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All people live with outdated ideas stored in their subconscious.

As adults these unconscious ideas block our ability of developing out and living up to our truest Passions and creating our best lives.

This program teaches you the skills you need to breakthrough yourself so that you can get clear, centred and ready to start the next stage of engineering your Passion, bringing it to the world and doing it with a whole lot more energy and vitality.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Founders, Leaders, Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Professional Transitioners, Personal Evolution seekers. This course is perfect for anyone at any phase of their personal or professional experience who wishes to connect to their true selves and shed what no longer is serving them. For those who are wanting to explore and deeply understand what is personally required for them to feel empowered and to thrive.  Achieving optimal states doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a deliberate understanding of what is blocking our experiences and how to overcome them. Designing optimal states in our psychologies and emotional bodies are responsible for a host of benefits. Namely, increasing creativity, self agency, focus, retention, attention, attendance, vitality, confidence, clarity, motivation and a higher quality of work and life (plus so much more). If learning about how to reach optimal states and accessing more Passion at work (or in your life in general) is something you are craving, this course was made for you.

Learning Path

This Module builds the foundation for all future modules by creating language distinctions between what is considered Optimal versus what is considered Blocked. We explore the science of both states and what it means for us mentally, emotionally, socially and physically.

Video 48 Min  + 25 Min read to complete + 30 min coursework + 2 Hour Facilitation Session

In this module we will take a deep dive into what creates our experience and how that experience has been shaped and formed for us personally. We will explore the programs of consciousness and the implications (the gifts and the bullets) of how we learn to perceive through our experience and what gets us blocked along that journey.

Videos 60 Min  + 30 min read + 30 min coursework  + 2 Hour Facilitation Session

Taken from the foundation built in Module 2, Module 3 further expands the programs of consciousness as we evaluate the understanding of how we have developed our Identities and Mind.

Video 48 Min  + 20 Min read to complete  + 1 Hour coursework + 2 Hour Facilitation Session

This module takes participants through an experiential journey that explores the Sensory and Memory as an access point into understanding our unique Perceptions. We will explore how our biases have shaped and pressure test how they operate in our real world settings. In this phase participants will identify and further explore their own individual blocks and confront the glitches in our perceptions our blocks have created.

Video 48 Min  + 20 Min read to complete + 3 Hour coursework  + 2 Hour Facilitation Session + 1 Private Coaching Session

In this module we start the work of Experience Shifting. This is the first step in the UnBlocked process. This is where we leverage all 4 Programs of Consciousness to reform old neuronal pathways into new ones as participants learn to experientially ‘see’ their new possibilities. This is the stage where we begin to empower new methods of thinking about our past, present and future in a way that supports optimizing our experience.

Video 48 Min  + 20 Min read to complete  + 3 Hour coursework + 2 Hour Facilitation Session

In this final module we look at your breakthrough journey and take the methods and skills learned to keep the UnBlocked energy flowing to new heights! We support the further development into real life practices that embodies the work done together throughout the course and continues the training process for each individual participant long after the completion of this course.

48 min Videos + 30 minute read to complete  + 2 Hour Course work + 2 Hour Facilitation Session

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