There is simply nothing that I’ve done in my career or self evolution process that’s been as rewarding as the work I did with The Passion Centre. Deciding and committing to yourself, your goals and your passions is no easy task, but with Kira and The Passion Centre team walking you through the discovery and strategy building methods, it’s ALL POSSIBLE (and goes even beyond what you can imagine for yourself). I would highly recommend these REAL RESULTS TO ANYONE SEARCHING for ultimate freedom in any or every area of their life. I know firsthand!

Lisa Chang


Client Feature

This program helped me, find me; and ultimately turn my passions in to a fulfilling business venture. Kira genuinely cares for her clients and makes every effort to uplift, support, and make you a better person, entrepreneur, and human being. 1000% recommend this program if you’re stuck in a rut searching for your purpose and alignment like I was. 

Steve Gaskin


Should you be looking to gain clarity on your life’s purpose, passion and mission, my advice is simple: contact Kira today. I had the ABSOLUTE privilege of being a client of Kira’s via her one-of-a-kind program. I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined, however, I soon discovered it to be an exceptional experience, and one that produced results and mastery for her clients who were seeking to tap into their passions and life purpose and launch their own custom passion ventures based on what they truly love doing. I found her methodology, insights, and strategic guidance to be transformative. I know others in the class would whole-heartedly agree. Never before have I met anyone as insightful a leader of others AND who has an extraordinarily sharp business acumen in a wide range of fields and business sectors. The combination of her many talents and deep knowledge in so many diverse areas of both life and venture creation truly makes her your secret weapon! Whether you are already an entrepreneur or looking to become one, and are committed to deepening your understanding of your true purpose and passions in order to create an extraordinarily fulfilling life, contact Kira and The Passion Centre team today. Kira has my highest recommendation and I would happily speak with anyone looking to engage in her highly effective program.

Joni Merkel, MBA

Passion-Based™ Venture:
Marketing & Growth consultant in the tech startup space for women entrepreneurs

Kira Day has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me at a crucial turning point in my life and career. Her ideas and guidance helped me tremendously, to direct me down a path of heightened self-awareness, passion, and purpose. This journey, which I began with Kira’s Passion Master Classes (now Passion-Based™ Incubator) over a year ago, sent me on a path of self-discovery and professional development, which in my case has lead up to an entrepreneurial career path that gives me a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. As a result, I am now highly motivated and energized in my professional endeavours, knowing that they are truly in alignment with my core strengths, values, and interests. Kira provided me all of the necessary tools to discover and master my own true passion and purpose, and has empowered me to work towards my highest potential. I highly recommend Kira for the amazing work that she does to discover/illuminate her clients’ true passion and purpose, thus enabling a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in their work. I wish Kira every success in the crucial and transformative work that she does, and I am forever grateful for her role in my own transformation!

Aravinda Liyanage, MBA


Being present to ourselves is often illusory and even when it’s your desire, it’s sometimes hard to do without support. I was introduced to Kira’s work in France amidst a group that you’d say were established professionals, comfortable in their own skin so to speak. Even though, her expert leadership took each of us on a journey to discover and develop deeper parts of ourselves, allowing a new level of rich self-expression to unfold and come forward. Kira’s programs wrapped in an exquisite travel experience are founded on education, research, experience and a huge amount of Passion. Sh is a savvy professional whose ability to see through to the heart allows her to capture, inspire and encourage the best in her participants. Kira is light. She is bold yet sweet, loving yet firm, expansive while present, able to be for you now whilst championing all your dreams and possibilities. A brilliant light who can SEE you – and speak directly into your heart with genuine truth and conviction. She does it with beauty. So honoured to have been championed by Kira. It was a privilege and a blessing which will remain with me always as an inspiring moment in time. I am richer for having experienced a 5 day retreat with Kira. I have a far clearer understanding of my deepest goals and a clear concept of how to harness what lays within me to attain them. 

Jo Love

ExecutivE, Australia

My experience moving through these exercises were completely freeing, but interestingly, difficult. We walk around with many stories about who we are, and sometimes it is difficult to truly see ourselves and the unique value we have as individuals. This has helped me to acknowledge the areas that speak to who I am as a leader. It has given me a complete sense of direction and clarity of my blocks and how that was impacting my business and how to solve. As a result I have renewed new layers of passion and JOY that I didn’t even know existed. After taking this I couldn’t help but think about how different things would be if this was something schools or every business had access to! A big thank you to The Passion Centre for being in the world and providing relevant tools to help us uplevel as people and as the leaders we strive to be.

