Currently Passion Nights are held in Toronto and New York monthly.
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Passion Nights was born from our belief that we all have a dream in our hearts that the world needs.

Yes, that includes you!

And once we get that. Truly get that. It becomes our responsibility to move that dream out into the world.

At The Passion Centre we define a dream as being a vision we have for humanity, one that sparks our Passion at our core. But we know that only through action is it possible for us to create a blaze. True impact.

And when we do that. When we take that dream and turn it into a reality, that is a way of saying: We were here. We did that. And as the net result the experience is now shared, and we all get a chance benefit. 

Ideas can spread, but dreams..they were meant to be built.

Passion Nights is a vehicle through which we intend on mobilizing a blaze and building dreams.

Community, connection, support, or even a conversation about the right thing can move someone into motion. Passion Nights are curated to cultivate safe supportive environments, while at the same time bringing experts in the room to talk about the blazes they are involved in and spread words of advice, wisdom and knowledge into the atmosphere contained in each Passion Night event.

We, as humans, cannot be what we can’t see. 

Our brains are wired to what we know.

So bringing in people that are making their blazes happen is paramount in helping us to all see, that we have exactly what it takes right here and now to make our dreams a reality.

We want to see a world lit up by people’s healthy and optimized Passions. 

…Because the world deserves it. 

The world deserves your Passion.


Our Toronto events are held on the last Thursday of every month at different venues around the city. Find out more by joining our growing community here.

Come for the inspiration, stay for the amazing  connections.

  • Tips & Techniques
  • Inspiration
  • Connection

New York

Our New York events are held on the first Thursday of every month at different venues around the city. Find out more by joining our growing community here. 

Come for the inspiration, stay for the amazing connections.

  • Tips & Techniques
  • Inspiration
  • Connection


To create a community of people building and doing cool things. Cool things are in the eyes of the beholder, and this is a no judgemental space for the ideas and things our community wants to move forward. We celebrate, support and enjoy in each others accomplishments.


Life is a network of conversations. So the higher the quality of the conversations we have the higher the quality life is.
We facilitate deeper quality conversations to help spark new ideas, thoughts and actions to get you to where you want to go, faster, better, happier.


Speaker topics are of value to us all going after our dreams, thinking of going after our dreams, or thinking of thinking of going after our dreams. Everything starts with a spark. We develop an atmosphere of support if you want to turn that spark into something more. A blaze perhaps?

Our Passion Night events bring The Passion Centres mission of activating passion around the world to your community!

Passion Night events are organized by community leaders who seek to activate passion, spark dreams and bring people together to deepen the conversation and to be inspired.

These events include live experts who deliver knowledge and create engaging exercises and shared experiences that cultivate an environment for growth, inclusion, diversity, deeper conversations and personal discovery as well as professional development. 

All events are recorded and made available to support and foster our growing online community.

Our events are organized under a free 12 month licence granted by The Passion Centre


If you would like to either:

Become a Community Leader and Apply for a licence
Attend An Event In Your Area
Partner with Passion Nights as a Keynote Expert
Join Our Community
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