Join us for monthly Passion Night meet ups hosted at various venues in the heart of Toronto

Welcome In!

So glad you were able to check us out! We are a community of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, impactpreneurs, passionpreneurs, purposepreneurs and pretty much every other insert-preneur there is. And if you’re not a preneur and you’re still up to something cool, or thinking about doing something cool, or looking for ways to better yourself – then that still makes you one of us. We are the dream builders in our communities and we want to get to know you and what you’re up to, too – so check us out at our next event! We host them every last Thursday of every month in the city!

passion Nights Toronto

Come be a part of our growing community and enjoy monthly doses of knowledge, inspiration and real connection

Passion Nights Toronto

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Passion Nights Toronto

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Passion Nights Toronto

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Our kind of fun looks something like this

 If you are anything like us, you probably enjoy geeking out on personal development, new sciency or business stuff and you probably want to know a whole lot, about a whole lot! You give up your Saturdays to reading or business planning, strategizing or working. And even though the rest of the world might feel sorry for you, you are in your element and loving every bit of your life doing what you do! You like being around people who are sincere, genuine and with a heart of gold but a mind like a razor. If this sounds ANYTHING like you – get over and join our tribe – because the more of us together ain’t a bad thing.

“This community is what I've been looking for in Toronto for a long time."

Being a part of Passion Nights is like coming home after a very long time away. The people, the connections, the conversations. It's not like any meet up or networking event I have ever been to. Thank you Kira for the work you do in putting these events together. I look forward to them every SINGLE time!
Nat C.
Entrepreneur and proud mother of 2

Our Passion Night Event Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of Nights is to come out for just one. Every Toronto Passion Night is hosted on the last Thursday of every month. If we miss a Thursday we always make sure to let our community know in advance and we keep everyone informed on when and where the next one is happening.


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