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Taking from the newfound insights into your 360 inner self engineering and knowing the drivers of your Passion, this course gets to work on making your Passion practical.

This is the phase where we delve deep into what type of business, venture or lifestyle you are most qualified to build that best aligns to your Passions.

This is the launchpad for new founders, career advancements and complete professional or lifestyle pivots.

This is the course that kick starts the journey of bringing your Passion to the world.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Future Founders, Professional Transitioners, Personal or Professional Evolution Seekers. This course was made for those bold visionaries who have a deep yearning for positive change, support and advancement. Those willing to bet on themselves, and ready to take the leap – if only they had clarity on what exactly they want to do ‘next’. Taking Healthy Passion and turning it into innovation is the cornerstone of this course.  Achieving optimal states like Healthy Passion are responsible for a host of benefits, namely, increasing creativity, self agency, focus, retention, attention, attendance, vitality, confidence, clarity, motivation and quality of work and life (and so much more). If learning about what you are uniquely qualified to build that will align to your personal Passion is something you are craving, this course was made for you.

Learning Path

Putting what drives our Passion into action is the main focus of the UnLeashed course. The beauty of the human design is that our actions change things. Bring yourself to a point of self freedom, self power and self motivation by learning your own unique Action formula. 

Video 48 Min  + 35 Min read to complete

When we start to understand what we truly want, most of us can’t get there fast enough. In other words, when we take action towards what we desire, we cannot uncouple time from that equation. 

-The time it will take to perform the action. 

-The time it will take away from other aspects of our life in order to perform the action. 

-The time of ‘starting over’ or of ‘ending’ a chapter.  

So it is important to understand the role of time in your personal Success  Action Formula, and how you can use 7 highly specific principles to shorten time and get you to where you want to go in the fastest time possible. In this module we will take you on a journey to help you make the right decisions about the direction you wish to go.

Video 60 Min  + 30 min read to complete + 35 min exercise


What exactly lies behind the motivations for why we act? Psychologists have proposed different theories of motivation, including drive theory, instinct theory, and humanistic theory (such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). The reality is that there are many different forces that guide and direct our motivations – which in turn, guide and direct our behaviour. In this module we will explore how each theory pertains to you and your personal drivers of motivation to apply towards the goals that you will create for yourself in this course.

Video 48 Min  + 20 Min read to complete + 45 min exercise

Clarity happens through iteration. We will take what we have learned about you thus far in the process of discovering and developing your Passion along with UnBlocking it and deepen the investigative journey into what makes you tick, and what moves you at a deeper level. This part of the course will set the foundations for what you really want, what you really desire, and how your Core4 and other intrinsic factors influence the structure and form you will be building out.

Video 48 Min  + 20 Min read to complete + 2 hour exercise

At The Passion Centre we believe that every single person has a dream in their heart that the world needs. Our process of peering within helps us to unravel that dream. This module will take all your previous answers and summarize your vision for the world you want to see and the solution you want to create for the people you intend to serve. Clarity starts to take shape and excitement starts to form as you see the patterns reveal themselves as the language starts to give structure to your dream.

Video 48 Min  + 30 Min read to complete + 2 hour exercise

Now that you have clarity around your dream and your vision, this Module is about taking that information and insights and applying it towards a problem that fits your unique lens on the world, and the skillsets you have acquired along your life path. Problem statements are commonly used to validate value propositions in business. This represents the problem you want to solve or are most qualified to solve that underpins and gives meaning to you uniquely as it calls out your personal value model. 

Video 48 Min  + 25 Min read to complete + 45 min exercise

This Module will leave you with greater clarity on not only what you are starting to develop and shape, but also who you know yourself to be today, and who you are becoming in the future. A more aligned version of you. It will start to mold the life, lifestyle and world which that version of you is living in and creating into. You will start to, in a very clear way, see the problem(s) in the world that not only concerns you, but the possible solutions that you are uniquely qualified to solve. Specifically because of who you are, your Core4 Passion Drivers and your unique qualifications and vision. This Module will begin the process of showing you how creating solutions to those problems will shape your mission, and your purpose by employing all the elements of what drives your Passion.

Video 48 Min  + 10 Min read to complete + 3 hour exercise

This phase takes your creation and asks you to make a decision. What is the best path to achieve your new found clarity of what you desire most? Is it a new profession? A professional pivot? Is it a new role inside of an existing profession? Is it a new business? Is it a product? A service? A side hustle? Is it a new lifestyle that more expresses you and your passion? These are only some of the possible paths previous clients have selected by participating in this course. Some have even chosen to move on with us to build out a Passion-Based Business in our Incubator program. Whatever your choice, it is yours and yours alone to make. And this gives you the opportunity to take everything you’ve learned and do something great with it using your very own Passion Action Plan. This is your Passion UnLeashed. 

Video 48 Min  + 20 Min read to complete + 3 hour exercise

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