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no one has passion problems - what we have, are alignment problems

Alignment is not a word regularly associated with optimal states. After working with hundreds of people we now understand it is a major reason for why many feel they lack feeling Passion. Motivation. Happiness.         In this course we explore this conversation deeply and gain some groundbreaking understandings on how to apply your GIFTS and turn it into a project made for you, by you, with the help of us.  

Free Your GIFT

Align to your gIFTs. Activate Your Passion.

Clarify your goals

When the wheels of our car needs alignment it tells us by steering us wrong.

The same is true in our own life. 

There are key tell-tale signs that you might be functioning out of alignment to your GIFTS. And this makes sense, because if you don’t know what your GIFTS are – how do you know how to communicate if you are aligned or not? 

The good news is, all of our bodies are engineered with special tools that help tell us. Like our car pulling to the left or the right, or through rapid tire wear, or by our steering wheels not being straight, even if we are driving straight. This is a clear sign that your vehicle’s tires require alignment. 

Our bodies give us similar warning signs. The bad news is, most of us were never taught how to read them, what to do when they show up, and even worse – to ignore them. This causes major internal wear and tear and can produce damage over the long run. 

This is why we created this course. 

In this course you will learn how to assess your GIFTS, how to let it evolve with you over time, and how to read quickly when you are not aligned so that you can quickly get yourself back on track. 

Not only do we focus on key aspects of alignment, we also move deeply into using your inner GIFTS to find your dream. 

This is a class that will take you through several design thinking models, business models and psychology models to produce the most structured ideation process there is. 

If you are looking for clarity on your path – look no further. This was designed to get you clearer than you may have ever felt in the past. 

Clarity is massively important as it produces direction, and direction amplifies motivation, and motivation is the key to action. 

We will take all participants through several in depth exercises to get you clear on your path – whatever that looks like to you. This is a highly custom tailored course that helps you to experience what you need to do today to get to higher states of passion, motivation, purpose and fulfillment by aligning your life back to you – and your GIFT.S

Kira Day

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen. And I help you with that! To find out if this is the course for you, sign up for our free interpretation session below!

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