Carol Moxam

CEO, Leadership Consultant

Before reaching out to The Passion Centre, I wasn’t sure what my passion was, or if I even had a Passion. I was struggling to remain motivated at work. I was uninspired, unenthusiastic and had a hard time staying focused in my 9-5 corporate job. I often feared if this was it, that my life was this endless cycle of sluggish work-life with no end in sight. After having my initial sessions with Kira, my approach began to transform. My experience was one of positive change and enlightenment. Kira has a unique ability to peel off the layers, identifying the fears and traumas that are blockers and finding a way to re-wire and re-construct these same narratives to empower instead of cripple. By merging these new narratives with our inherent strengths as individuals as well as our unique drivers and motivators, a whole new paradigm is created for us to work in. The result is clarity. Absolute clarity. On the practical side of things, Kira helps in setting realistic and practical goals and objectives to move the dream out into the world that is unique to you, and one that can be monetized as well. She also has a huge network that she connects her students to that provide valuable industry insights. All in all, Kira is a master at what she does and I would 10/10 recommend her to others who want to pivot their careers by aligning more to something they can truly get passionate and inspired about!

Vik Padymore


I first met Kira on the set of a documentary we were filming in a Chateaux in France. When we got back I instantly called her and said I would really like to work with you, so she put together a customizable coaching program just for me to get clear on what I wanted to do. At the time I knew I didn’t want to be a real estate investor anymore. Although I had worked hard and was closing my largest deal that was two years in the making I knew deep down that it wasn’t where I wanted to be. Most people would have questioned my questioning, but not Kira. Kira supported me from the first day. Kira became part of everything I did inside of my transition. She supported me through closing my deal, working on getting my properties ready to rent here in Atlanta, and the various projects that needed closing and those that I wanted to pursue. In our time together I decided that I wanted to speak, I wanted to write, I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, and I wanted to explore the world. And although these seemed like pipe dreams at first, Kira showed me that they could be real. She worked with me through the four months of preparation that it took, and the thousands of dollars later that I had to work with on with my attorney and getting documentation for my child to travel with me, and a whole lot of other pieces that had to come together for my dreams to take flight. It was scary, and unpredictable and I was second guessing myself through the whole process, and Kira was there to guide me and keep me on track. She moved me through to keep going forward, and not to stop because of the fear. And before I knew it, I was travelling across the world with my daughter to Spain, speaking on stages and writing books. She helped me deal with the things that I didn’t realize I was holding on to from my past. Some of it was the reason I still was a real estate investor. Kira gave me that push to realize to really just understand, we should be living our best life and doing things that make us happy, and also being out there helping others to see that they’re not crazy either for maybe wanting a differing life, or a significant change in their life, or just doing something completely out of left field. So, I can’t say enough good things about Kira. She changed my life, and I will be forever grateful.

Candice Rosenberg

Real-estate investor, USA
Passion-based™ business, ventures & lifestyle:

From usa to spain, author, keynote speaker, love your shame™, activist

I came to Kira and The Passion Centre really looking to find my joy. After leaving my 17 year corporate gig, doing a year of intense self development work and starting my own business, (all in service of finding my true passion and purpose,) I found myself more stuck than ever.  While I had an idea of what I was meant to do during this one life, I knew I wasn’t living that purpose fully. I was feeling burnt out, depressed and more unfulfilled than ever.  And to make it even worse, I was making less money.  What was it all for?!  Why had I totally imploded my life?! I realized that I had traded one hamster wheel for another. Both these systems had their benefits and learnings but they were ultimately based around other people’s ‘should’ and not my own. I was being true to others ways of doing and being, but not fully owning who I am and my own expression of that. From that place, living inside that box, I knew I’d never truly be happy.  I looked for the answers in so many places and with so many different coaches/modalities. And then, I found Kira and The Passion Centre.. Working with Kira changed everything. Despite all the work I’d done in the past (we are talking lots of work and lots of $), my work with Kira and The Passion Centre took me to greater levels of understanding and clarity.  I knew from the moment I met Kira that we were meant to do something special together.  I knew that the work she was doing was extremely important, powerful and life-changing and it was clear to me that I wanted and needed to be a part of it.  I knew that my passion for supporting other people could be realized in a new way with a bigger impact based on her ‘passion for passion’ and the work of The Passion Centre.   Becoming a Passion Activator for The Passion Centre is 100% in alignment with who I am and what I’m passionate about.  The Passion Centre is truly a place of community, connection and support to identify and bring that passion to the world.  I’m proud and excited to be a part of it.

Beth Marhefka


There are 1000’s of life coaches out there and at an initial glance it seems that Kira and TPC fall under that category. However, you will quickly realize after meeting Kira that you have stumbled upon something different…Being one of TPC’s clients means being able to receive countless resources and skill-developing knowledge into how to connect your internal systems with your external dreams and package it all into action. It’s truly a brilliant approach to shifting individuals and systems in society from disempowerment, to empowerment. …Kira has brought a rare clarity that I assure you we all need!

Hal Eisenberg


Where does one begin. When you are in the presence of such love, love that is for you. That challenges you to see who you are, your potential, your dreams. How has Kira Ayisha Day impacted me? She has supported me to see what I can be. Forever grateful, even more so as this gorgeous soul is still in my world. xo

Chandra Armstrong

Consultant, Australia

Kira is an amazing passion and business coach. She was paramount in aligning my brand to my Passion and streamlining my business, seeing growth potential and new ways of monetizing. She helps turn peoples passions into profitable businesses to create positive change with purpose.

