Stress is not the villain we think it is….but the Passion Health Gap is

Last week I took some time out to just breath and enjoy the process of what I’m building.

I love my work. It fuels me, gives me a sense of purpose and allows me to connect with some amazing individuals that are changing the world…literally.

AND…I am also keenly aware that our bodies have limits and require intentional downtime to support the systems of creation by honoring the being parts of our natures.

I am blessed to be creating a company that honours this as part of the natural process of creation and inspiration.

But this is not something I learned straight out of the womb, folks!

It has been a process.

One that I have spent over half a decade now, studying, measuring and creating tools for others to learn too.

Passion and stress are interconnected in some really interesting ways and I wanted to write something that really captured those intersections.

We have been featured in business insider in a new article that speaks to stress and the Passion Health Gap.

“The Passion Centre (TPC), an alternative learning organization that seeks to harness humans’ Passion to propel innovation, says that eliminating stress is not the solution to the high disengagement or quiet quitting experienced by many organizations today. In fact, stress will always be part of the work environment, but it has to be of the right kind and at the right level.

…TPC adds that, in order to keep up with a rapidly changing workplace and world, people have to find a new anchor – which is Passion. To combat quiet quitting, organizations should help create conditions that spark Passion in their employees, which will enable them to stay engaged in their jobs and thrive. While salaries are an obvious component, it’s not a cure-all. Employees must be able to find meaning in what they do, as well as develop significant and beneficial relationships within the organization.”

This is just a small clip but if you would like to continue reading here is the link.


Happy reading!

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