The training at The Passion Centre is a tri-bred process allowing for personalized learning. We move through the theory, live virtual facilitation and personalized coaching. Our winning formula doesn’t just educate and train…we transform. From the inside, out.

Phase 1:
Passion-Centred™ Professional Growth & Development

Monday September 25th

Bootcamp Kick-Off

Level: 1

Tuesday September 26th

Day 1 

Course Lesson: 1 & 2

Assessment 1

Note: There is a one time $27 Additional Fee for this assessment. All other assessments are included

Facilitated Introspection 

Level: 1

Wednesday September 27th

Day 2

Assessment 2

Level: 1

Thursday September 28th

Day 3

Assessment 3

Level: 1

Friday September 29th

Day 4

Assessment 4

Facilitated Introspection

Level: 1

Saturday September 30th

Day 5

Assessment 5

Facilitated Prompts

Level: 1

Sunday September 31st 

Day 6 

Final Lesson


Level: 1

Monday October 02nd

Core 4 and Alignment Fundamentals  Live 1:1 Call

Bootcamp Ceremony  

Level: 1

October 9th 

Session 1: Coaching

Introduction: Core 4 + Alignment Mapping

Level: 2

October 16th

Session 2: Coaching  

Passion Alignment

Level: 2

October 23rd

Session 3: Coaching

Goal Mapping and Strategy

Level: 2

The Passion Centre Experience

All classes are held online through a virtual learning platform, virtual classrooms and weekly live virtual facilitated and guided meetings. Group and 1:1 available.

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