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1. The Passion Circle online community
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Passion Nights and Vacation with Purpose are two brands under The Passion Centre that focuses on optimizing communities and deeper exploration. Members come together to be a part of a trust-based non judgemental atmosphere where every participant helps to support the growth and achievements of each individual.

Both brands are here for a singular purpose: to create a more optimal society by giving people the education, tools, resources and community to empower themselves towards their greatest self. 

We are a movement who wants to push humanity further by making the science of what makes us optimal accessible, and providing a platform to give people a chance to unlock, activate and unleash the person they were born to be.

For those of us who are looking to break free, to transform and to move ourselves to the next level while having some fun, this is a community for you.

We are an inclusive group, and welcome members from all sorts of backgrounds and stages in life. 

As long as you are on the path of wanting to discover what’s next for you, do something meaningful that is entirely of your own design, or want to take what you are already doing to the next level – we are the tribe for you!

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This is for all of you going after your big things, or thinking of going after your big things. We get together monthly for inspiration, lasting connections, and to engage in meaningful conversations. Each Passion Night is hosted by a community organizer who is responsible for bringing in speakers and experts who have successfully built their dream to talk about the things that we don’t usually talk about. Come to get inspired, and leave feeling a sense of support and true belonging.


Reawaken your sense of adventure. These experiences offers exploration of our inner and outer worlds combined. Discover your next venture, or your next vision by breaking up with your day to day and joining us in some of the worlds most exotic locations, where culture, nature and adventure awaits.

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