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what you need to know about passion

Passion is an emotion. The more we ask questions like, ‘how do we find it’, the more likely it is that we don’t. Passion is not something that can be found. It needs to be activated. What that means is, we need to engage in activities, things and processes that triggers the reward centres of our brains so that we ‘feel’ passion.

We don’t say things like ‘how do we find anger’ for that same reason. 

The Passion Centre is about finding and defining what is at the core of what makes you, you. Your centre most point. Those intrinsic things that drive, motivate and inspire you to act and behave in optimal ways, for you.

The Passion Master Course is a program that will enable you to rethink what you believe passions are, and how they influence your behaviour. We will provide very clear research that gets to the core of what Passion is, and how it can be used as a tool to help you achieve your own identified sense of greatness. 


Get ready

commit to the belief that it is possible and everything around you changes

main key features about this course

The Passion Master Course will help you narrow in on what activates your Passion so that you can build avenues and ventures that best align to it. 

This program will combine our Optimize You, Find Your Gift and Align to your GIFT courses into a comprehensive package loaded with bonuses. This package is designed as a highly custom tailored and self-focused course.

We have created this into a hybrid model that have been tested against other model types with clear superiority. It will give you the opportunity to work alongside an expert coach and mentor who will take you through several layers of guided introspection, and provide you the best structure and foundation available. This course will give you the tools, resources and expertise to discover what drives Passion for you as an individual, and create new pathways for you to express that Passion in the world around you.

Improve your Passion power

This course will enable you to learn the architecture of Passion. Once you understand it you can then take what you learn and apply it into what you do. Our step by step process will not only help you grow your Passion Intelligence, it will allow you the ability to apply what you have learned which will optimize your passion power.

Passion Intelligence
Passion Application
Passion Optimization

hard work

This course take's a commitment level that will pay back in dividends

Amazing results

Put in the work, you get the results. Simple and easy.

fun and Optimal

It's a course about learning everything, you! We make every attempt to make it fun and optimal!

meet Your Facilitator

Kira Day, PDC

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen. And I help you with that! To find out if this is the course for you, sign up for our free interpretation session below!

important things To Note

Although we would like to think so, it isn’t. This class takes commitment, hard work, and openness to discovering things about yourself that may be difficult to take in. We have a no judgement policy that we work on because it takes great courage for people to show up in their truest self. And the only way this program helps is by being willing to go deeper into places than some are comfortable with. So if you are committed, a hard worker, and open to navigating deeper parts of who you are and know that the work only works if you are honest with yourself and us, then you’re the kind of ‘everyone’ this is for. 

Always have a pen and paper. Some parts of this course will require a Bristol board, markers and decorative supplies are optional. All workbooks, videos, and assessments will be provided. Depending on which stream of course you take there may be an additional cost for one outside assessment – but no more than $40US or so should be spent on outside material costs and assessment workups combined.

Yes, all details related to costs will be provided on an initial free consultation to assess for fit and match. 

This class currently is suitable for those that meet adult legal requirements. If you are a minor, then you will need to have a parent or guardian with you.

This is an advanced course on its own, however there is our Build Your Dream program that is a step above this course. The Passion Master Course is a prerequisite for the Build Your Dream program. 

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