Ambitions and our Passions can be two VERY different things.

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