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Our Mission

 To create unique and enriching travel experiences. One that will invoke the power of the  mind, rekindle the senses, heighten a sense of connection, and reinvigorate the sense of self. Each of these experiences are crafted to expand our ideas of limits and to empower us by helping us to better understand our unique sets of value, live our passions and build our dreams.  Because when we become more whole we become limitless in our ability to perform and positively impact the world at large.

Each of our unique experiences are designed around 4 governing principles


Experience the world's most exotic locations and reawaken your sense of adventure. Enjoy a group of like minded people, journeying to exclusive locations, hotels, and villas around the world. Immerse yourself in new cultures through excursions that teach history, taste the fine cuisine and learn the traditions that spark appreciation for the cultural and natural wonders of the world around us. Join us for a curated event that balances luxury, self discovery and world exploration.


Indulge in guided discovery sessions with our team of coaches and explore your inner landscape. Vacation with Purpose is a way to escape the everyday and venture into parts of the world, and parts of yourself that you have not had the time, know how, or space to look at before. Take breaks to rejuvenate the soul through discovering nature bound landscapes and cultures that will be sure to invigorate, reinsure, and reconnect you to what matters most in your being. Those things yearning to still be awoken and discovered.


Experiencing real authentic connections in a safe intimate group environment, you will be given a platform for sharing worldly experiences, and inner explorative discussions.
Borrowing from the knowledge that a key longevity indicator comes from trust based relationship and self regulation, we explore what creates optimal connection and through the created experiences, cultivate an environment that supports it. Come in as strangers, leave as family.


Through the guidance of knowledgeable experts, travel, and community, learn how to create your personal and unique states of optimal. Being in a state of optimal has the highest opportunity of creating massive impact in all that you do and transforming the world around you. Become a beacon for others to experience their own transformation through the example you will now be well prepared to set. Raise your own bar. Breakthrough your barriers. Live your impact.

See the world in a whole new way

welcome to a new experience

We traveled all around Europe and create the perfect tours for you.

As a service we look for unique travel experiences for our guests of Vacation with Purpose as an extension to our yearly events. If you are looking for an extension let us know and we will be happy to provide itinerary suggestions for your benefit and pleasure!

“Why Paris?
Paris Needs No Reason, Paris Is Its Own Reason.”

Maureen Johnson

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