Angela Nuhn


I am a fitness, nutrition and accountability coach and the host and producer of the body project podcast. I have been in the fitness industry for 2 decades now, and am extremely passionate about fitness, nutrition and mindset. I started working with Kira and The Passion Centre specifically to figure out how I could marry my passion in fitness and actually increase my impact across not only my client base but how to make a larger impact in the world with fitness. Oftentimes, I find there are great coaches out there that get you to one point of clarity, but then doesn’t know how to move you through into expressing that out in the world in practical ways. Kira was able to not only help me get clarity on what I want to do in the world and what that impact looks like in a tangible way, but she’s actually helping me birth it out and into the world. As a result two things have been created. One is a fitness vehicle in the education system where I can support lower socio economic regions gain access to fitness and nutrition programming. It is really about fitness inclusion, diversity and accessibility. Kira and The Passion Centre has helped me to get clarity on what a model like that looks like and how to structure and implement the business. The second leg that is being built is a social justice apparel brand. This is a non for profit where the proceeds will support the efforts placed through my fitness and nutrition programs. Having the opportunity to work with Kira and The Passion Centre has been completely transformative.  I believe that getting affiliated or really learning how The Passion Centre can serve you is magical and will be transformative and up level both yourself and your business. I definitely support what The Passion Centre is up to, and I look forward to continue working with them in the capacity of further birthing my Passion-Based™ venture and business into the world!

Catherine Tanaka


The process at The Passion Centre has a way of going to the core of who you are as a person, and pulling out your most authentic self… With all of the exercises and the structure that this program has to offer, it has helped me in ways I never could have imagined!! I can now clearly see what my passions are and how I can apply them to the evolution of my business and my life as a whole.

Natasha Covic


Before working with The Passion Centre I felt lost. I found joy in doing many things, chasing things that seemed at the time made sense…. But really I was wearing a badge of honour of being a multi-tasker. A juggler. I began to find less joy, feeling lost – even hopeless thinking that I was in this endless loop. Almost instantly in working with Kira going through the process of understanding and redefining what Passion is to me – I was able to understand what my core4 pillars were. Which are the things that direct me or guide me and the things that really bring me joy and find happiness in my life because they are a part of who I am as a person. From there I was able to map out my Passions and align it to existing businesses and projects that I was already in, or ones that were being dreamed up in the visions that were forming for myself. I’m really grateful to have worked with Kira during 2020 which was a special year. A year that brought on a global pandemic named Covid-19. It instantly allowed me to focus on the immediate next steps. What do I need to do to realize these visions, these passions and create the Passionate life that I deserve. That we all deserve. I can’t thank Kira and The Passion Centre enough for all the amazing work they are putting out in this world. The world needs this now more than ever! 

Edwin Frondozo

Flashpoint Global, 100X™

I worked with Kira at The Retreat in France. Kira was fantastic at crafting the experiences, exercises and walking a very diverse group of people through personal and profound realizations!! There were laughs, tears, and deeply personal stories coming from people of all genders and backgrounds, and it was a truly transformational experience for everyone. Thanks Kira for all you do!

Tracey Livingston


Being a part of the Passion Centre’s program brought me back to me, what makes me tick, who I am at my core. This course came at a time of transition for me: it has helped me recognize and truly appreciate the wonder and magic of ME.

Rosalyn Fast

TBI Consultant

I had the mystical fortune of crossing paths with Kira at Chateau de Challain La Pothere, France at The Retreat to embark upon my journey of self-discovery in a place I had always dreamed of going. Well…little did I know The Retreat was the beginning of my very own fairy-tale where all my dreams would come true, but not in the way you would think…See dreams can’t come true until you do the work. That’s where Kira and The Passion Centre comes in. Kira Day…is an absolute powerhouse. Throughout the journey at The Retreat she challenged us with guidance, yet never any judgement. If you have the chance and the opportunity to be a part of her new venture, Vacation with Purpose, do it. She will uplift you, inspire you and challenge you to brand new heights and unimaginable awakenings, whether personally or professionally. I have nothing but immense gratitude for the transformations that have resulted in my own life that was the direct result from the journey Kira navigated us through in that fairy-tale Chateaux in France.

Hetal Naik


Lawyer, California

I was in a dark place in late 2019 after unexpectedly losing my “dream job.” I didn’t know where to turn to for guidance until I found Kira Day’s LinkedIn profile and learned about her and the Passion Centre.  I needed to invest in myself because my life was going in the wrong direction. I’m so glad I made that decision. Kira improved my self-awareness and helped discover my passion. Words cannot describe how much her tools have helped me. I’m in a better place in my life after working with Kira. I know she can help you discover your life’s passion and purpose because I’ve seen it firsthand.

Pedro C.

Writer and mental health advocate

Everything We Do, We Do For Our Clients

At The Passion Centre we help BIG dreamers – dream BIGGER, and accomplish those dreams.

Our clients are people from various backgrounds that come to us with one single problem:

They want more. But they aren’t sure what that ‘more’ is, or how to get it.

Together we set out on a journey that leads to them discovering their ‘more’ and we package it and deliver it to the world in the form of a business, venture or a more aligned lifestyle.

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